Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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Trio of Cambodian Youth Imprisoned for Environmental Activism

In recent years, the environmental group Mother Nature has become a major irritant for Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government.

Solidarity in Cambodia

A conversation with the trade unionist Wim Conklin.

Cambodia Opposition Leader Charged Over COVID-19 Lockdown Comments

The charge against Sam Rainsy comes amid controversy over the severity of the lockdown around the capital Phnom Penh.

Cambodia COVID-19 Drive Rests on Elite Charity Networks

The Cambodian government is presenting COVID-19 relief packages as a gift from the wealthy and well-connected.

Cambodian Leader Warns COVID-19 Has His Nation on ‘the Brink of Death’

After months of low cast numbers, Cambodia’s worsening outbreak suggests that COVID-19 is far from being defeated in the region.

Cambodia Risks Being Left Behind by Workplace Automation

The Cambodian government has done little to prepare its population for an epochal economic shift.

Cambodia and Its ‘Dictator’ Struggle With the Pandemic

The WHO issues “dire warning” ahead of Khmer New Year.

VICE Asia Tampers with Khmer Rouge Tribunal Evidence

An insulting end to a messy week for the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.

Would Access to Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base Really Benefit China?

Gaining access to a Cambodian naval facility would give China’s navy little discernible strategic advantage.

Breathing Fresh Life into Cambodia’s Art Scene

A conversation with artist Tyta Buth.

Domestic Violence Scandal Highlights Cambodian Government’s Hypocrisy

A treatment of the self-claimed businessman Duong Chhay reveals once again that in Hun Sen’s Cambodia, there is one set of rules for the powerful and another for everyone else.

European Parliament Turns up the Heat on Cambodia’s Hun Sen

The strongly-worded resolution is unlikely to induce any change of heart on the part of Cambodia’s corrupt and self-focused elites.

Grassroots Activists Work to Save Remaining Cardamom Mountains Rainforest

The burden of safeguarding the region’s rich resources falls on local environmental groups and a small number of park rangers.

Cambodian Court Sentences Opposition Leader to Heavy Prison Term

Sam Rainsy and eight former CNRP officials have been accused of seeking to overthrow the Cambodian government in late 2019.

Cambodia’s Sees COVID-19 Spike After Chinese Nationals Break Quarantine

The government has also deported a Chinese media proprietor for spreading “fake news” about COVID-19 vaccines.

Logging Accelerates in Cambodia’s Prey Lang Sanctuary

The pace of deforestation has increased in line with the government’s clampdown on environmental defenders.

What’s in Cambodia’s New Internet Gateway Decree?

The move exacerbates ongoing concerns about Internet freedom and its effects on the country’s political dynamics ahead of elections in 2022 and 2023.

Japanese ‘Magnitsky Law’ Would Send a Strong Message to Cambodia’s Hun Sen

A Japanese Magnitsky law would allow Tokyo to develop a distinctive Asian voice on human rights and democracy.

John Burgess on the Modern Life of Angkor Wat

Cambodia’s wondrous temples reflect the various stages of the country’s history, from colonialism to revolution to the present era of mass tourism.

Cambodia’s Surviving Opposition Politicians Regroup Ahead of Elections

Former Prime Minister Prince Norodom Ranariddh is back in the political arena, but his chance of success is small.