VICE Asia Tampers with Khmer Rouge Tribunal Evidence

An insulting end to a messy week for the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.

Colorization Artist Slammed for Adding Smiles to Genocide Victims

Vice and a photo colorization artist are in hot water this week after it was discovered that he had ‘Photoshopped’ smiles to the faces of Cambodian genocide victims in his colorized photos.

Altered photos of Cambodian torture victims stir controversy

Cambodians are condemning an Irish photo restorer for altering photographs of victims of their country’s 1970s genocide to show them smiling, saying his decision and that of an international media group to publish them showed horrible judgement.

Vice removes altered photos of Khmer Rouge victims as Cambodia protests

US media group Vice has removed altered photographs of Khmer Rouge genocide victims from its website after a furious backlash in Cambodia and on social media.

Would Access to Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base Really Benefit China?

Gaining access to a Cambodian naval facility would give China’s navy little discernible strategic advantage.

Cambodia’s strongman is trying opposition politicians en masse

But one lucky critic seems to be getting gentler treatment.

Cambodia prioritises economic diplomacy

Since the turn of the century, ‘economic pragmatism’ — the alignment of foreign policy with economic development interests — has shaped Cambodia’s foreign engagement.

MVL raises US$15m Series B funds to build electric vehicles in Cambodia

MVLLABS, the company behind South-east Asian ride-hailing service TADA, has raised US$15 million in Series B funding to build an electric vehicle (EV) model for launch in Cambodia.

Cambodians burned as forex trading company halts operations

Politically connected platform GFX promised monthly returns of up to 10%.

KrisEnergy on verge of collapse as Cambodia bet backfires

Singapore-listed KrisEnergy – widely seen as a zombie company - is finally on the verge of collapse after production from its Apsara oilfield offshore Cambodia failed to meet expectations. Significantly, it should come as no surprise that the frontier basin disappointed.

A Chef’s Quest to Preserve Cambodia’s Lost Flavors

Part historical record, part how-to for cooks, Rotanak Ros’s “Nhum” pieces together recipes from a time before the country’s genocide.

These People Were Arrested by the Khmer Rouge and Never Seen Again

Cambodian authorities photographed many of their 2 million victims. These portraits, recently colourised, humanise that tragedy.

Breathing Fresh Life into Cambodia’s Art Scene

A conversation with artist Tyta Buth.

Why Cambodia’s environmentalists fear new internet firewall

Disguised as a fisherman, Bun Ly chugs up and down the Mekong River in a longtail boat, counting giant barges full of sand dredged from the bed of the struggling waterway as part of his new job with outlawed activist group Mother Nature Cambodia.

‘What other country would do this to its people?’ Cambodian land grab victims seek...

As recently as June last year, the World Bank announced another $93 million would go to fund the third phase of its land tenure project in Cambodia, despite mounting allegations of abuse within the system that has led critics to accuse the World Bank of being complicit in land grabbing and the environmental damage it has caused.

Tourism developments threaten Cambodia’s forests and coastline

Ream National Park was once meant to be a model of sustainable ecotourism, but powerful business interests have other plans for the richly diverse beauty spot.

Cambodia NOC chief claims new stadium will be completed by end of May

A new stadium being built in Phnom Penh for the 2023 Southeast Asian Games is 95 per cent complete, according to the secretary general of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC).

Rohit Sharma’s Cricket Academy CricKingdom collaborates with Cricket Association of Cambodia

With this massive deal, India’s veteran opener becomes the first Indian cricketer to sign a deal of such a big stature.

‘I enjoyed Cambodia, but didn’t love it’ – Paddy Barrett on moving back to...

The new St Pat's signing is raring to go ahead of Friday's clash with champions Shamrock Rovers.