Cambodia’s democracy deficit: Australia’s role and responsibility

Have we done enough to support human and democratic rights in a country where they are perpetually under attack?

What Can We Expect From the New Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet?

Cambodia will have a new prime minister on August 22 in the person of Hun Manet, who will replace his father Hun Sen.

James Brooke: China’s big infrastructure influence in tiny Cambodia

Winning big influence in a small, strategically placed nation, China is pouring billions of dollars into Cambodia’s highways, airports and railroads.

Hun Sen has been terrible for Cambodia. His son could be worse

Cambodians continue to fight for democracy, as a new generation of the elite – inexperienced and entitled – takes over. The world needs to stand up, too.

Cambodia: What Lies Behind the Sudden Resignation of Prime Minister Hun Sen?

The fact that Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, now 71 according to the latest official change to his date of birth, has been seeking to hand over power to his eldest son Hun Manet and so create a political dynasty, has been clear for some time.

Lessons from Hun Sen’s Cambodia

If international relations experts and scholars want to study a small state's diplomatic manoeuvres amid the ever-changing geopolitical landscape, they should make Cambodia their case study.

Opinion | After Cambodia’s sham election, a chance for a reset

There were no surprises in the sham election Cambodia staged in July.

Commentary: Cambodia’s next leader Hun Manet presents a new era for the country’s global relations

The path that Cambodia treads under the leadership of Hun Sen's eldest son is filled with potential and promise, says Cambodian expert Chheang Vannarith.

Cambodia: five decades on from the Khmer Rouge, Hun Sen proves himself the ultimate survivor with his plan to hand power to his son

Cambodia’s newly re-elected prime minister, Hun Sen, has confirmed he will hand over the premiership to his son, Hun Manet, in August after 38 years at the top of the country’s politics.

Is Hun Sen really stepping down?

He has been around for so long that he seems to have been the classic example of the legendary Banyan tree, a politician who was so powerful that no one else would emerge from his shadow

The EU has to be aware the threat to Cambodia’s democracy has reached its pinnacle

If the West were to recognise recent election results enabling a dynastic one-party state, it would mean encouraging dictators worldwide and failing the Cambodian people and the international legal order, Sam Rainsy writes.

Cambodia’s Elections: No Surprises, but an Uncertain Leadership Future

Prime Minister Hun Sen retained his grip on power after Cambodia’s stage-managed elections, with his party winning 120 out of 125 seats. But his long-awaited succession plan could create chaos and confusion in the country.

Why Cambodia Should Hedge by Engaging India More

Cambodia has become increasingly dependent on China and the West. It is high time for Phnom Penh to hedge by engaging India more.

Cambodia’s sham election might be Hun Sen’s last

Asia’s longest serving leader makes his own rules, in golf and politics. Now he’s preparing his sons to take over.

How Hun Manet will differ from his father

PM-in-waiting Hun Manet will seek legitimacy through competence rather than mythology in a wider generational succession inside the ruling CPP.

Cambodia’s Opposition Movement Needs To Start Anew. Taxation and Eco-Nationalism Should Drive It.

It is time for the movement to step away from stale personal and political rivalries and embrace a more concrete, forward-looking platform.

Facebook in Cambodian politics

This is direct interference by a private foreign company in the domestic affairs of a sovereign state.

Considering Cambodia’s future beyond Hun Sen

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is nothing if not a political survivor.

Cambodia transits from ‘strongman’ Hun Sen to ‘strongson’ Hun Manet

At a mass rally on 1 July 2023, with campaigning underway for Cambodia’s upcoming general election, Prime Minister Hun Sen symbolically handed over the...

Cambodians Will Use Null and Void Votes to Call for Genuine Elections

Without any meaningful opposition alternative to Hun Sen’s CPP, expect a large number of spoiled and empty ballots on July 23.