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From Khmer Rouge to Khmer Riche: is Hun Sen losing his decades-long grip on...

With the economy slowing, warlords squabbling and growing international criticism, observers are fearful for the country’s future.

Singapore feng shui master defiant amid disharmony with Cambodia

It was an inauspicious start to the Lunar New Year for Cheah Fah Loong, who was accused of insulting Cambodia’s royals by turning his back on a ballet.

Shinta Mani Wild: at the glamorous rainforest retreat, guests patrol the forest after arriving...

Accompanying gun-toting anti-poaching patrols a highlight at this Bill Bensley-designed eco-lodge. The architect bought the 350-hectare plot to offer an unrivalled guest experience while protecting the environment.

Cambodia’s tourism sector hit hard by coronavirus fears (video)

The Covid-19 epidemic has had a huge impact on tourism in Cambodia. Government figures show that the number of tourists arriving from abroad dropped by more than 60 per cent in February 2020.

For former Khmer Rouge officers accused of participating in Cambodian genocide, Christianity offers salvation

Up to 2.2 million died, but a UN-backed tribunal has dropped charges against many of those responsible. Now some are turning their backs on Buddhism and looking to Jesus for redemption.

Why job of clearing Cambodia’s landmines is giving locals the chance to improve their...

NGOs striving to clear Cambodia’s minefields are giving opportunities to local mean and women including landmine survivors and female labourers.

Cambodia questions Malaysia’s coronavirus diagnosis after Westerdam cruise ship passenger cleared

US woman, 83, has repeatedly tested negative for infection after earlier positive result. Cambodian PM Hun Sen declares that ‘justice is given to Cambodia and all the passengers on the ship’.

Sihanoukville, Cambodian magnet for Chinese casinos, loses its pull, leaving thousands owed money and...

Thousands of Chinese construction workers left unpaid and stranded as work on half-built Chinese casinos comes to a halt following August ban on online gambling.

781 Westerdam cruise passengers test negative in Cambodia

The remaining group of passengers in Cambodia have no ‘health-related problems at all’, a government spokesperson said. Meanwhile, passengers who have been given the all-clear say they are struggling to get home, with many countries blocking their transit.

Coronavirus: passengers celebrate ‘best cruise ever’, after Westerdam ship docks at Cambodia

The cruise ship spent two weeks at sea after five nations turned it away over coronavirus fears. But the time stranded at sea was anything but uncomfortable, with passengers enjoying services such as free wine and three-course meals.

Why Cambodia’s right not to evacuate Wuhan despite coronavirus fears

While the rest of the world was clamouring to get their nationals out of Wuhan, Cambodia’s Hun Sen mulled a visit to the outbreak’s epicentre.

Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge: a glimpse of hope and hardship in decade before...

‘A New Sun Rises Over the Old Land’, translated into English for the first time, captures the zeitgeist of 1960s Cambodia and its accompanying hope.

How ‘new’ Chinese revived an ‘old’ ethnic dominance in Cambodia’s economy

Chinese ‘old’ and ‘new’ keep the economy of Hun Sen’s Cambodia humming. But investment by Beijing has also entrenched the patronage system and given rise to anti-Chinese sentiment.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen has ruled for 35 years – is he looking to shore...

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen marks 35 years in office today, a landmark that divides opinion in the politically tense Southeast Asian nation.

Chinese power along Mekong River proves divisive as commerce and conservation clash

Beijing hopes to dredge the riverbed in northern Thailand to allow passage for cargo ships and possibly military vessels. Laos and Cambodia have been courted by Chinese investment but Thai activists claim Chinese dams are destroying their way of life.

Cambodia building collapse kills 36, including six children (video)

A seven-storey building under construction in Cambodia collapsed and killed 36 people on January 3.

‘Soldiers of the Forest’ Protecting Cambodia’s Cardamom (video)

Ionescu “I.D.” Dragos and his team from the international non-profit conservation group Wildlife Alliance are in a battle against poachers and loggers trying to exploit the “Cardamom Forest”.

How the West could drive Cambodia further into China’s clutches

Hun Sen’s regime to discuss free-trade deal with China amid EU and US threats to end trade privileges over Cambodia’s human rights record. But there has been growing resentment in Cambodia over Chinese investment.

Hongkonger takes on 220km Cambodian ultra for mental health as she turns her sister’s...

Amanda Noubel wants to break the taboo of mental health, so more people talk about their issues, to prevent people taking their own lives.

Is Cambodian PM Hun Sen the latest authoritarian leader to be courted by Donald...

In a letter, the US president assured Cambodia it does not seek regime change but wants to promote democracy.