Rare finless dolphin discovered in Cambodia — marking country’s first sighting

A finless dolphin was recently discovered in Cambodia, marking the first-ever sighting of the species in the country, officials said.

Efforts to save Cambodia’s coast tread water as fish stocks plummet

Along the coast of Cambodia, illegal fishing is driving fish stocks toward collapse and fishing communities into poverty.

Heat-crushed Cambodian fishermen pray for rain

Cambodia is witnessing its hottest dry season in 170 years, with the Mekong River drying up.

Fishers left with no land, no fish, in fire sale of Cambodian coast

Coastal communities in Cambodia are facing a double threat, from land and sea, as developers evict them from their homes and farms, and trawlers encroach on their nearshore fishing grounds.

Can a green transition save the Mekong River?

Southeast Asia's longest river provides a lifeline for millions, but a race for resources and energy has put the Mekong's future in jeopardy. Sustainable projects are now offering new hope.

Small-scale fishers lose out to trawlers in race to catch Cambodia’s last fish

Small-scale fishers say commercial trawlers have been illegally entering their fishing grounds, scraping the sea clean of life and, with it, their community’s ability to survive.

India likely to send tigers to Cambodia later this year

Officials from Cambodia, the National Tiger Conservation Authority, and the ambassador of India to Cambodia, Devyani Khobragade, participated in an online meeting a few days ago.

Cambodia’s famed Kampot pepper withers in scorching heatwave

Farmer Chhim Laem shakes his head as he walks between long rows of dead bushes, their brown leaves scorched by heat and drought that have devastated Cambodia’s famed Kampot pepper crop.

Impacts of Cambodia’s Funan Techo Canal and Implications for Mekong Cooperation

How a new Belt and Road project in Cambodia could increase water and flood risks in Vietnam and weaken the 1995 Mekong Agreement.

Cambodia’s US$16 billion ‘eco-city’ raises financial and environmental concerns

The multi-billion dollar development project in the coastal city of Sihanoukville has stirred discontent among locals and fuelled environmentalists’ worries.

Vietnam experts warn against Cambodia’s mega canal project

The $1.7 billion project will link Phnom Penh with the coastal province of Kep near Vietnam border.

How microloans exacerbate deforestation in Cambodia

Cambodia’s reliance on microloans, long touted as a way to reduce poverty, belies concerns over debt-fuelled deforestation.

Protected areas bear the brunt as forest loss continues across Cambodia

In 2023, Cambodia lost forest cover the size of the city of Los Angeles, or 121,000 hectares (300,000 acres), according to new data published by the University of Maryland.

‘We found 700 different species’: astonishing array of wildlife discovered in Cambodia mangroves

Hairy-nosed otters and cats that catch fish are among the startling diversity of creatures making their home in threatened habitats.

Research links deforestation in Cambodia to stunting in kids, anemia in women

An analysis of public health data in Cambodia has found increased rates of malnutrition among children born in areas where deforestation had recently occurred.

Watch: 50 rare crocodiles released in Cambodia’s tropical Cardamom Mountains

Cambodian conservationists have released 50 captive-bred juvenile Siamese crocodiles at a remote site in Cambodia as part of an ongoing programme to save the species from extinction. Watch the incredible moment the tiny crocs are set free.

Japan sits at the forefront of climate resilient infrastructure in Southeast Asia

Eleven-year-old In Kao brushes up against tree branches from his perch atop a 2,000-liter tank as he fills it with unfiltered water from the Mekong River.

Cambodian official acquitted in trial that exposed monkey-laundering scheme

A U.S. court has acquitted a senior Cambodian official accused of involvement in smuggling wild-caught and endangered monkeys into the U.S. for biomedical research.

Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar unite to address burning season impact on public health and environment

The onset of the annual burning season in South-East Asia has prompted significant alarm over its detrimental effects on air quality and public health.

Watch: Astonishing ‘explosion of life’ coral spawning in Cambodia stuns scientists

Conservationists witness (and film) a synchronised mass coral reef spawning for the first time in Cambodian waters.


Asos ‘first’ online brand to support collective bargaining in Cambodia

Asos, the global online fashion retailer, has become the ‘first’ e-commerce company to sign a legally binding agreement supporting collective bargaining rights for garment workers in Cambodia.