Hun Sen Stands in the Way of His Own Succession Plan

Cambodia’s prime minister has outmaneuvered political opponents and groomed his oldest son for power, but does he know when to walk away?

Washington flips out, again, over possible Chinese base in Cambodia

There is no evidence of a Beijing military advance, but that hasn’t stopped the fearmongerers from playing it to the hilt.

How US ‘debt-trap’ diplomacy backfired in Cambodia

Both sides could have settled on long-standing loans made to the corrupt regime of Lon Nol in the early 1970s. Instead, US intransigence pushed Phnom Penh further into the embrace of Beijing at a time of intensifying rivalry between the two superpowers.

A naval base in Cambodia supports China’s calibrated aggression

China this week vehemently denied a Washington Post report that it is covertly constructing a naval base in Cambodia.

Washington Should Chill About China’s Cambodia Base

Americans need to recognize their own ugly history in Southeast Asia.

The Chinese Navy’s Great Leap Forward

A base in Cambodia is the latest sign of Beijing’s global military ambition.

Exclusive comment: Cambodia workers strike at Adidas shoe factory

The Clean Clothes Campaign has revealed union leaders were arrested following a strike by Cambodian garment workers at an Adidas shoe factory last week allegedly due to poor working conditions.

Cambodia as ASEAN Chair: A Mid-Term Assessment on Myanmar

Despite continuous efforts to jumpstart political dialogue, the ASEAN special envoy has admitted that at this juncture none of the stakeholders are ready for dialogue.

Why Cambodia’s next elections may be anything but democratic

To many observers of democratic development in Cambodia, the dissolution of the main opposition party in 2017 makes this election less of a democratic vehicle to peaceful power transfer and more of a political tool for the ruling CPP’s legitimacy.

Cambodia Needs Democracy, Not Another Electoral Charade

When Cambodians vote in commune elections this weekend, the world should not be fooled by the appearance of political pluralism.

Development threatens a last refuge of wildlife rescued from illegal trade (commentary)

A 2,300 hectare forest, where animals rescued from the wildlife trade in Cambodia are rehabilitated and released, is in danger of clearance under a new government scheme.

No protection, more repression: freedom of expression in Southeast Asia

Years since the killing of prominent human rights defenders and political commentators; the judiciaries of Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines still have failed to take any concrete actions to deliver justice to the case that is acceptable to the public.

Why ASEAN’s ‘Travel Corridor’ Falls Short for the Region’s Migrant Workers

As the case of Cambodia shows, the bloc’s new framework agreement fails to address the factors driving undocumented migration in Southeast Asia.

How Cambodia’s Human Rights Crackdown Undermines Regional Security

Cambodia’s recent increases in repression and human rights violations coincide with a strengthening of the country’s ties with China.

How the Candlelight Party Can Restore Political Pluralism to Cambodia

Since the banning of the Cambodia National Rescue Party in 2017, an old party has kept its flame burning.

Cambodia’s progress has been stalled

The situation in Cambodia can perhaps be described as straddling a testament and a predicament.

Japan’s Recent Diplomacy in Cambodia Bears Fruit

ese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida must see an opportunity

Cambodia Peace Treaty Shows How to Give Peace a Chance in Ukraine

The peace treaty signed in 1991 to end the war in Cambodia which had raged since the ousting of the Pol Pot regime in 1979 is an important reference for attempts to build peace in Ukraine today.

Opinion: Cambodia’s bid for industrial power needs a stronger workforce

Meeting this challenge is a crucial step before Cambodia can become a knowledge-based economy and meet its development goals.

The Battle Between Democracy and Autocracy, From Russia to Cambodia

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a reminder that the pursuit of democracy and peace are intimately connected.