Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Cambodia’s lion distraction

Media jumped on the tale of Hun Sen's intervention in the case of a privately 'owned' lion, for all the wrong reasons.

America’s misplayed debt diplomacy in Cambodia

Moralizing is all well and good but the Vietnam War era $700 million Phnom Penh owes Washington need not be a sticking point.

China squeezes Cambodia for its Covid app data

China seeks access to Cambodia's contact tracing data for reasons that are more likely about spying than disease control.

China’s hold on Cambodia hard for Biden to break

Washington and Phnom Penh suggest it's time for a diplomatic reset but US will need to pay to make fresh inroads.

Does Cambodia have a ‘puppet king’?

It might behoove opposition figure Sam Rainsy to be thankful Cambodia's monarch doesn't interfere in politics.

Cambodia at risk of being last in line for vaccines

Lack of coherent inoculation plan means a majority of Cambodians may not be vaccinated until mid-2023

Cambodia extracts ‘first drop’ of offshore oil

Cambodian premier Hun Sen announced Tuesday that the kingdom had extracted its first drop of crude oil from its waters, a long-awaited milestone for one of Southeast Asia’s poorest nations.

America puts the ball in Cambodia’s court

The change of administration in the US presents Cambodia with a rare opportunity to rebuild trust.

Hints Hun Sen starting to look away from China

PM Hun Sen says Cambodia not a Chinese 'dustbin' for vaccine trials as calls rise for a more neutral foreign policy.

Hun Sen passes all students – and the buck

By announcing that all Cambodian Grade 12 students will pass automatically, the PM is doing himself – not youth – a favor.

Cambodia’s challenges in dealing with foreign actors

The country's domestic affairs have attracted inordinate levels of unsolicited foreign attention and intervention.

Cambodia’s sewer press

The Khmer Times reckons it is the ruling party’s attack dog, but it lacks the teeth and intelligence for this task.

Japan, UNDP help Cambodia reduce marine plastic litter

Plastic waste makes up 80% of the debris found on Cambodia’s beaches.

Hun Sen goes for the legal kill against rival CNRP

More than 100 people associated with a now-banned Cambodian opposition party and representatives of non-governmental organizations will stand trial in Phnom Penh this week, most in absentia, on charges ranging from treason and “incitement” to causing social chaos.

America makes last call for reform in Cambodia

US lawmakers write to Pompeo asking for the imposition of targeted sanctions on PM Hun Sen's abusive regime.

Cambodian official has no reason to fear honest debate

Asia Times contributor Sim Vireak's 'response' to a recent column falls short in several ways

Cambodia has no reason to fear a Biden presidency

This article is a response to the piece written by David Hutt, which appeared on Asia Times on November 12, suggesting that “Cambodia should be worried about the Biden presidency.”

Cambodia should be worried about the Biden presidency

The Biden administration will probably maintain an 'engagement' policy with Cambodia, but with caveats.

Time to boot Cambodia out of ASEAN

Singapore ex-top envoy ignites firestorm by saying Cambodia could be expelled from bloc for serving as China’s proxy and disruptor.

Strongman Hun Sen showing signs of weakness

Long-time Cambodian leader is reverting to his bad old threatening ways amid mounting political, economic and diplomatic crises.