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Cambodia’s first gay apsara dance troupe upends ancient tradition

Cambodia’s first all-male gay dance troupe has overturned the Kingdom’s ancient tradition by performing a classical apsara dance, traditionally performed by women, dating back to the 7th century - to mixed reactions.

Sihanoukville’s big gamble: the sleepy beach town in Cambodia that bet its future on...

Investment from China has brought huge change – and many casinos – to the former fishing village and backpacker favourite.

In Cambodia’s prisons, pregnant women and young children are inmates

Since January 2017, there has been an alarming rise in the number of pregnant women and infants incarcerated. Widespread corruption means these impoverished female inmates have little to offer in exchange for their freedom.

Are Chinese companies using Cambodia to evade US tariffs?

China’s exports to Southeast Asian country have been rising steadily since start of trade war.

Hong Kong off to a shaky start as they draw with Cambodia in World...

Paatelainen’s charges almost suffer an embarrassing loss against a mainly under-23 side in Phnom Penh.

How Cambodia’s online gambling ban sparked the Great Chinese Exodus of 2019 – and...

Phnom Penh’s online gambling crackdown has snared hundreds accused of scamming mainland Chinese, while offering Cambodia a chance to rid itself of an industry that has negatively affected some of its growing cities.

Hong Kong v Cambodia: Mixu Paatelainen’s team looks for flying start in World Cup...

New coach Paatelainen in charge of first competitive game since joining in April

Is Chinese money drowning Sihanoukville, Cambodia? Floods blamed on rapid pace of development

The coastal city has become a focal point for investment from China, but the pace of development has outpaced essential town planning.

How Cambodia’s five-star Song Saa Private Island leads sustainable luxury travel in Southeast Asia

Over lunch at Louise in Central, Rory Hunter and Melita Koulmandas Hunter, the Hong Kong-based couple behind Song Saa Private Island resort, talk about environmental conservation and empowering the local community.

Influx of Chinese business travellers, investors to Cambodia drives construction boom

The Southeast Asian country approved over US$2.7 billion of real estate projects in the first four months of 2019, a 67 per cent increase.

US urges Cambodia to help stop firms using special economic zone to evade China...

American embassy in Phnom Penh says companies have been caught using the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone to export goods that originated in China.

Cambodia’s landmine-hunting rats

In Cambodia, over 19,000 people have been killed by landmines and explosives, and another 51,000 have been injured by these remnants of war.

US fines companies exporting goods via Cambodia to dodge Trump’s trade war tariffs on...

The companies were located in a Chinese-owned special economic zone in Cambodia, said a US embassy official.

Horrific accident puts Cambodia’s poor travel conditions for garment workers in spotlight

Five female garment factory workers had their arms severed clean off as they were commuting to work in an overloaded open-back truck.

Trail World Championship a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience for Hongkongers representing Cambodia, Ireland...

Mat Leng, Bryan McFlynn and Bogdan Onyschenko are surprised by the technical course in Portugal. Leng ‘had a blast’ shining a light on Cambodia’s running potential and is happy to see sponsors are already reaching out.

‘Vigilante Granddads’ from Northern Cambodia protect ancestral forests from loggers

A group of elderly villagers in northern Cambodia have formed a forest patrol to fend off illegal loggers and make up for what they consider government inaction on the issue.

Cambodian property proves popular with Chinese buyers as mainland investment drives economic growth

Demand for housing pushes rental yield in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh to 8 to 10 per cent. But market observers warn of ‘oversaturation in the high-end segment’ that could depress prices.

Why are Chinese workers so unpopular in Southeast Asia?

For decades Chinese migrants have sought refuge from upheavals at home by building new lives and businesses across Southeast Asia.

‘I don’t have a choice’: hip-hop artist in Cambodia deletes song after becoming a...

Dymey-Cambo was a little-known rapper in Cambodia until his song was shared on Facebook by Cambodian opposition-leader-in-exile Sam Rainsy.

China’s ongoing African swine fever epidemic is spreading across Asia

Millions of pigs have been slaughtered across Asia as African swine fever spreads since the first outbreak of the disease was reported in August 2018 in northeastern China – the world’s largest pork producer and consumer.