At a Long Beach pro-democracy rally, Cambodians grapple with their country’s political past and future

Phnom Penh is more than 14 hours by plane from Long Beach, yet Cambodian expatriates in and around this city still feel threatened by their native land’s repressive government — and determined to push for change.

What is left of Cambodia’s political opposition?

The same family has ruled Cambodia for nearly 40 years, and has dismantled opposition to its rule piece by piece. As Hun Manet continues in his father's footsteps, exiled Cambodian activists vow continued resistance.

The past, present and future of Cambodia–Thailand relations

The relationship between Cambodia and Thailand has seen improvements due to shared economic interests and a shift in domestic politics, despite historical antagonisms and territorial disputes.

Democratic dawn in Cambodia’s autocratic darkness

New Khmer Movement for Democracy’s aims extend beyond political change and respect for rights to the broad uplift of Cambodian society.

When the US Tried to Orchestrate a Coup in Cambodia

Although some details remain murky, the United States was certainly involved in the Dap Chhuon Affair.

No, Cambodia’s Opposition Does Not Need to Take a Sabbatical

A new non-partisan movement is aiming to give the large Cambodian diaspora a greater voice in the country’s politics.

‘No dancing in the streets’: Why has Cambodia banned musical vehicle horns?

Authorities across Cambodia have been ordered to remove musical horns from vehicles and put a stop to roadside dancing.

It’s a Family Affair as Paetongtarn Shinawatra Visits Cambodia

The return of the Shinawatra clan in Thailand has delivered a fillip to relations between Bangkok and Phnom Penh.

Cambodian visit aims to strengthen ties, says Paetongtarn

Tourism promotion and cross-border pollution were among the topics discussed when Paetongtarn Shinawatra and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet sat down for a chat on Monday.

US has ‘serious concerns’ about Chinese-funded upgrade to Cambodian naval base, senior diplomat Daniel Kritenbrink says

The United States has expressed “serious concerns” to Cambodian officials about the Chinese-funded upgrade of a Cambodian naval base, a senior US diplomat said.

Cambodia’s strategic overture to France

In just 13 months, the Cambodia–France bilateral relationship has experienced a rapid transformation.

Cambodia’s ex-PM Hun Sen wins Senate seat

Cambodia’s election body confirmed today that ex-ruler Hun Sen had won a Senate seat, marking his official return to frontline politics after he handed power to his son last year.

Federal MP Julian Hill warns Cambodia’s rulers not to intimidate critics ahead of ASEAN-Australia summit

Labor MP Julian Hill has warned Cambodia's rulers not to intimidate its Australian critics.

We’re welcoming a ‘reformer’ PM, but it’s his despot dad who calls the shots

When Cambodia’s new prime minister Hun Manet visits Melbourne next week for the ASEAN Australia Summit, he may seem a welcome change from his long-serving authoritarian father Hun Sen.

Hun Manet has done little, if anything, to change Cambodia

Cambodia’s new Western-educated leader portrays as a reformer but his authoritarian father is still calling the repressive shots

EDITORIAL: History casts a dark shadow on Cambodia’s family dynasty

Many dictators have come to a miserable end by concentrating power in the hands of just one leader or their kin and thereby undermining national governance.

Cambodia’s Perpetual Beijing Trap And Manet’s Tricky Pipe Dream – Analysis

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet’s visit to Malaysia on 27 February is part of a larger strategic overture, including his visit to Vietnam late last year in the months following his new leadership.

Cambodia’s Opposition Needs to Take a Sabbatical

Opposition parties should take a page out of the ruling CPP’s book and begin a process of generational renewal.

The Hereditary Dictatorships of North Korea, Cambodia Have Shared Soviet Roots

Both nations traveled a similar path from Soviet patronage to personalist autocracy.

Navalny’s Death Highlights the Dangers Facing Cambodia’s Political Prisoners

The world should ensure that the same fate does not befall the more than 60 “hostages” in the country’s prisons.