Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Cambodian Environmental Group Calls For End to Development on Phnom Penh’s Boeung Tamok Lake

Development on one of the last large lakes in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh is impacting communities that rely on it for their livelihoods and causing significant flooding in the city as the result of runoff during heavy rains, an environmental watchdog said Thursday, calling for an end to the practice.

Severe drought warning for Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

Mekong River Commission chief calls for stronger regional collaboration to address problems .

Phnom Penh Lakes, Livelihoods Threatened by Urban Development: Report

Thoeung Theng and his wife have made a living from the fish and plants of the Tompun Lake in southern Phnom Penh for more than a decade. But after people started advising him earlier this year to leave the lake as soon as he can, Theng is considering what he can do outside the localized lake economy to support his family.

Drought, Dams on Mekong River Drop Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake to Record Low Levels

Climate change, drought, and upstream dams have led to record low water levels on the Mekong River, according to experts, who say the shortage is significantly harming Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake and the surrounding fishing communities who rely on it to earn a living.

Cambodian satellite city near Phnom Penh destroying wetlands with 1 million at risk of...

A damning new report shows a multi-billion-dollar satellite city near Phnom Penh threatens to pave over vital wetlands and unleash untreated sewerage into the Mekong River, putting more than 1 million people at risk of dangerous floods and water pollution.

One million Cambodians under threat from development of vital wetlands – report

New sprawling development near Phnom Penh could prompt environmental catastrophe, including for the capital’s water systems.

Flood risk for 1 million in Phnom Penh as wetlands destroyed

Developments - including the ING City township - will reduce the Tompoun wetlands to less than a tenth of its 1,500 hectares (5.8 sq miles), and lead to the eviction of more than 1,000 families who live on its edge, activists said in a report.

Flood risk for 1 million in Phnom Penh as wetlands destroyed

More than one million people in Phnom Penh face the risk of increased flooding and loss of livelihoods as wetlands in the Cambodian capital are destroyed to build apartments and industries, human rights groups warned on Monday.

How eco-tourism saved this stunning Cambodian valley and is key to attracting visitors back...

One of the leading eco-tourism locations in Cambodia, the Areng Valley is home to animals hunted to near extinction elsewhere in the country.

Elephant deaths in Cambodia leads to extinction concerns

A local Elephant conservation organisation in Mondulkiri province has expressed concern about the declining domestic elephant population after a 53-year-old male pachyderm named Kham Khen died on Sunday from chronic abscess disease on his back.

Battambang timber-hunting trader implicated in illegal mining

The Battambang provincial Department of Environment has dug up nearly 100 cubic metres of high-grade koki timber from the Stung Sangke riverbed in the Samlaut Multiple Use Area, said department director Kort Boran.

Cambodia launches new information sharing system to protect vulnerable citizens from floods, natural disaster

Cambodia's National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM), in cooperation with the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), on Wednesday launched a new digital information platform linking remote sensing technology with vulnerability data to measure climate disaster risk and impacts in the kingdom.

Environmental activist lodges complaint over alleged beating, intimidation

An environmental activist in Ratanakkiri province filed a lawsuit on July 20 against six local officials and 10 villagers for allegedly committing acts of violence against him, intimidating him to withdraw a complaint and threatening his life.

Cambodia’s RM awardee: Beyond toxic fertilizers

The son of a poor Cambodian teacher, Dr Yang has helped farmers produce more rice with less input.

Fishermen without fish as Cambodia’s river reversal runs late

Crucial water flows to the Tonle Sap, Southeast Asia’s largest lake, have been delayed for a second consecutive year according to river experts, severely disrupting fishing and threatening the food supply of more than a million people.

Cambodia’s silent wildlife slaughter for bushmeat risks zoonotic crossovers (video)

A recent World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for Nature Cambodia report has documented the alarming rate of wildlife slaughter for the illicit bushmeat trade, raising concerns of the risk of a home-grown zoonotic crossover event similar to one theory of how the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak began.

$100 Million Climate-Resilient Road Project to Improve Access to Basic Services, Economic Opportunities

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors today approved a $100 million credit from the International Development Association (IDA) for the Cambodia Road Connectivity Improvement Project.

Activist Dead, Another Beaten While Raising Alarm Over Alleged Logging

One forestry activist was beaten and another died after he was injured in a motorbike crash while both had been investigating illegal timber transportation in two separate incidents in which the activists had attempted to confront those they accused of forestry crimes.

Gov’t Statistics Show Mekong Water Levels Are Precariously Low

Government data released on July 17 showed water levels in the Mekong River are lower than at this time last year, on account of poor rainfall along the mainstream in Cambodia, with others pointing to hydropower dams in China and Laos.

Chinese Intentions Towards the Mekong River and Mainland South-East Asia

The Mekong River is one of the most threatened rivers in the world, largely due to the rapid increase in the number of large operational hydropower dams.


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Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen is wrong to assume the EU will stop at partial trade sanctions if he does not end a crackdown on voices critical of his government, observers said Wednesday, a week ahead of a planned return of tariffs to around one-fifth of Cambodian exports to the bloc.