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Cambodian Online Gambling Rogue Operation Frees 60 Trafficked Thai Workers

Some 60 Thai workers allegedly trafficked and ransomed by an online gambling outfit in Cambodia were repatriated Monday to their home country.

Cambodia Casino Corruption Risks For US Businesses Detailed in Washington Warning

The Biden administration has told US companies to steer clear of Cambodia and its casinos.

Black Market Gambling Operators Use Trafficked Cambodia Workers, Says New Report

Three Cambodian workers are being held against their will in an illegal Chinese-owned casino in Sihanoukville, western Cambodia, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reports.

Cambodian Online Gaming, Fraud, Human Trafficking Compound Raided

A joint task force comprised of Cambodian and Chinese law enforcement raided a compound in Phnom Penh on Friday, seizing equipment connected to illegal online gaming and internet fraud.

Cambodia Casino Shootout Uncovers Crypto Scams, Slave Labor, Sex Trafficking

Cambodian authorities arrested 15 people over the weekend following a raid on a casino in the southwest coastal city of Sihanoukville, during which shots were fired at police.

Cambodia’s Initiative to Improve Casino Management Challenged by US Expert

Cambodia’s new gaming legislation which aims to provide more regulation and curb abuses may sound good. But a US-based expert questions how much benefit it will provide.

Gold Urinals Installed in Cambodian Casino as COVID-19 Outbreak Continues

Gaming property owner Kang Qiang has placed gold urinals in his Sihanoukville, Cambodia gambling venue while all land-based casinos are shuttered in the country by the coronavirus pandemic, news reports said.

Cambodia to Close Land-Based Casinos as More Residents Contract COVID-19

All legal casinos in Cambodia will be shuttered indefinitely starting Thursday due to risk from the coronavirus outbreak. New cases of the potentially fatal illness include a man who worked in an unidentified casino.

NagaCorp Remains Committed to $300M Casino in Remote Vladivostok Russia

Markets around the world are tumbling due to the novel COVID-19 coronavirus. Hospitality companies are seeing massive devaluations as global travel is coming to a standstill.

Caught in Cambodia: 16 North Koreans Busted for Operating Illicit Chinese Gambling Site

Law enforcement officers in Cambodia recently arrested 16 North Korean nationals for their roles in running an illegal gambling operation with ties to China.

Cambodia Online Gaming Boom Officially Over as Prohibition Enforcement Kicks In

Cambodia’s blanket online-gaming prohibition came into effect on January 1 as the country’s authoritarian government promised to deal harshly with those caught flouting the ban.

Kidnapped Cambodian Online Casino Worker Rescued Following Violent Threats

A kidnapped employee of an online casino based in Sihanoukville, Cambodia was rescued recently after being threatened her fingers would be cut off if she failed to pay a $4,950 ransom, as Southeast Asia responds to multiple recent abductions.

Landing Casino Chairman Yang Zhihui Detained in Cambodia After Going Missing

Landing International Casino Chairman Yang Zhihui — who was earlier reported missing from the firm — has been detained in Cambodia, according to a Beijing news source that confirmed the story with multiple sources.