Monday, January 27, 2020
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How ‘new’ Chinese revived an ‘old’ ethnic dominance in Cambodia’s economy

Chinese ‘old’ and ‘new’ keep the economy of Hun Sen’s Cambodia humming. But investment by Beijing has also entrenched the patronage system and given rise to anti-Chinese sentiment.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen has ruled for 35 years – is he looking to shore...

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen marks 35 years in office today, a landmark that divides opinion in the politically tense Southeast Asian nation.

Chinese power along Mekong River proves divisive as commerce and conservation clash

Beijing hopes to dredge the riverbed in northern Thailand to allow passage for cargo ships and possibly military vessels. Laos and Cambodia have been courted by Chinese investment but Thai activists claim Chinese dams are destroying their way of life.

Cambodia building collapse kills 36, including six children (video)

A seven-storey building under construction in Cambodia collapsed and killed 36 people on January 3.

‘Soldiers of the Forest’ Protecting Cambodia’s Cardamom (video)

Ionescu “I.D.” Dragos and his team from the international non-profit conservation group Wildlife Alliance are in a battle against poachers and loggers trying to exploit the “Cardamom Forest”.

How the West could drive Cambodia further into China’s clutches

Hun Sen’s regime to discuss free-trade deal with China amid EU and US threats to end trade privileges over Cambodia’s human rights record. But there has been growing resentment in Cambodia over Chinese investment.

Hongkonger takes on 220km Cambodian ultra for mental health as she turns her sister’s...

Amanda Noubel wants to break the taboo of mental health, so more people talk about their issues, to prevent people taking their own lives.

Is Cambodian PM Hun Sen the latest authoritarian leader to be courted by Donald...

In a letter, the US president assured Cambodia it does not seek regime change but wants to promote democracy.

World Cup 2022: First win for Hong Kong as Mixu Paatelainen’s side beat Keisuke...

Victory could prove vital for AFC Asian Cup 2023 qualifying hopes. Attacking formation pays off with Roberto Affonso-inspired 2-0 defeat of side that they drew 1-1 with on match day one.

World Cup 2022: Hong Kong vs Cambodia – Mixu Paatelainen hoping for goals from...

Qatar 2022 qualifier at Hong Kong Stadium on Tuesday night could prove key on the road to AFC Asian Cup 2023 in China. Defender Andy Russell hopes supporters can make it down to create another ‘excellent atmosphere’.

Cambodia’s exiled opposition leader Sam Rainsy barred from flying to Indonesia

Rainsy, who now lives in France, had hoped to return to Cambodia on Saturday but is currently in Malaysia. Cambodian leader Hun Sen has pressured countries in the region to bar the opposition figurehead.

Cambodia ‘playing with fire’ by cosying up to China, says opposition figure Sam Rainsy

The politician warned strongman Hun Sen’s government against allowing Beijing to build infrastructure facilities that could be turned into military bases. Sam Rainsy said he and other banned opposition figures were ‘freedom fighters’ and thanked Malaysia for respecting their rights by allowing them entry.

Cambodian teen ‘bride’ back home after eight-month ordeal in China

Thirteen-year-old girl lured across border with promise of marriage and a job only to endure abuse at the hands of two ‘husbands’.

Rainsy’s in Malaysia, Sokha’s out of jail. Is Cambodia’s Hun Sen in a pickle?

The Cambodian strongman is under pressure not only from a reinvigorated opposition, but from the European Union, too. The EU is considering cutting preferential trade terms over human rights allegations.

Cambodia’s digital surveillance serves to silence the opposition and suppress criticism of the government

Private phone calls and social media posts are being used against individuals. For citizens, such intrusion provides a sinister reminder of the dark days of Pol Pot’s murderous regime.

Critics demand to know how allies of Cambodia’s Hun Sen got Cyprus citizenship

Eight family members or allies of Cambodian leader Hun Sen sought and received Cypriot citizenship in 2016 and 2017.

Cambodia’s first gay apsara dance troupe upends ancient tradition

Cambodia’s first all-male gay dance troupe has overturned the Kingdom’s ancient tradition by performing a classical apsara dance, traditionally performed by women, dating back to the 7th century - to mixed reactions.

Sihanoukville’s big gamble: the sleepy beach town in Cambodia that bet its future on...

Investment from China has brought huge change – and many casinos – to the former fishing village and backpacker favourite.

In Cambodia’s prisons, pregnant women and young children are inmates

Since January 2017, there has been an alarming rise in the number of pregnant women and infants incarcerated. Widespread corruption means these impoverished female inmates have little to offer in exchange for their freedom.

Are Chinese companies using Cambodia to evade US tariffs?

China’s exports to Southeast Asian country have been rising steadily since start of trade war.