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China, Cambodia trade pact more form than substance

Bilateral FTA to be symbolically signed same day EU punitively imposes tariffs but the deal will do little to save Cambodian industry.

Cambodia’s banks showing Covid cracks

Central bank and finance executives downplay pandemic risks but credit defaults are clearly rising.

Machinations of political succession in Cambodia

One way or another, Hun Sen will strive for the permanence of his party's rule.

Cambodia’s dynastic succession coming into view

PM Hun Sen's handover to son Hun Manet is a near shoo-in as US and China jockey to win the heir apparent's favor .

Cambodia-EU: The debate on ‘trade-not-aid’

While Cambodia struggles to cope with Covid-19, EU policies are hurting the very people whose 'rights' it wants to protect

On negative journalism

It would be nice if journalists didn’t have to focus on the negatives so often, but it is more important to inform than to feel good.

Who actually funds the Cambodian military?

Hun Sen brags that military vehicles from China cost taxpayers nothing, but that raises troubling questions about the funds' sources .

Action needed now to reduce Phnom Penh’s floods

Climate change, rapid development and poor planning have all contributed to the flooding problem.

Pandemic math not adding up in Cambodia

Prime Minister Hun Sen slashes national budget by 50% at a time the nation desperately needs Covid-19 relief spending.

‘Cakeism’ in Cambodia

Giving a talk at a conference in Prague in early March, when the Covid-19 pandemic was still spoken of in “it-won’t-happen-here” tones in Europe, I was asked by the moderator to give my word of the year.

Cambodia poised to be big Covid-19 loser

Cambodia, despite reporting fewer coronavirus cases than most of its neighbors, could be among the region’s biggest Covid-19 losers due to economic...

Hun Sen’s fragile legacy

Cambodia's strongman has long taken credit for the country's development, but Covid-19 is challenging that narrative.

What’s happening at the Khmer Times?

The daily, which heaps praise on Cambodia’s autocratic ruling party, has a long history in the not-so-subtle art of plagiarism.

Cambodia’s new puritans

A new government department will monitor social media for images of women who, it deems, are dressed too sexily.

Cambodia’s state of emergency law in context

Should the government deem it necessary to impose emergency measures to fight Covid-19, they will adhere to international standards.

As virus hits Cambodia’s economy, the debts grow

The rural economy faces a dire future with many relying on loans from micro-finance organizations.

Hun Sen blusters and blunders through virus crisis

Cambodian leader is widely speculated to have the coronavirus but bigger worries surround nation's poor public health services.

China, SE Asia ties unravel amid virus crisis

Coronavirus-hit SE Asia may not be as open as previously to Chinese aid, investment and tourism .

Taxman seeks more from less in Cambodia

Aid-dependent nation goes from one of region's least to most taxed in bid to shore up economic independence.

Chinese exodus pinpricks Cambodia property bubble

Housing prices down 33% since online gambling ban drove Chinese migrants and punters back to China.