Cambodia calls on China to support its crackdown on illegal gambling and human trafficking

Cambodia has urged China to further support its nationwide crackdown on illegal gambling and stem the problem of human trafficking into the country.

64 Thai alleged scam call centre workers deported from Cambodia

64 Thai nationals, who allegedly worked for Chinese-funded call centre scam operators in Cambodia, were deported back to Thailand yesterday (Wednesday) by Cambodian authorities.

S Korea ratifies FTA with Cambodia; boost to garment-textile exports

South Korea’s National Assembly yesterday ratified a free trade agreement with Cambodia, rounding off the final domestic procedure essential for the implementation of the FTA signed in October last year.

Turning uncertainty into opportunity in Cambodia

The country has a unique opportunity to redefine the drivers of its economic growth.

Cambodia raises minimum wage for garment factory workers in 2023

Cambodia has set set a new monthly minimum wage for workers in the country's garment, footwear and travel goods sector at some US$200 from 2023, up 3.09 per cent from the current level of US$194, Labour Minister Ith Samheng said.

‘Mekong Ghost’ Rediscovered in Fish Market After Being Lost for 18 Years

An extremely rare species of carp nicknamed the "Mekong Ghost" that had not been seen for nearly two decades has been unexpectedly documented in Cambodia.

Feared extinct, the ‘Mekong Ghost’ fish resurfaces

Adult giant salmon carp documented in the Mekong River for first time in 18 years.

Cambodian mega dam’s resurrection on the Mekong ‘the beginning of the end’

Cambodian authorities have greenlit studies for a major hydropower dam on the Mekong River in Stung Treng province, despite a ban on dam building on the river that’s been in place since 2020.

Cambodian team hunting looted treasures visits UK museums

Two major British museums are opening up their collections to archaeologists and officials from Cambodia, in response to allegations that valuable items are sitting illegally in the UK.

Cambodia reclaims 258 looted antiquities from abroad in last five years, says official

The reclaimed ancient artifacts included 33 from the United States, 71 from Japan, 110 from Hungary, 16 from Britain, and 28 from Thailand, he said.

The Met’s Cambodia Problem

The museum’s prized collection of Khmer artifacts may have dubious origins.

Cambodia resumes trials of senior opposition figures

Kem Sokha denies involvement with ‘color revolutionary’ strategies used in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia.

Cambodia Needs to Move Past the Narrative of ‘National Salvation’

For decades, politicians on all sides of the political spectrum have framed the country’s choice as one between salvation and extinction.
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