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Cambodia’s Disastrous Dependence on China: A History Lesson

Overdependence on China undermines Cambodia’s national security. We know because it’s happened before.

Locals Struggle to Adapt to Sihanoukville’s Chinese-Led Business Boom

Chorn Bork says the grilled-squid business isn’t what it used to be on Sihanoukville’s O’Chheuteal Beach.

China-aided project cures Cambodian kids with heart disease

Vath Van, an 11-year-old Cambodian teenager, has enjoyed his healthy life after having his congenital heart disease (CHD) remedied by Chinese doctors three months ago.

Gambling and Crime Go Hand-in-Hand in Cambodia

A couple of days ago, cameras in the small coastal town of Sihanoukville caught a car stopping in the middle of a busy street. The door opens and a dead body is quickly pushed onto the street before the car takes off. All of it in broad daylight.

Cambodian Villagers Block Digging Work by Chinese Company

More than 100 villagers in eastern Cambodia’s Tbong Khmum province on Monday blocked Chinese earthmovers digging a canal and destroying crops on disputed land, temporarily halting the work, local sources said.

Spotlight: China, Cambodia join hands to develop model village for poverty alleviation in Cambodia

China Foundation for Peace and Development (CFPD) and Cambodia's Civil Society Alliance Forum (CSAF) signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) here on Friday to work together to develop a Cambodia-China friendship model village for poverty alleviation.

Cambodia’s Casino Gamble

101 East investigates the growing criminal underbelly of a new Chinese casino empire in Cambodia.

Cambodian Police Arrest Dozens of Chinese for Kidnapping Other Chinese

Authorities in Cambodia on Sunday arrested five Chinese nationals who kidnapped two other Chinese nationals in a ransom plot where they demanded U.S. $100,000 from their families, the latest of several similar recent cases in which the suspects and victims were Chinese.

Where China Isn’t Sending Its Best and Brightest

Chinese investment in the Global South is spurring anti-Chinese sentiment.

Anti-Chinese sentiments rise in Beijing’s closest partner in South East Asia

China’s large-scale investment in Cambodia has won strong support from the Hun Sen government. However, the influx of Chinese people and money has affected the lives of local people and caused dissatisfaction.

Cambodia Backs China As Hong Kong Protests Turn Increasingly Unruly

Cambodia reiterated its robust support of Chinese attempts to quell violent protests in the semiautonomous city of Hong Kong, citing its adherence to the ‘One China’ policy.

Police bust fraud scam based in Cambodia

A total of 101 suspects have been caught in a telecom scam which was cracked after a local company lost about 35 million yuan (US$5 million) to the fraudsters, Shanghai police said on Thursday.

China busts major Cambodia-based online gambling ring

Chinese authorities have disrupted a major illegal online gambling operation based in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville region while promising to provide funds to offset the impact of Cambodia’s online gambling ban.

China to provide $84M grant to strengthen Kingdom’s military

China will grant the Kingdom 600 million yuan ($84 million) as it continues to support the strengthening of the Cambodian military, Minister of National Defence Tea Banh said on Wednesday.

China, Cambodia Mark Successful Law Enforcement Cooperation

The high number of Chinese nationals residing in the country is a result of the Cambodia’s geopolitical pivot towards China.

China’s GX Foundation sign MoU to help eliminate cataract blindness in Cambodia

China's GX Foundation signed here on Tuesday a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to help eliminate cataract blindness in Cambodia.

China crime plaguing Cambodia?

Sihanoukville, Cambodia was once known for its quiet, cosy beaches. An atmosphere that mostly attracted families, individual travellers, and backpackers. That was until the Chinese investment flooded in, driven by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Cambodia: Police Arrest Six Chinese Nationals Over Casino-Related Kidnapping Charges

Loan sharks have been active in the region, including in countries like the Philippines and Cambodia. Casino and gambling-related debts and crime has been on the rise.

Chinese naval base in Cambodia

The undisclosed military pact between China and Cambodia forms another significant example of China pursuing dual-use infrastructure projects in the Asia-Pacific – while simultaneously denying the existence of such projects.

How Cambodia’s backpacker haven became a Chinese casino mecca

In Sihanoukville's Jin Bei Casino & Hotel, young Cambodian women wearing tight mini-skirts swerve through the thick cigarette smoke, carrying turquoise cocktails for Chinese gamblers.


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