Female snakehead arrested for luring 50 Taiwanese into Cambodia

Victims offered NT$100,000 for jobs, some families forced to pay NT$400,000 in ransom.

Luxury mag altered photos of possibly stolen Cambodian artifacts

A glossy home spread may be key evidence in the recovery of lost relics.

N. Sumatra Police track down Jakarta firm in foiled Cambodia trafficking scheme

The North Sumatra Police have sent a team of investigators to Jakarta to track down a recruitment company involved in the alleged trafficking of 212 Indonesian workers to Cambodia.

Snakehead behind human trafficking of Taiwanese in Cambodia arrested

Bamboo Union gangster arrested for role in Cambodia human trafficking scam.

Taiwan Frets for ‘Thousands’ Trafficked Into Cambodia

Taiwan joins the chorus of regional countries expressing concerns about human trafficking in Cambodia, where reports are rife of enslavement, beatings, torture, and being resold.

9 Taiwanese victims of Cambodia job scam brought home

Nine Taiwanese who were allegedly lured to Cambodia with lucrative job offers but then held and forced to work there illegally were brought back home Sunday night after a joint effort between Taiwan and Thailand, according to the Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Taiwan arrests spur mass trafficking to Cambodia probe

Taiwan has detained a couple for colluding with human traffickers and announced a special task force to deal with reports that “thousands of Taiwanese” were lured into Cambodia by promises of high-paid jobs but were instead forced to work for organized crime syndicates.

Calls for Action About Human Trafficking of Taiwanese in Cambodia

Concerns have been raised in recent times about the possibility of Taiwanese facing human trafficking in Cambodia.

KMT plans rescue initiative in Cambodia

A group of Chinese Nationalist Party lawmakers arrived in Cambodia yesterday, aiming to meet with Taiwanese investors and private groups there to set up an initiative to rescue Taiwanese who are being held by human trafficking rings.

A luxury magazine photo hid relics Cambodia says could be stolen

The homes of a billionaire family, featured in Architectural Digest, provide clues to Cambodian investigators seeking the recovery of lost artifacts.

Convicted B.C. sex criminal arrested in Cambodia for allegations of child rape

43-year-old Andrew David Eyre of Vancouver stands accused of sex crimes against 8 victims.

China’s destructive development in Cambodia celebrated by state media

China’s official state press agency Xinhua published an article early last week celebrating that over 80% of Cambodia’s rural population now has access to clean water and sanitation.

Taiwanese Influencer Tricked By Cambodian Job Scam & Was Raped 9 Times In A Week

Recently, there have been plenty of cases about job scams. The scam targets people who look for jobs online by promising them a lucrative salary in a seemingly nice location.

Cambodia’s Cyber Slaves

Once a financial securities analyst in China, Lu Xiangri never imagined he might be a victim of trafficking and enslavement by Chinese cyber-scam operations in Cambodia.

Vancouver man accused of sexually assaulting children in Cambodia

Andrew David Eyre, 43, was arrested last week after complaints were made against him by families in rural villages.

Taiwanese being lured to Cambodia for illegal work: Taipei councilor

Taipei City Councilor Angela Ying on Tuesday alerted the public to a spate of recent incidents in which Taiwanese have been lured to Cambodia with promises of high-paying jobs, only to be forced into illegal work and held in the country against their will.

Taiwan teen suffers electrical torture in Cambodian human trafficking case

Victims have reported alleged organ harvesting among other forms of abuse.

Cambodian Journalists Are Telling Truths, Not Breaking Laws

On August 3, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Cambodia released a report on the state of press freedom in the Southeast Asian country.

Cambodia to deport recovered Nigerian monkeypox patient, says immigration official

Cambodia will deport the recovered monkeypox patient, Osmond Chihazirim Nzerem, to his birth country Nigeria and ban him from re-entering the kingdom for three years, an immigration department official said on Sunday.

‘Repeatedly beaten and sold’ – Two Malaysians recount horror experience in Cambodia

Sold six times and beaten over seven months. These were some of the experiences faced by two Malaysians who were duped into a job at a fraud syndicate in Cambodia.