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What Did the 2020 China-Cambodia Golden Dragon Military Exercise Actually Achieve?

A closer look at how the recent drills, held amid the coronavirus crisis, actually played out.

From Khmer Rouge to Khmer Riche: is Hun Sen losing his decades-long grip on...

With the economy slowing, warlords squabbling and growing international criticism, observers are fearful for the country’s future.

Cambodia’s Leaders Line Up a Coronavirus Scapegoat

The Khmer Times, an English-language daily, is not known for criticizing the Cambodian government. Owned by a Malaysian businessman who has been linked to the long-ruling Cambodian People’s Party—and, rumor says, has financial ties to perennial Prime Minister Hun Sen’s children—the publication can be trusted to parrot the party line.

How Much Pressure Will the EU’s New Cambodia Sanctions Put on Hun Sen?

Almost a year-and-a-half after threatening to sanction Cambodia over Prime Minister Hun Sen’s clampdown on human rights, and a year after beginning the formal process for doing so, the European Union finally made good on its word.

Does Cambodia’s Coronavirus Bailout Really Add Up?

The proposed solution deserves scrutiny.

As virus hits Cambodia’s economy, the debts grow

The rural economy faces a dire future with many relying on loans from micro-finance organizations.

Cambodia, Indonesia Enjoy A Golden Era In Their Relations

Relations between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Republic of Indonesia have been witnessing immense activity since September 2017 thanks to the efforts of one man.

Why the Global Coronavirus Pandemic Could Get Worse for Southeast Asia

Recent indications suggest that the region’s problem could exacerbate in the coming weeks.

Overcoming Cambodia’s reliance on few trade partners: An analysis by The Asian Vision Institute

The economy of Cambodia is to suffer the effects of two hard blows in the coming months and years.

Hun Sen blusters and blunders through virus crisis

Cambodian leader is widely speculated to have the coronavirus but bigger worries surround nation's poor public health services.

Coronavirus Fears Don’t Stop Biggest China-Cambodia Military Drills Yet

The exercise has continued amid continuing anxieties about the virus in both countries and the wider world.

New Joint Maritime Patrols Put the Focus on Vietnam-Cambodia Naval Ties

The two countries held the latest in a series of joint maritime patrols.

Beijing maintains expansionist tendencies

China has not lost its interest in oil and gas assets around the South China Sea

Cambodia holds China close despite coronavirus

The MS Westerdam cruise ship — with 1455 passengers and 802 crew — was refused entry at five successive ports in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and Guam for fears its passengers were infected with the coronavirus after departing its stop in Hong Kong at the start of the outbreak.

Coronavirus an excuse for Cambodia’s poverty plight

Trade sanctions and an exodus of Western and Chinese investors take their toll on defiant Hun Sun.

Xi’s Fake History Lesson for Hun Sen

Eager to appease his benefactor in Beijing, the Cambodian leader is excluding China’s role from the Khmer Rouge narrative.

Southeast Asia’s lost dream of open societies

ASEAN's gutless policy over enforced disappearances is unlikely to change under authoritarianism.

The EU’s Values Based Foreign Policy: The Case Of Cambodia – OpEd

In February, the EU partially withdrew the tariff preferences for Cambodia under its ‘Everything but Arms’ (EBA) trading scheme due to systematic human rights violations.

Taxman seeks more from less in Cambodia

Aid-dependent nation goes from one of region's least to most taxed in bid to shore up economic independence.

Hun Sen creates new refugee group

For 35 years, Hun Sen has ruled Cambodia with a swath of scandals, his heavy-handed approach for political opponents, brutality and oppression.


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Gov’t to claim extensive new powers under emergency laws

People who violate Cambodia’s extensive new state of emergency powers set to fast-tracked into law from Friday face up to 10 years in prison, according to a leaked draft of the pending legislation championed by Prime Minister Hun Sen.