Cambodia still has a stake in Myanmar’s crisis

Cambodia is keen to offer help in resolving the Myanmar crisis, in large part because of Hun Sen.

Austin expresses concern over Cambodia’s growing relationship with China

But both the U.S. and Cambodia see room for better ties.

China taps ‘wolf warrior’ diplomat as Cambodia ambassador

Wang Wenbin to help Beijing deepen ties with Phnom Penh on economy and military.

From Past Conflicts to Global Diplomacy: Cambodia’s Role in Promoting Peace and Cooperation

Recently, Cambodian Senate President Hun Sen stated that, “Cambodia remains committed to supporting efforts aimed at restoring peace in Ukraine.

How Cambodia’s Relationship with the US Can Stop Being “One-Sided Love”

Instead of punishing Cambodia for its domestic record and closeness to China, the US has a chance to work with Phnom Penh’s new leaders as they seek to diversify their economy and foreign policy.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visits Cambodia as US concerns grow over China’s influence

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin traveled to Cambodia on Tuesday to meet with the country’s prime minister and defense minister, as Washington becomes increasingly concerned that Phnom Penh may grant China’s military exclusive access to a key naval base.

Austin to Cambodia opens the way for big defense reset

Media reports consumed with Ream Naval Base controversy are missing the point on significantly improved US-Cambodia relations.

Carrots and Sticks: Washington’s Strategy to Counter Chinese Influence in Cambodia Rests on Faulty Premises

Old debates about U.S. engagement have become obsolete in light of evidence that the country’s elite is abetting cyberscam operations on a massive scale.

Cambodia’s China policy a balancing act for Phnom Penh

Cambodia's foreign policy is driven by its need to survive between its larger neighbours, Thailand and Vietnam, while maintaining its autonomy amid its close relations with China.

Water woes: Cambodia and Vietnam clash over the Funan Techo Canal

Environmental, economic and geopolitical concerns are all bound up in the latest tensions along the Mekong River.

Xi Jinping Boulevard in Phnom Penh a ‘new milestone’ in Chinese-Cambodian relations

Renamed third ring road in Cambodian capital honours country’s ‘inseparable’ relationship with China, prime minister says.

Maris plans diplomatic visit to Cambodia

Foreign Affairs Minister Maris Sangiampongsa plans to visit Cambodia to negotiate an overlapping claims area (OCA) in Koh Kood, the border province of Trat.

US Defense Secretary Austin to Visit Cambodia Next Week

Lloyd Austin’s visit is a sign that Washington is seeking to re-engage the new look leadership in Phnom Penh, in a bid to draw the country out of China’s orbit.

The Funan Techo Canal: Treading New Waters, Stirring Old Ripples

Cambodia’s Funan Techo Canal is an embodiment of the country’s renaissance and grievances of its past.

Pentagon chief seeks to woo Cambodia from China with Phnom Penh visit

Meeting with Prime Minister Hun Manet comes as Washington hopes US-educated leader will distance country from Beijing.

Cambodia ‘can’t admit’ China’s navy is using Ream as a base – but it sure looks a lot like it

Cambodia says the two Chinese warships that have been docked at Ream Naval Base for the past five months are there for joint military drills. But analysts suspect their presence has more to do with hawking military hardware and establishing an outpost ‘to stop, rest, refuel, and resupply’

Cambodian PM Hun Manet’s Official Visit

Korea, Cambodia Establish Strategic Partnership to Expand Cooperation in Defense, Trade and Development.

China-Funded Canal Project Strains Cambodia-Vietnam Ties

Phnom Penh claims that the Funan Techo Canal will give it greater economic autonomy, but Hanoi is concerned about the project’s environmental and security implications.

Another Cambodian opposition leader arrested

The leader of a Cambodian opposition party Sun Chanthy has been arrested shortly after returning from Japan.

Cambodian opposition chief arrested after returning from Japan

Two other opposition politicians also detained as Cambodia is rebuked in UN .