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As virus hits Cambodia’s economy, the debts grow

The rural economy faces a dire future with many relying on loans from micro-finance organizations.

Hun Sen blusters and blunders through virus crisis

Cambodian leader is widely speculated to have the coronavirus but bigger worries surround nation's poor public health services.

China, SE Asia ties unravel amid virus crisis

Coronavirus-hit SE Asia may not be as open as previously to Chinese aid, investment and tourism .

Taxman seeks more from less in Cambodia

Aid-dependent nation goes from one of region's least to most taxed in bid to shore up economic independence.

Chinese exodus pinpricks Cambodia property bubble

Housing prices down 33% since online gambling ban drove Chinese migrants and punters back to China.

In sickness and health, Cambodia kowtows to China

Prime Minister Hun Sen praised by Beijing for his comparatively lax handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

In blow to Hun Sen, EU cuts Cambodia trade deal

EU partially suspends Everything But Arms preferential tariff scheme in punitive response to an anti-democratic crackdown.

Hun Manet’s China visit fuels speculation

It was quite a coup for Hun Sen. Last week, the Cambodian prime minister traveled to Beijing to meet with President Xi Jinping, who hadn’t made a public appearance for more than week at the time.

Cambodia rice crisis signals deeper economic rot

EU tariffs, intense drought and deep debts all loom darkly over nation’s top crop and employer.

Hun Sen has an existential corruption problem

Ineffectual anti-corruption unit has ensured Cambodia’s consistent rank among world’s most graft-ridden nations.

Cambodia’s three wishes for 2020

As Cambodia faces domestic and international challenges, the country is pinning its hopes on three key issues for 2020, namely its position amid geopolitical competition, a new domestic political culture, and economic resilience.

Hun Sen’s grand plan to hand power to his son

Cambodian leader expected to overcome opposition threat, restore US ties and start dynastic transition in 2020.

Alipay and DaraPay team up for Cambodian tourism

Alipay serves over 1.2 billion users together with its regional partners and is the preferred payment method of Chinese tourists.

Boom to bust for Cambodia’s Chinese casino town

Sihanoukville resort is losing its golden luster as Cambodia obliges China’s firm request to shut down lucrative online gaming sites.

Dynamism of Chinese investment in Cambodia

According to the “ASEAN Investment Report 2019,” Cambodia’s FDI inflows reached an all-time high last year, with growth concentrated in manufacturing and services, particularly finance and insurance. Foreign direct investment increased by 15% to US$3.1 billion, the highest level ever recorded.

Cambodia politics as high-stakes game of chicken

Long-exiled opposition politician Sam Rainsy plans to return home on November 9 to mount a pro-democracy protest authorities vow to crush.

Why the US has gone soft on Cambodia

Concerns China could gain a naval foothold in the country has caused Washington to rethink its previous punitive stance.

A new ‘Trump Doctrine’ could start with Cambodia

Picture this: Somewhere in the South China Sea, which China claims as its own, a Chinese warship confronts a Philippine warship or, maybe it’s vice versa, and shots are exchanged

Rethinking Cambodian soft power

Increasingly, the arena of international affairs is being shaped by soft power. Where traditional economic and military might once reigned supreme, a nation’s strength may now be derived from the appeal of culture, political values and policies.

Buying Cambodia: China’s long embrace of a tyrant

Authoritarian PM Hun Sen has reportedly given Beijing the green light for a naval base on the Gulf of Thailand.