Giant stingray caught in Cambodia is world’s largest freshwater fish

The largest freshwater fish ever recorded was captured last week in Cambodia’s stretch of the Mekong River: a giant freshwater stingray measuring 4 meters (13 feet) from snout to tail and weighing 300 kilograms (661 pounds).

World’s heaviest freshwater fish, a 661-pound stingray, caught in Cambodia

A giant 661-pound stingray was caught in a remote fishing village on the shores of the Mekong River in Cambodia, making it the heaviest freshwater fish ever documented, researchers said Monday.

A Giant Stingray May Be the World’s Largest Freshwater Fish

In the Mekong River in Cambodia, fishers and researchers found a 13-foot-long, 661-pound stingray — a win for conservation efforts in the area.

World’s biggest freshwater fish caught by Cambodian in the Mekong River

The stingray measures almost 4 metres (13 feet) from snout to tail and weighs about 300kg (660lbs). ‘That the fish can still get this big is a hopeful sign’, as the waterway faces many environmental challenges, scientist said

Enormous stingray sets world record for largest freshwater fish

A decades-long quest has culminated in the discovery of a 661-pound river giant.

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Cambodia celebrates world turtle day: Hundreds of endangered turtles released into the Mekong (video)

Cambodia is celebrating world turtle day by releasing Hundreds of endangered turtles into the Mekong.

Large-scale logging in Cambodia’s Prey Lang linked to politically-connected mining operation

Illegal logging appears to be taking place openly inside a swath of protected forest that authorities in Cambodia have only authorized for a feasibility study for limestone mining.

In the Mekong’s murky depths, giants abound, new expedition finds

An underwater expedition into the deepest pools in the Mekong River has confirmed the presence of giant freshwater fish, fish migration routes, and high volumes of discarded fishing gear and plastic waste.

Watch a Giant Stingray’s Safe Return to Its River Home (video)

The Mekong River is home to enormous and endangered aquatic life. A 400-pound fish’s release shows how some conservation efforts in Cambodia are paying off.

Over 500 turtle hatchlings released in Cambodian river (video)

Over 500 critically-endangered Cantor’s giant softshell turtles were collected from a holding pool, blessed by some Buddhist monks and released in the Mekong River by Cambodian officials and students.

Cambodia takes measures to save rare Royal Turtle

Thirty nearly extinct Royal Turtle babies hatched in an artificial sandbank at the Koh Kong Reptile Conservation Center, a conservationist group announced.

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Development threatens a last refuge of wildlife rescued from illegal trade (commentary)

A 2,300 hectare forest, where animals rescued from the wildlife trade in Cambodia are rehabilitated and released, is in danger of clearance under a new government scheme.

Low Mekong waters make life hard around Cambodia’s smaller lakes

While Tonle Sap is recognised as a resource worthy of protection, countless other lakes, ponds and wetlands also depend on Mekong flooding but are dwindling away unnoticed.

13-foot-long stingray found in deep hole in Mekong River

The murky depths of the mighty river seems to function as refuges for some of the biggest freshwater fish on Earth, explorers are finding.

Rarely-seen giant freshwater stingray rescued in Mekong River (video)

A rarely-seen freshwater stingray weighing 181kg (400 pounds) was hooked by fishermen in the Mekong River on May 5, 2022.

Biologists buoyed by discovery of 4-metre endangered stingray in Cambodia

Huge creature found in Mekong River where planned dams threaten ‘devastating’ ecological damage.