“Those who suffered the most were the people” – composer Him Sophy on the impact of explosive violence in Cambodia, and the power of...

Commissioned by Cambodian Living Arts, Him Sophy has written a moving piece to honour those who lost their lives during the civil war and under the Khmer Rouge regime.

Discipline, teamwork, acceptance: why football is a lifeline for queer Cambodian teens

A new documentary tells the story of the Lotus Sports Club and Pa Vann Sovann, its much-respected transgender coach.

Cambodian Teens Face Digital Augmentation in Karmalink

Karmalink is the first Cambodian sci-fi movie, which will be released in the US theatrically in major cities and on VOD on July 15, 2022.

Siem Reap: Cambodia’s city of hope, hip enclaves and heritage

Even with the resurgence of travel, Siem Reap is uncrowded enough for travellers to explore it at a slower pace than before.

Scholar-activist immerses herself in dire working conditions facing Cambodian farmworkers

A day in the life of a female Cambodian migrant worker on a perilla leaf farm in Gyeongsang Province begins at 6:30 a.m.

‘Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia,’ Symphonic Work About Khmer Rouge Genocide, Released as Album

“Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia,” a symphonic work by composer Him Sophy and the first major such piece to address the Khmer Rouge genocide in the country, recently was released on Entertain Impact label.

Letter From Siem Reap – Videos of Cambodia’s mud builders go viral on YouTube

The channel is owned by Cambodian Web developer Tann Moly and his brother-in-law Peanh Setha, who is a teacher.

Family to retrace brother’s sailing journey to Cambodia before his murder by Khmer Rouge

Kerry Hamill was a great letter-writer, so his family knew something was wrong when his carefully penned correspondence stopped in 1978.

A new female-led tour of Cambodia puts women in the spotlight

Abigail Blasi meets a princess and a celebrity chef, and goes on a motorbike trip on a new tour of the country.

In France, Billon Ung struggles to uncover the truth about her husband’s disappearance in Cambodia

In April 1975, the Khmer Rouge were close to taking power in Cambodia. Faced with the threat, Billon Ung left her country, leaving behind her husband, the president of the Cambodian National Assembly Ung Boun Hor.

The Doughnut Kids Are All Right

The next generation of LA doughnut shop owners are preserving, innovating on, and continuing a uniquely Khmerican experience.

A Genocide Left Their Families In A Cycle Of Trauma. Now, A Generation Of Cambodian Americans is Finding A Path Toward Healing.

Immigrating to the US meant pushing aside the pain caused by Khmer Rouge atrocities. For those who grew up in the aftermath, moving forward means working with their elders to process damaging memories.

How Cambodian Refugee Steven Yeng Built a Thriving Whiskey Brand

The first taste of peanut butter changed his life forever.

Rithy Panh Rejoins TikTok Short Film Jury in Cannes

Cambodian auteur Rithy Panh has rejoined the jury that will decide the prizes for Cannes Film Festival’s inaugural TikTok short film competition.

Cambodian rapper VannDa releases new singles ‘Parenthesis’ and ‘Life Is A Game’

He's also shared the first episode of a documentary about his upcoming project 'Skull 2: Season 1'

Film Review: Coalesce – Queer East Film Festival

Coalesce, written and directed by Jessé Miceli, examines Phnom Penh society from the viewpoint of people at its margins

Rithy Panh Resigns From Cannes’ TikTok Short Film Jury Citing Lack of Artistic Independence (Exclusive)

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival’s sudden embrace of the TikTok era appears to have hit a rough patch.

Cannes Hidden Gem: A Visceral Search for Identity in ‘All the People I’ll Never Be’

French-Cambodian director Davy Chou's third feature, screening in the Un Certain Regard section, follows a young French woman who seeks a deeper understanding of herself in the country of her birth, South Korea.

Cambodia Asks U.K. Cultural Institutions to Return Looted Statues

British museums contain hundreds of allegedly stolen temple treasures.

Fleeing Cambodia: How I Was Finally Able to Tell My Own Origin Story

Putsata Reang on Telling a Tale Passed Down By Her Mother.