Opinion: Understanding Thai Cultural Jingoism: A Case of “Cambodian” Desserts

You might have heard the phase “ทัวร์ลง” (pronounced as tour lohng in Thai), a relatively new Thai slang that means getting backlash online. The phase literally means hordes of tourists getting off a bus at your doorstep.

Is Kem Sokha sentence a step toward tyranny?

A Cambodian court has convicted the leader of the country's only viable opposition party of treason. The move comes just four months before a general election and a long-planned dynastic handover of power.

Cambodian diaspora’s opposition ‘consensus’ misrepresented

Hun Sen’s expatriate supporters have as much right to be heard as his opponents.

Hun Manet: Cambodia’s rising son

Three out of four Cambodians have never known life without Hun Sen.

Silenced Kem Sokha Remains Symbol of Democracy

When I resigned from the leadership of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) in February 2017, to hand over to deputy leader Kem Sokha, I did not know that I was handing him a poisoned chalice.

The Cambodian Government’s ‘Recommendations’ For Journalists

This month’s closure of the independent news outlet Voice of Democracy serves as a warning for those who fail to toe the government line.

Was Hun Sen’s Closure of Voice of Democracy Premeditated?

It was conspicuous that one of Cambodia’s last independent outlets was closed while King Norodom Sihamoni was away.

Cambodia silences another voice of democracy

In recent years, Prime Minister Hun Sen has steadily closed the main independent news organizations in Cambodia: print, broadcast, domestic and foreign.

Cambodia edges towards an independent foreign policy

Sitting at the heart of Southeast Asia, Cambodia will continue to hedge between external powers to protect its sovereignty and pursue an independent foreign and security policy.

Cambodia’s Triumph and Tragedy: The UN’s Greatest Experiment 30 years on

Cambodia presents a remarkable paradox for international aid.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen Destroys Last Remnants of Free Press as Elections Approach

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has shown that he has no intention of allowing the national elections scheduled for July 2023 to be free and fair by smashing the country’s last remaining avenues for freedom of information.

Can Democracy Assistance Be Effective in the Age of Authoritarianism?

Billed as an international post-conflict success story in the 1990s, by the early 2000s, Cambodia’s democratic progress had stalled, and recent years have seen the solidification of a durable dictatorship.

What Indonesia Can Learn From Cambodia Regarding the Myanmar Crisis

A resolution to the conflict is unlikely in 2023. Jakarta should therefore take a realistic and flexible approach.

Repression, Debt, Corruption and Human Trafficking: Hun Sen’s Cambodian Legacy

The Cambodian leader’s goal is to establish a North Korean-style dynasty under which his descendants will continue to hold power indefinitely.

The end of the beginning for the Cambodian People’s Party

In 2023, the Cambodian People’s Party will embark upon a generational transition with a vastly improved image and no serious challenges to its power.

Indonesia can help repair ASEAN’s authoritarian drift under Cambodia’s Hun Sen

Indonesia’s chairmanship of ASEAN this year offers an opportunity to move beyond the sterile process of running down the clock witnessed under Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen in 2022.

Is the EU losing the fight for human rights in Asia?

Brussels is seeking to build influence in Southeast Asia. But the European Union's habit of criticizing governments over human rights doesn't go down too well in the region.

Opinion: A Chinese ‘secret base’

A military base in Cambodia can act as a tool of influence for Beijing.

ASEAN’s achievements under Cambodian chairmanship

The successful meetings during 2022 reaffirmed respect for ASEAN centrality in the regional architecture.

Japan’s Line App Must Not Be Tool of Cambodia’s Dictator Hun Sen

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has done everything in his power to suppress any sign of opposition to his rule, which has now lasted for close to four decades. The Japan-based LINE communications app must not allow itself to be used as part of the dictator’s toolkit of repression.