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Doubling Down on Tourism Today will Constrain Cambodia’s Policy Options Tomorrow

COVID-19 has given Cambodia an opportunity to rethink its reliance on tourism. Will the government take it?

Cambodia Considers Dual Citizenship Ban for High Office Holders

The knee-jerk move followed a newspaper report – later corrected – that Prime Minister Hun Sen had acquired Cypriot citizenship.

Ready or Not, Cambodia Plots its ‘New Normal’

Cambodia’s daily number of COVID-19 cases has fallen sharply since Prime Minister Hun Sen urged a change in testing policies as part of preparations for a “new normal” and the reopening of the country to international visitors.

Peace vs. Democracy in Cambodia

The 1991 Paris Peace Accords had two primary goals: ending civil war and setting up democracy. One of those goals was achieved; the other has never looked less likely.

Could Evergrande’s Contagion Wreck Cambodia’s Property Sector?

Over the past decade, the country’s property market has become heavily reliant on inward flows of Chinese investment.

US House of Representatives Passes Cambodia Sanctions Bill

Fresh sanctions could entrench the Cambodian government’s determination to free itself from outside ‘interference.’

Shipping Company Accuses Cambodia of ‘Unethical’ Tactics in Oil Fracas

Oil tanker crew “interrogated” amid dispute between Cambodia and Singaporean firm KrisEnergy.

In Rare Three-Party Conclave, Vietnam Pushes Back Against Growing Chinese Influence

Hanoi is becoming increasingly unnerved by the growing Chinese influence over its longstanding clients, Cambodia and Laos.

Cambodia Hires Beltway Lobby Group to Boost Ailing International Reputation

The hire is a clear recognition by Cambodia’s government that it needs to repair its ties to the U.S. But will it work?

The Election Bells are Again Ringing Early in Cambodia

Charges against a political analyst were dropped on the urging of a Zoom-bombing prime minister.

Rethinking Social Protection Programs: Cambodian Migrant Workers Deserve Better

COVID-19 has imposed a particularly heavy burden on Southeast Asia’s thousands of undocumented migrant workers.

Chinese FM Winds Up Southeast Asia Trip With Stops in Cambodia, Singapore

The trip followed a number of regional tours by high-ranking U.S. officials, including Vice President Kamala Harris.

Afghanistan: Lessons From Cambodia

There have been many references to the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam as an important historical analogy for today’s Afghanistan. A better analogy is Cambodia.

What Explains Cambodia’s COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Success?

The country is outpacing most of its Southeast Asian neighbors – and many of the world’s wealthiest nations.

Report Illustrates Snap-Freezing of Cambodia’s Online Space

Since nearly losing an election in 2013, Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government has taken a range of steps to establish a firm grip on digital communications technologies.

Report Reveals COVID-19’s Deep Impact on Cambodian Tourism Economy

First the industry was devastated by the collapse of international visitors. Then the virus began its rapid spread.

After Oil Project Collapse, Cambodia Seeks Return of Detained Tanker

The tanker affair marks a strange end to Cambodia’s quest for a domestic oil and gas industry.

The Last Stand by Pol Pot’s Last Man

“No what matter what you decide I will die in prison… that’s the end,” Khieu Samphan told the court.

Cambodian Court Imprisons Prominent Union Leader for Border Comments

The case highlights the extreme nationalist sensitivities that continue to surround the issue of Vietnamese influence in Cambodia.

The Last Hearing of a Khmer Rouge Leader

The impending closure of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal must be recognized as the beginning of a new chapter in Cambodia’s search for justice.