Crab numbers reach worrying low in Cambodia (video)

Crab fishermen in Cambodia’s Kep province are growing worried about their way of life, as climate change and overfishing have caused the population of flower crabs to dwindle. Fishermen like Ung Bun are dedicating themselves to saving the shrinking crab numbers as they look ahead to the future.

As the sea warms, struggling Cambodian fishermen seek to preserve crab stocks

For Ung Bun, a 39-year-old fisherman from Cambodia's southern Kep province, the days when he would come home with plentiful catches of flower crabs appear to be long gone.

Asia apparel hubs face $88 billion export hit from extreme weather, study shows

Extreme heat and flooding could erase US$65 billion in apparel export earnings from four Asian countries by 2030, as workers struggle under high temperatures and factories close, research from Schroders and Cornell University showed on Wednesday.

Cambodia approves, then suspends, marble mine in Keo Seima REDD+ project

The Cambodian government has suspended a planned marble mine inside a wildlife sanctuary that it had approved just months earlier.

A forest gave Cambodia’s captive elephants a new life. Now they’re paying it back

Tourists stopped coming when the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns began, leaving Elephant Valley Project searching for ways to continue its work with the elephants and the nearby communities.

Skepticism as Cambodia expands protected areas by more than a million hectares

Cambodia expanded the coverage of its protected areas by 1.06 million hectares (2.62 million acres) in July and August, a flurry of subdecrees shows.

New concession in Botum Sakor National Park handed to Cambodia’s Royal Group

Cambodia’s Botum Sakor National Park continues to be carved up and its ostensibly protected land awarded to private developers with close links to the country’s ruling party.

On the Mekong, Sand Mining Threatens the River and a Way of Life

In “Lost Lands” — Second-Place Winner of the Yale Environment 360 Film Contest — Cambodia-based filmmaker Andy Ball focuses on two families who describe how unchecked mining of river sand for urban development has devastated their fisheries and food-producing wetlands.

Behind Cambodia’s big bet on REDD+ projects

Cambodia's leaders are anxious to prove to the world that the forest conservation mechanism can address climate change while providing opportunities for people to thrive in a “new Cambodia”. But there are concerns about greenwash, and observers point to how such projects can end up being a guise for illicit land grabbing by ruling elites.

‘Mud, muck and death’: Cambodia’s plan to obstruct trawlers and revive local fishing

On Cambodia’s coast, a local NGO is building concrete underwater structures in an effort to deter destructive illegal trawlers that kill most everything in the habitat.

Cambodia awards swath of national park forest to tycoon Ly Yong Phat’s son

A Cambodian tycoon notorious for his association with illegal logging has expanded his grip over the country’s largest national park, with a swath of forest awarded to his son’s rubber company.

Cambodian conglomerate sparks conflict in Botum Sakor National Park

For decades Cambodia’s Botum Sakor National Park has been carved up and the land handed out to companies as economic concessions, at the expense of the ecosystem and local communities.

Forests in the furnace: Can fashion brands tackle illegal logging in their Cambodian supply chains?

Global fashion brands touting sustainability claims continue to buy from their contract factories in Cambodia that burn illegally logged wood in their boilers.

Don’t Give Up on Carbon Forest Offsets—They Are Essential to Tackling Climate Change | Opinion

Carbon forest offsets—the system by which an organization can compensate for its carbon footprint by funding projects that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere—have received a lot of attention in recent weeks.

These endangered leopards are disappearing from Cambodia

The Indochinese leopard is dangerously close to becoming extinct in Cambodia, according to wild cat conservationists, who spent more than a decade looking for the creatures and found just 35.

How a canal is bringing water, fish and hope to farmers in Cambodia

A project funded by Japan and facilitated by the World Food Programme is changing lives in a community hit by erratic weather linked to climate extremes.

Cambodia records fourth newborn rare dolphin this year

Cambodia has welcomed a newborn Irrawaddy dolphin, bringing the total number of newborn dolphin calves to four so far this year, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said in a news release on Friday.

Cambodia records stable population of rare vultures

The population of critically endangered vultures in Cambodia is stable with 131 birds recorded in a census last week, Neth Pheaktra, secretary of state at the Ministry of Environment, said on Wednesday.

Can community payments with no strings attached benefit biodiversity?

A recent study published in the journal Nature Sustainability examines the idea of a “conservation basic income” paid to community members living in or near key areas for biodiversity protection.

How dams in China are destroying livelihoods downstream in Cambodia

The demise of a flooded forest near the Mekong River, blamed on high-volume dams in China, and to a lesser extent Laos, is robbing Cambodians of vital income.