Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Cambodian borrowers owe average of US$3,800 each, as coronavirus widens debt crisis

More than 2.6 million people in Cambodia, where the average annual income is US$1,700, have used a microfinance service.

Cambodia’s ‘ninja’ gardeners climb barefoot up Angkor Wat temples to tame jungle growth (video)

A team of gardeners are trying to protect Cambodia’s most valued heritage site — Angkor Wat.

Bilahari Kausikan dismisses claims he is an ‘agent’, after hinting Asean should expel Cambodia,...

Former Singapore diplomat’s remarks follow claims the countries have sided with Beijing on issues including the South China Sea and the Mekong River.

As China calls, is writing on wall for US-Cambodia military ties?

Coronavirus aid and trade deals dangled by China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi during his visit to Cambodia this week tell only part of the story.

China-Cambodia free trade deal highlights Beijing’s push for economic influence in Southeast Asia

Cambodia, which is among Asia’s poorest countries, has been an important ally to China in recent years, but trade volume between the two is relatively small.

China and Cambodia seal free-trade deal, funding for ‘priority’ projects

Beijing offers US$140 million in loans and grants for series of infrastructure schemes, including undersea cable link to Hong Kong.

In Cambodia, coronavirus ‘scarecrows’ deployed by farmers to ward off infection (video)

The effigies known as ‘Ting Mong’ often pop up in villages that have been hard-hit by infectious diseases like dengue or waterborne diarrhoea.

In Cambodia, China’s Wang Yi set to challenge US pressures

The Chinese foreign minister will meet Prime Minister Hun Sen as part of a diplomatic drive in Southeast Asia amid the growing US-China rivalry.

Cambodians use scarecrows to scare away the coronavirus

In Siem Reap of northwestern Cambodia, scarecrows, known as ‘Ting Mong’, are not just for birds — but also diseases and spirits.

Cambodia denies new speculation about Chinese base plans

Demolition of US-funded facility on Ream Naval Base prompted questions about possible deal with Beijing.

Cambodia caught in the middle of US-China clash over South China Sea military bases

The US Treasury Department last month issued sanctions against Chinese company Union Development Group.

Cambodia’s ‘sexy’ clothing ban could criminalise face masks, speaking loudly and homelessness too

Wide-ranging draft legislation has been flagged by 65 civil society groups for its potential to be used against vulnerable groups in violation of their rights.

Magawa the rat wins animal hero award for detecting landmines in Cambodia

The giant African pouched rat has discovered 39 mines and 28 items of unexploded ordinance in the past seven years.

US sanctions Chinese company over Dara Sakor project in Cambodia

The US Treasury Department issued sanctions on Tuesday against a Chinese company developing the sprawling Dara Sakor tourism zone in Cambodia, the latest sign that Washington’s increasingly heated competition with Beijing has now spread to Southeast Asia.

Cambodian TikTok user arrested for disparaging Angkor Wat

A young Cambodian man popular on the TikTok social media platform was arrested after posting a video that questioned the country’s reverence for its famed Angkor Wat temple, and was ordered detained even though he quickly deleted it and posted an apology, police said on Thursday.

Bully or benefactor? New book explores China’s relationship with Asean states

Murray Hiebert’s Under Beijing’s Shadow: Southeast Asia’s China Challenge is a valuable compendium to understand China-Asean ties, this book reviewer writes.

Cambodia’s Prince Norodom Reasmey Khemuni – 5 facts about the thrill-seeking, guitar-playing Gen Z...

A favourite of uncle King Norodom Sihamoni, the 22-year-old quit Cambodia for California and a life in front of the camera – performing in stage musicals and posting pop song covers on Instagram from quarantine, playing his preferred Fender Telecaster guitar.

Cambodia’s property boom continues despite pandemic – is Phnom Penh real estate a good...

The Southeast country is a consistent performer in residential property, with interest from an increasing number of investors from Hong Kong, mainland China and the region, especially in the expat-friendly capital.

The rise and fall of Cambodia’s Pub Street, the most notorious party strip in...

Pub Street, in Cambodia’s north-western city of Siem Reap, is still almost empty of revellers despite the area having reopened in June following pandemic closures

Hun Manet, Cambodia’s leader in waiting: US military-educated, but China’s man?

Hun Manet, the eldest son of Prime Minister Hun Sen, is widely tipped to succeed his father.