Cambodia’s Opposition Needs to Take a Sabbatical

Opposition parties should take a page out of the ruling CPP’s book and begin a process of generational renewal.

The Hereditary Dictatorships of North Korea, Cambodia Have Shared Soviet Roots

Both nations traveled a similar path from Soviet patronage to personalist autocracy.

Navalny’s Death Highlights the Dangers Facing Cambodia’s Political Prisoners

The world should ensure that the same fate does not befall the more than 60 “hostages” in the country’s prisons.

Hun Sen’s dynasty consolidates grip on power

Cambodia's ruling party has won the Senate election, paving the way for strongman Hun Sen to act as its president. The victory allows the Hun family dynasty to capture all of Cambodia's political institutions.

Cambodia election sweep cements Hun Sen family’s grip on power

Strongman's ruling party hit by claims of ballot buying and voter intimidation.

Cambodia’s ruling party claims victory in Senate election

With 55 of 58 seats won, ex-PM Hun Sen seen securing top post in upper house.

Cambodia ex-PM Hun Sen returns to frontline politics for Senate seat

Becoming president of the Senate will allow Hun Sen to act as head of state when the king is overseas, a move seen as the Hun family’s further consolidation of power.

Cambodia Gears Up For Low-Stakes Senate Election

The ruling CPP is set to sweep most of the seats, after which it is expected to appoint former Prime Minister Hun Sen as the body’s president.

Following Release, Thailand’s Thaksin Welcomes Former Cambodian PM

The former Thai leader established a close relationship with Hun Sen during his 15 years in self-exile.

Can Vietnam and Cambodia build a lasting peace?

Haunted by history, the two nations must go beyond official narratives for true reconciliation.

Thai influential ex-PM Thaksin gets visit from old ally Hun Sen of Cambodia

Hun Sen provided Thaksin Shinawatra with sanctuary during his exile, naming him a special advisor and allowing him to visit frequently and meet allies in Cambodia.

Cambodia promotes ex-leader Hun Sen’s youngest son as deputy PM

Cambodia’s parliament on Wednesday approved ex-ruler Hun Sen’s youngest son as a deputy prime minister, the latest member of the family to be promoted since the former leader handed the reins to his eldest son Hun Manet.

Cambodia urged to drop lawsuit against rights activist

Defamation charge against Soeng Senkaruna highlights deteriorating civic space in Cambodia, rights groups say.

Former Cambodian PM Hun Sen to visit Thaksin tomorrow

Former Cambodian PM Hun Sen is scheduled to travel to Bangkok tomorrow to visit Thaksin Shinawatra, at the latter’s residence in Ban Chan Song La, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, Thaksin’s youngest daughter confirmed today.

Hun Many, Cambodian PM’s younger brother, is all set to become country’s new DPM

Cambodia's National Assembly will hold an extraordinary session on Feb 21 to approve a new deputy prime minister and two senior ministers, according to a National Assembly's statement to the media.

China, Russia and Cambodia top list of regimes targeting critics in exile

Scores of attacks, including assassinations, abductions and assaults, were perpetrated by 25 governments last year against people outside their borders, new analysis reveals.

US Sanctions and Rallying Around the Flag in North Korea and Cambodia

Critics of economic sanctions claim that they help authoritarian governments consolidate their power, but this is based on a reductive view of statehood.

Why Cambodia Needs to Incorporate More Women Into Its Foreign Policy Process

The country and the region would benefit from women’s greater involvement in diplomacy and foreign affairs.

Thai-Cambodian reset a symptom of a wider problem

Very few countries can repair their relationships with Cambodia without compromising positions on human rights.

Cambodia PM thanks Thailand after activists held

Thai PM Srettha Thavisin committed to Hun Manet that he would not allow people to perpetrate 'harmful activities'.