China’s continuing influence over Cambodia’s economy

China's significant investment in Cambodia, including infrastructure support as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, has turned Cambodia into a major manufacturing hub and bolstered its global supply chain ties.

Navigating National Interest: Unpacking the Funan Techo Canal Project in Cambodia

Recently, both the US and Vietnam have raised concerns about Cambodia’s Funan Techo Canal project, a water route connecting the Phnom Penh Autonomous Port to its coastal province of Kep.

Vietnam’s Geopolitical Anxiety Over Cambodia’s Funan Techo Canal

Vietnam’s concerns about a China-backed canal project in Cambodia are making some waves. Cambodia’s new leader has a chance to calm the waters.

Remembering Cambodia’s genocide in a corner of Africa

Rwanda’s genocide memorial features a Cambodian ‘remembrance’ corner, a space for healing sorely lacking in Phnom Penh.

The threat posed by Cambodia’s new strongman

Although 2024 is being heralded as a banner year for elections, with dozens of countries, representing more than half the global population, holding polls, for some it marks the nadir of democracy. Cambodia is one such case.

Cambodia makes new friends on the international stage

2023 marked a critical turning point in Cambodia’s contemporary political landscape as the reins of leadership passed from former prime minister Hun Sen to his eldest son, Hun Manet, in a once in three-decade premiership change.

Democratic dawn in Cambodia’s autocratic darkness

New Khmer Movement for Democracy’s aims extend beyond political change and respect for rights to the broad uplift of Cambodian society.

From Conflict to Peace: Cambodia’s Dedication to UN’s Global Peacekeeping Missions

One of the main aspirations of Cambodia's foreign policy is to establish international peace on the basis of the principles of equality and rights for all people.

Cambodia’s strategic overture to France

In just 13 months, the Cambodia–France bilateral relationship has experienced a rapid transformation.

Settlement in Japanese court ends embarrassing episode for the Atlantic

Out of nowhere came an email: “Would you like an Exclusive Scoop about The Atlantic’s Legal Settlement in Japan that Resulted in Numerous Corrections to a Story?

EDITORIAL: History casts a dark shadow on Cambodia’s family dynasty

Many dictators have come to a miserable end by concentrating power in the hands of just one leader or their kin and thereby undermining national governance.

Navalny’s Death Highlights the Dangers Facing Cambodia’s Political Prisoners

The world should ensure that the same fate does not befall the more than 60 “hostages” in the country’s prisons.

Can Vietnam and Cambodia build a lasting peace?

Haunted by history, the two nations must go beyond official narratives for true reconciliation.

US Sanctions and Rallying Around the Flag in North Korea and Cambodia

Critics of economic sanctions claim that they help authoritarian governments consolidate their power, but this is based on a reductive view of statehood.

Why Cambodia Needs to Incorporate More Women Into Its Foreign Policy Process

The country and the region would benefit from women’s greater involvement in diplomacy and foreign affairs.

The Collateral Damage of the Hun Manet Charm Offensive

Who stands to lose the most as the world welcomes the next generation of Cambodian kleptocrats?

Aren’t Cambodia’s Journalists Tired Of Being Spoken Down To?

The country’s government views the press as an adjunct of power.

Overcoming constraints to inclusive growth in Cambodia

Cambodia aspires to attain upper middle-income status by 2030 and high-income status by 2050. To realise these ambitions, the country must address specific challenges hindering inclusive, sustainable and resilient growth.

Democracy remains a waiting game under Cambodia’s Hun Manet

Scepticism remains as to whether any reforms will be to the benefit of the wider country or just to the benefit of Hun Manet's family and party.

France’s Macron Should Be Consistent and Invite Kim Jung-Un to the Elysée

French President Emmanuel Macron was asked on 16 Jan. about how he would handle a possible re-election of Donald Trump in the US later this year.