Thai scammers deported from Cambodia, face family tragedy charges

Four more Thais working for a scam gang linked to a family tragedy in Samut Prakan have been arrested in Poipet and returned to Thailand for legal proceedings.

Animal welfare groups warn Cambodian monkeys imported for labs could be illegally wild-caught

Canada should follow the lead of the United States and refuse to approve the import of Cambodian monkeys for use in Canadian labs, animal-welfare groups say.

Group including Japanese detained in Phnom Penh over suspected online fraud

Cambodian authorities have reportedly detained a group of 20 or more people, including apparently Japanese nationals, in Phnom Penh. The group may have been involved in online scams.

Chinese are running new phishing scams across Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand. It’s a scamdemic

China has a history of working with organised crime syndicates to achieve political goals. This time, it has affected Chinese nationals.

Jessa Khan on flying Cambodian flag high at ONE Fight Night 14: “It’s a big deal”

Jessa Khan reflected on what it means to represent the Cambodian flag throughout her career and soon - on the global stage.

More than 20 Japanese detained in Cambodia over fraud allegations

More than 20 Japanese have been detained by Cambodian authorities for allegedly committing fraud using an apartment in Phnom Penh as their hub, investigative sources said Tuesday.

Lindemann family returns 33 long-sought ancient statues to Cambodia

Billionaire George Lindemann showcased his collection of Khmer treasures and passed them on to his children. But investigations by ICIJ and others traced many of his prized antiquities back to pillaged sacred sites.

Four suspected Thai members of a call centre gang arrested in Cambodia

Cambodian police have arrested four Thai nationals, alleged to be members of a Cambodia-based call centre gang implicated in cheating a Thai family in Samut Prakan, which ultimately led to the head of the family killing his wife and two children in desperation and unsuccessfully attempting suicide.

Police bust multinational drug ring for smuggling meth into S. Korea

Police have busted a drug ring that operated networks in Cambodia, China and Nigeria to smuggle methamphetamine into South Korea and seized billions of won worth of the drug from its members here, officials said Sunday.

Has Flight MH370 Been Found in the Cambodian Jungle?

A British video producer's claim of having found the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in the dense Cambodian jungle has resurfaced online.

Thai deputy police chief seeking help to track down call centre gang members

Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, the deputy national police, is in Cambodia to seek cooperation from police there in the arrests of nine Thai and Chinese suspects working in a call centre gang.

Hit Chinese movie raises fears of travel in Southeast Asia

Widespread concerns over human trafficking stemming from cyberscam schemes in Southeast Asia have grown in China recently, after a hit Chinese film shed light on incidents in Myanmar.

Online gambling kingpin has links throughout South-east Asia

He was generous with charities and often dined with the well-connected in Cambodia while pitching himself as a businessman, but casino kingpin She Zhijiang was in fact the brains behind an illegal gambling and online scam empire with links to people and firms throughout South-east Asia.

Despite lack of govt loans for college in Cambodia, these students are making it work

Most Cambodians live in rural areas, with many struggling to make a living on small farms. Even with low public school tuition fees, sending a child to college is nearly impossible. Those who want a higher education must be resourceful.

Billion-dollar money laundering case: 9 out of 10 accused in S’pore have Cambodian links

The arrest of 10 foreigners in Singapore in a billion-dollar money laundering blitz has thrown the spotlight on their alleged links to business interests in Singapore and overseas, and the number of jurisdictions where some of them hold citizenship.

Japan police ask Khmer interpreters to assist their investigation

Iwate prefectural police here are urgently seeking Khmer interpreters after arresting six Cambodians believed to be members of a theft ring targeting copper wires from solar power generation facilities.

Hundreds of Thousands Trafficked into Southeast Asian Scam Centers, UN Says

Digital scam operations are generating billions of U.S. dollars in revenue each year, the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said in a new report.

UN warns that hundreds of thousands in Southeast Asia have been roped into online scams

The U.N. human rights office says criminal gangs have forced hundreds of thousands of people in Southeast Asia into participating in unlawful online scam operations, including false romantic ploys, bogus investment pitches and illegal gambling schemes.

A Global Cyber-Scam Industry Is Booming in Plain Sight in Cambodia

Despite announcing a crackdown last year, the illegal operations have continued to flourish, protected by powerful officials with close ties to the government.

Air pollution responsible for one in five deaths among Cambodian toddlers, says UNICEF

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) issued a statement on Saturday, saying air pollution is responsible for nearly one in every five deaths among children under five in Cambodia.