Cambodian ‘fairy dancer’ wins hearts for rejecting film fame to promote country’s culture on global stage

She masters intricate moves of nation’s mesmerising hand-gesture dance.

She found a fun angle on Khmer Rouge genocide. Cambodian filmmaker Ines Sothea on her debut short film, and future plans

Ines Sothea was told how lucky she was not to have been born under the Khmer Rouge. She delved into how people survived the regime and learned kids had had fun.

Young Cambodians fight to preserve ancient martial art

In a small Cambodian town near the banks of the Mekong River, law student Oeun Bunthav tenses his slender torso and steels himself for an elbow strike to his head.

Faking it: counterfeit luxury fashion in south-east Asia – a photo essay

As counterfeit fashion gets cool, the photographers Miguel Hahn and Jan-Christoph Hartung investigate the prevalence of luxury labels in south-east Asia, where high-end fashion blends with traditional and modern clothing.

Opinion: An Open Letter to Cambodians Regarding the Repatriations of “The Golden Boy” Statue to Thailand

It saddened me to learn that over the past week, some Thais and Cambodians on social media heightened the level of toxic and degrading verbal and written attacks against one another as a result of the repatriation of “The Golden Boy” bronze statue from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City after many decades.

Cambodian director Rithy Panh on new doc Meeting With Pol Pot: ‘All revolutions have good intentions in the beginning’

Celebrated Cambodian director Rithy Panh talks about his new documentary, Meeting With Pol Pot, which premiered at 77th Cannes Film Festival earlier this week.

Designer Eric Raisina: The Emperor of Silk

Renowned internationally for showcasing his love for Khmer silks, Siem Reap-based Madagascan haute textile designer ERIC RAISINA has become a formidable presence over the last two decades.

800-year-old statue was missing its head — until now. See the find in Cambodia

Archaeologists uncovered the missing head of an 800-year-old statue at a dramatic gateway leading into the iconic Angkor Wat complex. Photo from APSARA National Authority

In Focus: Behind the Curtain of PPDW with SOPHEA KE

From the glossy pages of fashion publications to the glittering catwalks of Phnom Penh Designers Week, Sophea Ke is the wizard behind the curtain.

Golden Boy goes home – but where is home, exactly?

When the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced its plan to deaccession 16 Angkorian sculptures, Cambodians and Cambodia watchers were overjoyed, although not altogether surprised.

Workers cleaning up dirt at 800-year-old temple uncover dozens of ancient statues

Workers assigned to clean up a pile of dirt at an 800-year-old temple in Cambodia quickly found their task was anything but straightforward. Instead, the project uncovered dozens of ancient statues.

‘Rare’ statue sat hidden in dried-up pond at 800-year-old temple — until now. See it

A dried-up pond sat in the shadow of an imposing 800-year-old temple in Cambodia. The temple may have attracted the most attention, but, as archaeologists recently discovered, the pond held its own secrets too.

In Person: Chef SOPHEAK SAO’s Modern Twist on Khmer Delicacy

Chef Sopheak Sao is the brilliant Cambodian chef behind the phenomenal delicacies at Villa 5 Contemporary Cuisine.

US authorities return 30 antiquities recovered during trafficking investigations to Cambodia and Indonesia

The antiquities, collectively valued at $3m, include a bronze “Shiva Triad” from Cambodia that the dealer Nancy Wiener donated to the Denver Art Museum after failing to find a buyer for it.

David Eung Hao: Rising Cambodian Actor in Singapore’s Entertainment Scene

Cambodian actor David Eung Hao discusses balancing acting, business, and social media stardom.

Cambodia’s seahorse statue spouting water likened to S’pore’s Merlion spouting water

Cambodia's latest tourist attraction has raised eyebrows among Singaporeans and tourists who have been to the sunny island set in the sea due to its uncanny resemblance to the iconic Merlion.

Stolen artifacts sold to US collectors will be repatriated to Cambodia, officials say

The artifacts were smuggled and sold by Douglas Latchford.

Pros and cons of a visit to Phnom Penh: colonial buildings and Khmer relics, but crime and harrowing reminders of past

Visitors to Cambodia’s capital can enjoy attractive colonial architecture, Khmer empire history, views of the Mekong river, and some exotic snacks.

These hidden temples in Cambodia will take you off the beaten path

Avoid the crowds at these lesser known alternatives to Angkor Wat—which include Cambodia’s newest addition to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Asian Artists to Watch 2024: Din Art

Borin Teang, known as Din Art in the art world, is one of Cambodia’s leading contemporary abstract artists, a visionary who transforms ancient and mystical apsara dancers into modern and vibrant masterpieces.