UN says organised crime shifting drugs routes in Southeast Asia

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime says almost 151 tonnes of methamphetamine seized in Southeast, East Asia in 2022.

Man worried OKU son duped in Cambodia love scam

Worried that his disabled adult son had been duped by a love scam or organ-harvesting group, a father is pleading for the man’s safe return after he was shown to have flown to Cambodia.

Cambodia about to graduate from least developed country status: ADB

It added that the Southeast Asian nation should consider forging new trade agreements with its major partners while improving the implementation and utilization of existing ones.

Unions urge Adidas CEO to compensate workers in open letter on Yeezy shoes

In a letter dated 30th May, 2023, unions endorsed Adidas’ pledge to donate Yeezy sneaker sales revenues to organisations that combat prejudice and hatred.

Cambodia sets course for sustainable, circular textile industry

The initiative called "Circular Fashion Partnership Cambodia," is a component of the Global Circular Fashion Forum (GCFF) that aims to help textile manufacturing nations to expedite and expand the recycling of post-industrial textile waste.

World’s largest freshwater fish draws attention to delicate ecosystem

Scientists race to gain insights into the Mekong River’s disappearing giants—and how to save them.

Study: Snares claim another local extinction as Cambodia loses its leopards

Researchers say the Indochinese leopard is functionally extinct in Cambodia after a 2021 camera-trap survey failed to capture a single individual from what was once thought to be the country’s last viable population of the big cat.

Forest behind bars: Logging network operating out of Cambodian prison in the Cardamoms

A Mongabay investigation has uncovered a logging operation being run out of Koh Kong provincial prison that gets its timber from the site of a new hydropower dam being built in Thma Bang.

Meet the Chef Reviving Royal Cambodian Recipes

Inspired by a trailblazing princess, Chef Nak’s cookbook is a celebration of Khmer history.

Honey Cocaine’s Unexpected Cambodian Canadian Life Story

The Toronto rapper embraces a patois-inflected “bad gal” image to tell a deeply personal story about historical violence.

Villagers celebrate traditional ritual to ask “guardian spirit” to bring good fortune and rain in Cambodia

Dozens of villagers on the northwest outskirts of Phnom Penh in Cambodia painted their faces and bodies as well as donned grass skirts on Wednesday as they celebrated an annual traditional ritual to ask a "guardian spirit" to bring good fortune and rain for their rice crop.

UN chief implicitly criticizes Cambodia’s upcoming elections after top opposition party ban

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres implicitly criticized Cambodia’s upcoming elections Wednesday for failing to be inclusive, after the top opposition party was not allowed to register.