In Phnom Penh, Slurping Noodles and Tasting Home Again

An excerpt from author and cook Chantha Nguon's memoir recounts her first trip home to Cambodia after fleeing as a refugee—and the dish that made her feel at home once again.

How to Eat Your Way Through Phnom Penh, According to a Chef Rotanak Ros

The Cambodian celeb chef known as Chef Nak shares her recipe for an invigorating weekend in the cradle of Khmer cuisine.

Review: Cambodian memoir a deft blend of war’s brutality and food

Whenever people tell me stories about themselves, I voice the inevitable (for me) question: So, what’d you eat?

Horror Film “Tenement’’ Digs Into Cambodia’s Past and Present at Rotterdam

“Tenement” made its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Fonki—From Graffiti To Glory

Discover how Fonki’s murals are reshaping Cambodia’s artistic narrative, one vibrant stroke at a time.

Will Europe ever return ‘looted’ Asian artifacts?

Growing pressure on European museums to return artifacts taken from Southeast Asia during colonial times could provide soft-power benefits for the EU amid attempts to improve its image in the region, analysts say.

How animals suffer for Buddhists to earn spiritual points – in Cambodia ‘life release’ rituals decimate birds

The Buddhist practice of releasing animals for spiritual merit is widespread in Cambodia, but it kills or injures millions of birds. Species are in free fall.

Cambodian performance artist brings controversial work on identity and diaspora to Seattle

The articulated monk-saffron-colored tube winds through Seattle Asian Art Museum’s glass hall as part of the “Hybrid Skin, Mythical Presence” exhibit by Anida Yoeu Ali.

China’s Self-Pitying Empire

The Chinese film “No More Bets,” which details the human cost of Southeast Asia-based cyberscam operations, has become a massive hit on the mainland.

Centuries-Old Rituals Are Slowly Fading Away in Cambodia

Cambodia’s northeast is home to more than 20 ethnic groups or Indigenous People. They each have their own story and particular customs, from death cults to love huts, and they have specific languages, although nowadays rarely used.

Seattle Art Museum presents first solo show by a Cambodian American artist

While performing as “The Buddhist Bug,” an orange, over-300-foot long, caterpillarlike creature, Tacoma-based artist Anida Yoeu Ali received a range of reactions all over the world, from warm delight to skeptical bewilderment.

Ancient Buddha statues found under famous ‘Tomb Raider’ temple in Cambodia. See them

A trove of ancient statues was recently discovered at the famous “Tomb Raider” temple in Cambodia, officials said.

Ancient statues unearthed in Cambodia’s Angkor park

Archaeologists have unearthed six centuries-old sandstone statues at the Ta Prohm temple restoration site in northwest Cambodia's Angkor archaeological park, the Apsara National Authority said in a statement on Thursday.

Making Art and Finding an Edge in Cambodia

Luke Hunt interviews German filmmaker Nico Mesterharm about arts funding in Southeast Asia and his latest documentary.

Breathing Life Into the Everlasting Words of Anthony Veasna So

Keong Sim reads the audiobook version of the author’s second posthumous collection, “Songs on Endless Repeat.”

Rising-star author Anthony Veasna So died at 28. Now you can read his unfinished novel

Review: Songs on Endless Repeat: Essays and Outtakes By Anthony Veasna So

Battambang: Know All About UNESCO’s Newest City Of Gastronomy

The quiet provincial capital in north-west Cambodia has been honoured by UNESCO as a gastronomical destination, despite not housing even a single Michelin-starred restaurant.

Performing artists celebrate 70 years of Japan-Cambodia diplomatic ties

Artists from Japan and Cambodia have showcased traditional performances at an event in Angkor to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the two countries' diplomatic ties.

Rosalynn Carter helped me, and thousands of other Cambodian refugees, survive

I never got the chance to meet former first lady Rosalynn Carter in person, but our paths have crossed more than I could have imagined.

Cambodian rock via LA

Ting Mong by Dengue Fever is an excellent transcontinental album from a seasoned band.