Friday, April 16, 2021
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Cambodia’s Prey Lang: how not to protect a vital forest

Authorities have failed to curb illegal logging and instead are cracking down on indigenous groups working to protect the forest.

Why Cambodia’s environmentalists fear new internet firewall

Disguised as a fisherman, Bun Ly chugs up and down the Mekong River in a longtail boat, counting giant barges full of sand dredged from the bed of the struggling waterway as part of his new job with outlawed activist group Mother Nature Cambodia.

‘Tigers or crocodiles’: Grim prospects for Cambodian migrants at home and in Thailand

For the past two weeks, Cambodian migrant Mony Sunret has been hanging around an electrical workshop in the Thai province of Rayong, hoping to pick up odd jobs and save enough money to make a covert exit from Thailand.

OPINION: Why Cambodia’s China-style internet gateway is problematic

Cambodia’s national internet gateway threatens the rights of freedom of expression and information, and to privacy.

Men enlisted to fight ‘tradition’ of gender violence in Cambodia

Dinner is late. The laundry isn’t done. The pickles aren’t sour enough. When it comes to reasons for a man to beat his wife, Rem Ran has heard it all.

‘Education is Part of Prevention’: Cambodia Adds Human Trafficking Lessons to School Curriculum

The new lessons will help students understand the different forms of human trafficking, the roles of schools and communities in prevention, and the relevant laws and rights.

OPINION: Women’s financial inclusion can help tackle “bride trafficking” from Cambodia to China

Women have been forced to weigh the known risks of marriage migration against their financial situation. Their conclusion is that better wages abroad is always worth the risk.

Pandemic seen fuelling Cambodian ‘bride trafficking’ to China

The trafficking of Cambodian “brides” to China has risen sharply this year with mass job losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic driving more young women and girls abroad to support their families, according to two charities that help victims.

OPINION: Microfinance in Cambodia has lifted millions of people out of poverty

The Cambodian credit industry has been in the spotlight recently with several reports from NGOs and in the media highlighting issues of debt burdens on Cambodian borrowers, especially in light of the economic downturn brought on by the global coronavirus pandemic.

It’s time to fix Cambodia’s broken microfinance system

Microfinance is supposed to relieve poverty, but with investors now profiting from land loss, somewhere along the way things went wrong.

Cambodia urged to rethink scrapping of bonus pay for night workers

Cambodia’s move to scrap some employee bonus and holiday entitlements is likely to hurt the poorest workers already reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, labour rights groups and unions warned on Thursday.

‘Sex for promotions’ police chief suspended pending probe

A high-ranking Cambodian police official has been suspended from duties pending an investigation into “unprecedented” allegations of sexual misconduct made by four junior female officers that hit the headlines, according to the interior ministry.

Cambodia targets short skirts, see-through shirts with new modesty law

The draft legislation would ban men from going out shirtless and stop women from wearing anything ‘too short’ or ‘too see-through’.

Laid off due to virus, Cambodian garment workers compete for factory shifts

For three hours, Cambodian seamstress Em Thy waited in a crowd with hundreds of other laid off garment workers on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, desperate to be selected for a one-off shift.

Closed borders give rise to trafficking in Cambodia

Cambodia is facing a new wave of human trafficking as desperate workers use illegal means to cross closed borders in the hope of finding work in Thailand, officials have warned.

Cambodia to lift partial ban on rice exports on May 20

Cambodia will lift a partial ban on rice exports that had been put in place to ensure local food security during the coronavirus crisis, the finance minister told exporters of the grain on Wednesday.

As loggers exploit virus, Cambodian forest protectors defy state ban

A Cambodian conservation group has warned that logging in the protected Prey Lang forest has ramped up during the coronavirus pandemic, vowing it would continue to monitor the destruction despite government threats of legal action to stop that work.

As fashion sales fall globally, big brands leave Asia’s garment workers in limbo

The livelihoods of millions of Asian garment workers are in jeopardy after cancellations by top fashion brands, with unions, researchers and campaigners warning coronavirus could lead to a rollback of labour rights in an industry often accused of abuse.

Facebook vendor gets 6 months’ prison for ‘pornographic’ adverts

A Cambodian woman was sentenced to six months in prison on Friday after a court ruled that her Facebook live streams selling clothing and cosmetics while wearing skimpy outfits amounted to pornography, women’s rights groups said.

‘Please, we are not animals’: virus fears weigh on Cambodia’s garment workers

Climbing onto a crowded truck each morning, Cambodian seamstress Sim Samphor cannot help but worry about catching the coronavirus that has closed down most of the country in recent weeks.