Genesis of a latter-day Asian slavery market

How human trafficking moved from Cambodia to Myanmar to Pakistan.

Thailand to return 20 historic artefacts to Cambodia

Thailand has agreed to return 20 artefacts to Cambodia, which were among 43 antiquities smuggled into the country from Singapore in 2000.

Brands, IndustriALL support Cambodia wage bargaining agreements

ACT agreement has worked with fashion brands and non-profit global union IndustriALL to reach individual binding agreements that aim to support the ongoing process of reaching a collective bargaining agreement over wages in Cambodia.

NagaCorp CEO reshuffle “surprising”: Expert

The recent dismissal of Cambodian gaming group NagaCorp‘s CEO – Finance and Treasury, Chen Cherchi, is “surprising” considering the scope of his previous executive responsibility and stake-hold in the group, gaming expert Daniel Li told AGB.

Cambodia, S Korea to set up talks channel between Korean firms, CDC

They also decided to develop a SEZ in Cambodia for South Korean firms interested to invest and expand production chains in the country.

Cambodia’s famed Kampot pepper withers in scorching heatwave

Farmer Chhim Laem shakes his head as he walks between long rows of dead bushes, their brown leaves scorched by heat and drought that have devastated Cambodia’s famed Kampot pepper crop.

Impacts of Cambodia’s Funan Techo Canal and Implications for Mekong Cooperation

How a new Belt and Road project in Cambodia could increase water and flood risks in Vietnam and weaken the 1995 Mekong Agreement.

Cambodia’s US$16 billion ‘eco-city’ raises financial and environmental concerns

The multi-billion dollar development project in the coastal city of Sihanoukville has stirred discontent among locals and fuelled environmentalists’ worries.

Cambodian director Rithy Panh on new doc Meeting With Pol Pot: ‘All revolutions have good intentions in the beginning’

Celebrated Cambodian director Rithy Panh talks about his new documentary, Meeting With Pol Pot, which premiered at 77th Cannes Film Festival earlier this week.

Designer Eric Raisina: The Emperor of Silk

Renowned internationally for showcasing his love for Khmer silks, Siem Reap-based Madagascan haute textile designer ERIC RAISINA has become a formidable presence over the last two decades.

800-year-old statue was missing its head — until now. See the find in Cambodia

Archaeologists uncovered the missing head of an 800-year-old statue at a dramatic gateway leading into the iconic Angkor Wat complex. Photo from APSARA National Authority

Cambodia ‘can’t admit’ China’s navy is using Ream as a base – but it sure looks a lot like it

Cambodia says the two Chinese warships that have been docked at Ream Naval Base for the past five months are there for joint military drills. But analysts suspect their presence has more to do with hawking military hardware and establishing an outpost ‘to stop, rest, refuel, and resupply’