Climate Lessons from Cambodia’s Illegal MDMA Market

Cambodia’s experience with MDMA production provides important lessons about managing the environmental repercussions of illicit drug production, which are particularly important in the wake of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) that occurred earlier this month.

‘Wake-Up Call’ for Global Monkey Trade

En route to a meeting about protecting threatened species, a government official was arrested for smuggling endangered monkeys, raising questions about Cambodia’s breeding industry.

The Precarious State of the Mekong

Prolonged stress on the Lower Mekong Basin is reaching an ecological tipping point, threatening millions of livelihoods.

U.S. Charges Cambodian Officials, Others in Monkey Smuggling Scheme

Cambodian wildlife officials, black market dealers, and executives at a monkey breeding company were charged by U.S. federal prosecutors last week with running an illicit monkey trading scheme that smuggled thousands of endangered wild macaques from Southeast Asia to the U.S. to be used in lab research.

Alleged macaque-smuggling ring exposed as U.S. indicts Cambodian officials

U.S. federal prosecutors have charged eight people, including two Cambodian forestry officials, for their alleged involvement in an international ring smuggling endangered long-tailed macaques.

Cambodian Forestry Official Arrested in US Over Alleged Monkey-Smuggling Scheme

Masphal Kry, a Cambodian forestry official, and seven others have been charged with conspiring to illegally export long-tailed macaques to the United States.

8 Charged in Scheme to Smuggle Endangered Monkeys From Asia, U.S. Says

Cambodian wildlife officials, black-market dealers and top executives at a monkey breeding company conspired to illegally export long-tailed macaques to the U.S., prosecutors said.

U.S. arrests Cambodian official headed to wildlife summit—for monkey smuggling

The day of the arrest, a Cambodian wildlife official at the CITES conference assured National Geographic that illicit monkey trading "doesn't happen" in his country.

8 charged in scheme to smuggle endangered monkeys to Miami, prosecutors say

Eight people, including two government officials from Cambodia, were indicted in the Southern District of Florida for their involvement in a ring that smuggled hundreds of primates into the United States, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Cambodia wildlife official jailed in NY for monkey smuggling

Federal prosecutors have charged eight people with smuggling endangered monkeys, including a Cambodian wildlife official who was arrested in the U.S. while traveling to a conference on protecting endangered species.

Cambodia joins global quest for energy efficiency

It’s a unique accelerator in the bid for sustainable and inclusive growth and the achievement of national climate commitments.

Asian Development Bank to support solar and battery project in Cambodia

Cambodia targets carbon neutrality by 2050.

When South-east Asia’s forests fall silent

For decades, people across South-east Asia have been hunting wild animals for food. But commercial pressures and cheaper snaring methods are causing the region’s forests to be emptied faster than they can be replenished — with repercussions for human and forest health.

Last-ditch effort against a snaring scourge in Cambodia

At Phnom Tnout Wildlife Sanctuary in northern Cambodia’s Preah Vihear province, a literally last-ditch attempt to save the wild animals of the forest is taking shape.

Disaster relief sought as Cambodian floods recede

Three including 15-year-old boat operator detained over ferry mishap that left 11 school children dead.

Cambodia’s elites swallow up Phnom Penh’s lakes, leaving the poor marooned

Lakes in Phnom Penh are fast being filled in and parceled off as prime real estate to wealthy and politically connected individuals. Families who have for generations fished and practiced aquaculture on the lakes and surrounding wetlands face eviction and the loss of livelihoods.

Can Mekong river stingrays tell China’s dam narrative well?

A fabricated article was used to refute allegations about the negative environmental impact of Chinese dam building.

Can Mekong Stingrays Tell the Chinese Dam Story Well?

China is crafting “wonderful stories” about its upstream dams in the Mekong. But the overall thrust of the narrative glosses over the more controversial aspects of dam building.

Cambodia Microfinance Should be Taxed to Address Climate Change Impact, Research Says

In contrast to the industry’s claim that microfinance allows borrowers to expand their businesses, many Cambodians “have no choice but to borrow to make ends meet.”

‘Mekong Ghost’ Rediscovered in Fish Market After Being Lost for 18 Years

An extremely rare species of carp nicknamed the "Mekong Ghost" that had not been seen for nearly two decades has been unexpectedly documented in Cambodia.


Hun Manet to rule Cambodia way ahead of schedule

Hun Sen’s dynastic succession plan is being expedited with his eldest son now widely expected to become premier after next July’s polls.