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Pet Lion Confiscated by Police After Videos of Wild Animal Go Viral

Cambodian authorities have confiscated a pet lion, after the owner shared videos of it on TikTok.

Comedian Aboard Coronavirus Cruise Ship Fired After Ditching Quarantine And Returning to US

Frank King, a comedian who was working aboard the Holland America cruise ship that was quarantined after a former passenger tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, says that he was fired by the cruise line after sneaking out of quarantine and returning home to Oregon.

Long Lost Ancient City Uncovered Deep in Cambodian Jungle

Archaeologists have shed new light on an ancient city hidden in the Cambodian jungle that was once the capital of the powerful Khmer Empire. The empire ruled over vast swathes of Southeast Asia between around 800 and 1400 A.D.

Immigrant Rights Activists Rally to Protest Deportation of Cambodian Refugees for Decades-Old Crimes

Roughly 100 immigrant rights activists gathered on the steps of Boston's federal immigration courthouse on Monday in protest of the Trump administration's recent efforts to deport Cambodian refugees with criminal convictions.

Famed Siem Reap Foreign Correspondents’ Club re-opens as a hotel

A former governor's mansion and home base for countless news correspondents, the FCC Siem Reap is now a hotel for all.

Up the Mekong: the one cruise you should book this fall

Book one of the 18 rooms onboard the Avalon Saigon and experience life along the river and the intricacies of an ancient society.

Ancient Mystery of Angkor Wat’s ‘Decline and Abandonment’ is Being Upended by Archaeologists

Cambodia's famous temple of Angkor Wat is one of the world's largest religious monuments, visited by over two million tourists each year.

Cambodia’s sham election shows the limits of nation building

It was all supposed to be so different. In 1993, millions of Cambodians went to the polls in the country’s first-ever free election, marking the end of a civil war stretching back to the late 1970s.

Cambodia elections 2018: Democracy died long before people cast their vote, experts say

Kem Sokha, Cambodia’s main political opposition leader who was jailed during a crackdown against the rivals of incumbent Prime Minister Hun Sen in September 2017, has been denied medical attention during his months in prison, according to his daughter Monovithya.

Don’t leave Cambodia to Fight for Democracy Alone

In July last year, Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen gave a speech to his supporters shortly after his Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) suffered unexpected losses in local elections.