Overcoming constraints to inclusive growth in Cambodia

Cambodia aspires to attain upper middle-income status by 2030 and high-income status by 2050. To realise these ambitions, the country must address specific challenges hindering inclusive, sustainable and resilient growth.

Democracy remains a waiting game under Cambodia’s Hun Manet

Scepticism remains as to whether any reforms will be to the benefit of the wider country or just to the benefit of Hun Manet's family and party.

France’s Macron Should Be Consistent and Invite Kim Jung-Un to the Elysée

French President Emmanuel Macron was asked on 16 Jan. about how he would handle a possible re-election of Donald Trump in the US later this year.

Hun Manet faces his father’s uneven economic legacy

If 2023 will be remembered for anything, it will be the political acumen that Hun Sen showed as he found new ways to broaden the meaning of Cambodian democracy to now include hereditary succession.

Why Cambodia’s Government Cannot Win Its Fight Against Corruption

As demonstrated by the scourge of hit-and-run violence on the nation’s roads, the political system rests on the idea that some people are more equal than others.

Political Repression Hampers Hun Manet’s Plans for Cambodia’s Economy

Hun Manet has shown some signs that he has a better understanding of the country’s need for broader economic growth—and the importance of attracting a wider range of foreign investment—than his father.

Funan Techo Project Calls for Joint Approach to Mekong Development

In Cambodia, all roads, bridges, and now canals lead to China.

Hun Dictatorship Bets Fake Images Can Gloss Over Reality

Distortion of visual reality is one of the techniques by which the Hun Manet regime attempts to project a false image of modern Cambodia to the world.

UNESCO Has Failed to Prevent Forced Evictions at Angkor Wat

The rights group Amnesty International claims that thousands of families have been evicted from the world-famous temples over the past year.

Cambodia’s New Year to ring in old problems

Ruling families put a well orchestrated 2023 behind them.

Does the latest Gallup poll tell all?

A survey of opinion in Cambodia published by Gallup in August shows the impossibility of trying to gauge the views of the public under a dictatorship determined to stamp out any trace of dissent.

What’s Happening At Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base?

U.S. assessments of the Chinese role in the base’s refurbishment have shifted subtly over the past year.

Cambodia 2030: Economic slowdown offers opportunity to speed up reforms

Cambodia has made remarkable development progress over the past decades.

Cambodia at a critical juncture in its development journey

Cambodia is a development success story but one that is incomplete and now at a critical juncture.

The World Must Not Forget Kem Sokha, Symbol of Democratic Change in Cambodia

On this International Human Rights Day, I call on the international community not to forget Cambodia.

From Hun Sen to Hun Manet: The worrying state of free speech in Cambodia

Journalists and activists are still attacked for espousing critical views.

Henry Kissinger leaves behind a poisonous legacy of callous geopolitical calculus

The 1969 illegal bombing of neutral Cambodia was one of Henry Kissinger’s first major policy recommendations as national security adviser to U.S. president Richard M. Nixon.

Ask Brutalized Cambodians What They Think of Kissinger

Forty years after the American military attacked them, the people of Tropeang Phlong village in Cambodia were still traumatized.

Indigenous land rights are key to conservation in Cambodia (commentary)

Indigenous peoples are effective custodians of biodiversity, lands, and seas, while sustaining distinct cultural, social and economic values of their communities.

Structural Transformation for Inclusive Growth in Cambodia

Cambodia’s economic aspirations must be girded by strenuous efforts to overcome its constraints, internal and external, through diversification and reform.