Cambodia job racket | How Indians are captured, tortured and coerced to commit cybercrime

People from across India, a large number from Andhra Pradesh, are falling prey to fraud-job rackets in Cambodia. V. Kamalakara Rao speaks to survivors who have returned, and the police, who are beginning to understand how the operations work.

Cambodian authorities burn $70M of seized illegal drugs in major crackdown

4.1 tons of the destroyed substances were drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy and ketamine.

Asos ‘first’ online brand to support collective bargaining in Cambodia

Asos, the global online fashion retailer, has become the ‘first’ e-commerce company to sign a legally binding agreement supporting collective bargaining rights for garment workers in Cambodia.

ASOS paves the way for worker rights in Cambodia’s garment industry

The signing represents a step towards establishing the debut CBA in Cambodia's garment and footwear sector.

22% YoY rise in Cambodia’s textile-garment exports in Jan-May 2024

Exports of apparel and textiles were worth $3.628 billion during the period—up by 22 per cent YoY.

‘Extremely unusual’ group of dolphins spotted off the coast of Cambodia, photo shows

During a routine wildlife survey off the coast of Cambodia, scientists were excited to find a baby dolphin — then came “a twist.”

Rare finless dolphin discovered in Cambodia — marking country’s first sighting

A finless dolphin was recently discovered in Cambodia, marking the first-ever sighting of the species in the country, officials said.

Efforts to save Cambodia’s coast tread water as fish stocks plummet

Along the coast of Cambodia, illegal fishing is driving fish stocks toward collapse and fishing communities into poverty.

Cambodians gather for “He Neak Ta,” praying for good fortune, prosperity, and rain

Hundreds of Cambodian villagers on Tuesday took part in a rare traditional guardian spirit ceremony praying for good fortune, rain and prosperity, as they aimed to preserve this ancient tradition.

Cambodian ‘fairy dancer’ wins hearts for rejecting film fame to promote country’s culture on global stage

She masters intricate moves of nation’s mesmerising hand-gesture dance.

She found a fun angle on Khmer Rouge genocide. Cambodian filmmaker Ines Sothea on her debut short film, and future plans

Ines Sothea was told how lucky she was not to have been born under the Khmer Rouge. She delved into how people survived the regime and learned kids had had fun.

After Pentagon Chief’s Visit, Hope for Recovery in Cambodia-US Ties?

Prime Minister Hun Manet’s accession last year has opened a window of opportunity for Phnom Penh and Washington.