Study: Snares claim another local extinction as Cambodia loses its leopards

Researchers say the Indochinese leopard is functionally extinct in Cambodia after a 2021 camera-trap survey failed to capture a single individual from what was once thought to be the country’s last viable population of the big cat.

Forest behind bars: Logging network operating out of Cambodian prison in the Cardamoms

A Mongabay investigation has uncovered a logging operation being run out of Koh Kong provincial prison that gets its timber from the site of a new hydropower dam being built in Thma Bang.

Greater Mekong proves an ark of biodiversity, with 380 new species in a year

Scientists described 380 new-to-science species from the Greater Mekong region of Southeast Asia between 2021 and 2022.

Cambodian blue-crested agama, Phnom Kulen bent-toed gecko among new species discovered in Greater Mekong, says WWF

A Cambodian blue-crested agama and a Phnom Kulen bent-toed geckos are among the 380 newly discovered species in the Greater Mekong sub-region in 2021 and 2022.

122 rare Royal Turtles hatch in captivity in Cambodia

Some 122 nearly extinct Royal Turtle babies hatched in an artificial sandbank at the Koh Kong Reptile Conservation Center in southwest Cambodia.

Snares don’t discriminate: A problem for wild cats, both big and small

Millions of snares dot the forests and protected areas of Southeast Asia, set to feed the illegal wildlife trade and wild game demand, where they sweep up multiple species, including threatened wild cats.

Cambodian activists commemorate 11th anniversary of Chut Wutty’s murder

April 26, 2023, marks 11 years since Cambodian environmental activist Chut Wutty was gunned down, with no one ever facing justice for his death.

Small farmers in limbo as Cambodia wavers on Tonle Sap conservation rules

In 2021, Cambodia’s government began enforcing a ban on farming in designated conservation zones around the Tonle Sap wetland, moving to protect the health of this vital fishery but also disrupting the lives of thousands of farmers who live around the lake.

Cambodian leader U-turns on rare dolphin conservation law

Cambodian leader Hun Sen on Thursday (Apr 27) cancelled a law he created just two months ago to protect critically endangered Mekong dolphins as the mammals continue to die from illegal fishing activities.

Smoke and Heat: Breaking Records in Southeast Asia

The long-range forecasts paint a bleak, hot outlook, with suffocating heat and smoky air across Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

Cambodia reports second rare Mekong River dolphin death in gillnets this year

An Irrawaddy dolphin calf has been found dead after being entangled in fishermen's illegal gillnets in northeast Cambodia, marking the second death of the critically endangered species this year, the Fisheries Administration said in a news release on Thursday.

Cambodia welcomes two newborn Irrawaddy dolphins

Cambodia has welcomed two newborn Irrawaddy dolphins so far this year, the country's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said in a news release on Tuesday.

Lost Lands: Andy Ball photographs the devastating impact of sand mining in Cambodia

"Over the last few years, there’s been a dramatic increase in sand mining operations on the Mekong in Cambodia, especially around Phnom Penh, to keep up with the rising demand for sand."

Conservation: Why India could be sending tigers to Cambodia

Tigers are one of the world's most famous big cats, and Cambodia could soon be getting some - thanks to India.

Cambodia’s Ream National Park transformed from wildlife haven to development zone

As development hits the national park, decades-old concessions are revving into action, while developers use sand to build into a natural bay.

Can you put a price on one of the most important rivers in the world? Some researchers are giving it a shot

Southeast Asia’s Mekong may be the most important river in the world.

Robust river governance key to restoring Mekong River vitality in face of dams

Billions of cubic meters of Mekong River water are now harnessed behind dams in the interests of power generation, severely affecting crucial physical and biological processes that sustain the river’s capacity to support life.

As hydropower dams quell the Mekong’s life force, what are the costs?

Over the past few decades, the construction of hydropower dams has undermined the river’s capacity to support life: more than 160 dams operate throughout the Mekong Basin, including 13 on the river’s mainstream, with hundreds more either planned or under construction.

India is translocating some of its big cats to Cambodia as Project Tiger completes 50 years next month

Cambodia has identified at least 90 acres of forest land at its Tatai Wildlife Sanctuary for the tigers.

20 rare Royal Turtles freed into natural habitat in Cambodia

Twenty Cambodia's nearly-extinct Royal Turtles were released into their natural habitat in the Sre Ambel River in southwest Koh Kong province on Wednesday, a conservationist group said.


Adulterated rice wine leaves one dead and 27 hospitalised in northwest Cambodia

One villager died and 27 others were hospitalised in northwest Cambodia's Pursat province after drinking homemade rice wine, which is suspected to contain high levels of methanol, a local health official said on Sunday.