Cambodia confirms ruling party landslide victory in polls

Cambodia’s National Election Committee on Sunday issued official results from this month’s local polls that confirmed a landslide victory by Prime Minister Hun Sen’s ruling party.

Zaobao video shows how M’sian, 26, tricked into working as scammer in Cambodia for 3 months before being rescued

His account has provided a glimpse into the conditions that such victims face.

Casinos Linked to Vietnamese Human Traficking, Teenager Faces Charges

Cambodia and Vietnam continue to be breeding grounds for criminals who take advantage of job scarcity to attract victims.

Cambodian opposition politician charged after winning seat

Candlelight Party says 20-year-old charge against Thach Setha is politically motivated.

Japan concerned over Cambodia naval base modernizing with Chinese aid

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi voiced concern Tuesday over the recent modernizing of a Cambodian naval base with Chinese aid, during a meeting with his Cambodian counterpart.

Enormous stingray sets world record for largest freshwater fish

A decades-long quest has culminated in the discovery of a 661-pound river giant.

China denies building naval bases but fear of its military reach grows

Beijing is assembling a network of overseas port facilities to protect its global interests.

US: Mass Conviction Is Latest ‘Alarming’ Action by Cambodia

The United States expressed concern Wednesday over Cambodia's recent mass conviction of opposition figures including an outspoken Cambodian-American activist, warning it represents part of an "alarming pattern" of actions that undermine democracy.

Cambodian ruling party sues politician for criticizing vote

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party has sued the vice president of the opposition Candlelight Party for $1 million in compensation for comments he made in an online interview alleging that this month’s local elections were unfair, a spokesman for the governing party said.

Cambodia Sends U.S. Activist and Other Opposition Members to Prison

Theary Seng, a Cambodian American lawyer, and dozens of other critics of Prime Minister Hun Sen were convicted of conspiracy to commit treason.

Cambodian PM Urges Myanmar Not to Execute Political Prisoners

Earlier this month, the military junta announced that four people would be hanged on treason and terrorism charges.

‘Ironclad brothers’: what China wants from its role in Cambodia’s biggest naval base

Analysis: reports the Chinese military will get exclusive use of part of Ream base have been denied, but experts say nature of the arrangement remains unclear.

China hails ‘ironclad partnership’ with Cambodia as work begins on naval base, raising US concern

Cambodian defence minister dismisses fears that his country would let China build a military base on its soil, saying any country could use the facilities.

China, Cambodia Breaking Ground on Joint Port Project

A Cambodian government spokesman described the expansion of the Ream Naval Base as “cooperation between China and Cambodia” but rejected reports of a Chinese base.

China secretly building PLA naval facility in Cambodia, Western officials say

China is secretly building a naval facility in Cambodia for the exclusive use of its military, with both countries denying that is the case and taking extraordinary measures to conceal the operation, Western officials said.

Ruling party seems set to win local elections

Early indications showed Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s ruling party headed for victory in local elections Sunday.

Cambodians vote in local election amid intimidation, threats

Cambodians headed to the polls Sunday in local elections that are their first chance to vote since the ruling party of long-serving Prime Minister Hun Sen swept a 2018 general election that was widely criticized as unfair.

‘We’re back’: Cambodia’s embattled opposition hopes for revival

Cambodians go the polls on Sunday to choose new local leaders and a new opposition party aims to chip away at the dominance of ruling party of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Local Elections Hold Out a Glimmer of Progress

The long-ruling CPP is almost certain to win this weekend’s commune election, but a revived opposition could reopen the political space.

Cambodia’s Candlelight Party shines ahead of local elections – challenges CPP’s vice-like grip

New party is contesting upcoming local elections, hoping to resurrect political opposition to one-party state under Prime Minister Hun Sen, ruler for 37 years.