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Cambodian butcher quits dog meat trade, shuts slaughterhouse

Animal rights activists in Cambodia have gained a small victory in their effort to end the trade in dog meat, convincing a canine slaughterhouse in one village to abandon the business.

Cambodian labor leader arrested for political comments

A prominent Cambodian labor union leader who is a longtime government critic has been arrested on a charge of inciting social unrest because of his comments about a politically sensitive matter concerning the country’s borders.

2 U.S. Diplomats Among New Coronavirus Cases in Cambodia

Two U.S. diplomats are among five new cases of coronavirus in Cambodia announced Friday by health officials.

Cambodian province famous for Angkor Wat bans dog meat trade

The Cambodian province that is home to the famous Angkor Wat temple complex, a major destination for foreign tourists, has outlawed the trade in dog meat, which animal rights activists have said is rife in the area.

US to provide Cambodia with $56 million in development aid

The United States has agreed to provide Cambodia with more than $56 million in development assistance, the two countries announced.

Cambodia to provide cash to poor hit by COVID-19 outbreak

Cambodia has established a program to give cash handouts to the country's poorest households to alleviate the financial burden caused by the coronavirus.

Cambodian man kept live land mines as yard decorations

Authorities in northwestern Cambodia have scolded a man for his lawn decorations -- old land mines and other abandoned ordnance still containing live explosives, an official said Friday.

Suspected tainted wine kills 4, sickens 10 in Cambodia

Four people have died and 10 others are hospitalized in Cambodia after drinking rice wine that police believe was adulterated with a toxic substance

Son of Cambodian leader tipped as successor gets promotion

Cambodia's long-serving Prime Minister Hun Sen has appointed his eldest son to head his ruling party's youth wing, an appointment further fueling speculation that he is being groomed to succeed his father as the Southeast Asian country's leader.

Cambodia Says It’s Willing to Probe Thai Exile’s Case

Cambodian authorities say they are willing to investigate the reported abduction of an exiled Thai dissident in Cambodia's capital, though they claim to have been unaware of his presence for several years.

Hun Sen Denies China’s Navy Granted Basing Rights in Cambodia

The Cambodian prime minister repeated earlier denials that China has been given exclusive rights to Ream naval base.

Cambodian leader denies China’s navy granted basing rights

Cambodia’s leader has declared that China has not been given exclusive rights to use a naval base on the country’s southern coast, and that warships from all nations, including the United States, are welcome to dock there.

Coronavirus brings curtain down on Cambodia’s shadow puppet theatre

Cambodia's shadow puppet tradition goes back to the 7th century and has survived the collapse of empires, wars and Khmer Rouge reign of terror that left about 1.7 million people dead.

Centuries-old turtle statue brought to light at Angkor reservoir

Cambodian archaeologists have unearthed a large centuries-old statue of a turtle at the Angkor temple complex.

Carved stone turtle unearthed from Angkor reservoir site

Cambodian archaeologists have unearthed a large centuries-old statue of a turtle in an excavation at the famous Angkor temple complex in the country's northwest.

PM Hun Sen Meets Top Opposition Figure

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has had a face-to-face meeting with a top opposition figure whose political party was dissolved after he was charged with treason.

Cambodian refugee deported 2 years ago set to return to US

A Cambodian refugee who says he was wrongly deported nearly two years ago is reuniting with his family in Massachusetts.

Coronavirus: cruise passengers relieved to be ashore but stranded in Cambodia

Travel options have been narrowed by a growing list of countries denying entry to passengers from the ship.

Feel-good story surrounding MS Westerdam docking in Cambodia takes turn after passenger tests positive...

An 83-year-old American woman who was on the ship and flew from Cambodia to Malaysia was found to be carrying the virus that causes COVID-19.

Cambodia gets more praise for allowing ship to dock

The cruise ship that was allowed to dock in Cambodia after being turned away at five other ports by authorities fearful of the spread of the deadly new virus from China disembarked passengers for a second day on Saturday so they can fly home.