Striking Cambodian casino workers injured in crackdown

Petitions for government negotiations fall on deaf ears as strike drags on.

Chinese drug syndicates shifting meth, ketamine manufacturing networks to Cambodia

A cross-border operation between police in China’s southern Guangdong province and counterparts in Cambodia have seized 350kg (772lbs) of crystal methamphetamine in a series of raids, shown in recently released footage by Chinese state media.

Vietnam rescues 400 citizens tricked to work illegally in Cambodia

Vietnamese and Cambodian authorities have collaborated to repatriate 400 Vietnamese citizens who had been tricked and sold to Cambodia.

Zaobao video shows how M’sian, 26, tricked into working as scammer in Cambodia for 3 months before being rescued

His account has provided a glimpse into the conditions that such victims face.

Casinos Linked to Vietnamese Human Traficking, Teenager Faces Charges

Cambodia and Vietnam continue to be breeding grounds for criminals who take advantage of job scarcity to attract victims.

Myanmar minister joins Southeast Asian defense meeting

Myanmar’s defense minister has been welcomed to an annual meeting of his counterparts in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations despite being sanctioned by the United States, Britain and other countries for abuses committed by his military.

Thais arrested as scam gangs busted in Cambodia

Twenty-one Thais working for romance and investment scam gangs in Cambodia have been arrested and were expected to be returned to Thailand next week.

For Cambodian Women, Equality Starts in the Home

The unequal distribution of household chores affects Cambodian women’s economic inclusion.

Cambodian syndicate threatens to sell job scam victim’s organs

Unable to resist an enticing salary of RM8,000 - RM9,000 per month in the online gambling industry, Tay Poh Chai, 39, headed off to Cambodia in December.

Cambodia officially becomes ‘Covid-Free’

Cambodia now claims it is now completely free of Covid-19, according to a statement released by the country’s health ministry yesterday.

Malaysian teenager forced to become a scammer after falling for job ad

When Malaysian teenager Ah Heng (not his real name) saw a Facebook post in February advertising a job for a customer service position in Cambodia, he was intrigued.

English Football League to Probe Alleged Cambodian Ownership Connection

A Radio Free Asia investigation into the naturalized Chinese tycoon Wang Yaohui reveals a lot about the nature of corruption in Cambodia – and at the global level.

Ketamine Seizures in Cambodia Have Exploded Over the Past Year

Seizures of ket in Cambodia hit 2.7 tonnes in 2021, 24 times higher than the year prior, with drug supplies across Southeast Asia skyrocketing.

Cambodia boosts artillery firepower with Chinese help

Rocket launchers and truck-mounted howitzers are brand new equipment rolling into the hands of the Royal Cambodian Army.

Hopes fade for Pol Pot’s brutal regime Survivors (video)

Hopes of financial compensation for survivors of Pol Pot’s brutal regime that ruled Cambodia with an iron fist between 1975 and early 1979 are becoming less likely as the Khmer Rouge Tribunal continues to wind do

Who leaked details of my son, asks Cambodia scam victim’s mother

A woman whose son is trapped in Cambodia has accused the authorities there of leaking information regarding her son’s whereabouts to criminal syndicates that lured him there through a job scam.

Three Seafarers Contend with the Trauma of a Five-Year Kidnapping in Somalia

A fellow former hostage visits Cambodia to talk about the struggle to recover from a harrowing shared experience.

Cambodia, Laos to benefit as Pfizer slashes drug prices for poorest nations

Pfizer Inc plans to sell its entire portfolio of brand-name drugs at cost in as many as 45 lower-income countries, including Cambodia and Laos.

Reparations unlikely for victims of Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia

Genocide museums and memorials could be used to acknowledge the 20th century's worst killings.

SEA Games: Cambodia wins historic men’s volleyball bronze after beating Thais

Facing mighty Thailand in the third-place volleyball match, Cambodia’s men played one of the best games in their career, shocking their opponent with an intense five-set win at Dai Yen Sports Complex in Quang Ninh Province on Saturday.


Compatriots rescue Vietnamese teen sold to Cambodia

A group of Vietnamese people managed to rescue a 17-year-old boy from southern Vietnam more than three months after he was sold to Cambodia and forced to work for a Chinese online gambling racket.