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The autistic teenager jailed over a Telegram post

In June, an autistic Cambodian teenager was arrested after writing a message on Telegram that allegedly insulted ruling party officials. He has not seen his family since. UN experts have said they are "deeply disturbed" by the case and are calling for his release.

Landmine-sniffing rat continues legacy of fallen hero

A rat named in memory of a landmine clearance expert and former British soldier is continuing his work 25 years after his murder.

Kem Ley: A shooting that shook Cambodia

On 10 July 2016, Kem Ley, one of Cambodia's best known political commentators, was drinking his morning coffee at a petrol station cafe in the capital Phnom Penh when a man walked in and opened fire, killing him instantly.

A Cambodian village ripped apart by a bad batch of rice wine

In rural Cambodia, dozens of people have died in recent months after drinking toxic home-brewed alcohol. In the village of Thnong in Kampot province, a bad batch consumed at a funeral left tragedy in its wake.

Pet lion confiscated in Cambodia after TikTok videos

Cambodian authorities have confiscated a lion that was being illegally kept as a pet after it was seen being cuddled and bathed in social media videos.

The ancient Cambodian silk that was almost lost

Golden silk has run through Cambodia's history for centuries, and Sophea Pheach is helping to ensure that it is also woven into the country's future.

‘I have no food’: What it’s like to live inside Cambodia’s Covid red zone

They're called "red zones" - Covid hotspots in Cambodia's capital of Phnom Penh that have gone into lockdown. But those living inside say food - and help - is scarce, writes journalist Kiana Duncan.

Cambodia criticises edited photos of Khmer Rouge victims

Authorities in Cambodia have criticised an artist after he altered photos of victims of the Khmer Rouge genocide.

Can striking oil turn Cambodia’s economy around?

In a Facebook post, Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen described the country’s first few drops of oil as “a blessing for Cambodia” and “an important first step”.

‘World’s loneliest elephant’ arrives for new life in Cambodia (video)

An overweight elephant, once dubbed the world's loneliest, has arrived in Cambodia after being rescued from a life of misery in a Pakistani zoo.

Cambodia genocide: Khmer Rouge prison chief Comrade Duch dies

Comrade Duch, a former senior figure of the Khmer Rouge convicted of crimes against humanity in Cambodia, has died.

Cambodia’s ‘Rubbish School’ where kids pay with plastic (video)

Usually, Kimleng Sang is a photography guide in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. But because of the global pandemic there are no tourists, so he decided to use his free time to teach local children English.

Cambodia’s ‘hidden’ Angkor Wat (video)

After hiding his identity, burying his work in the forest and narrowly escaping death, a Cambodian architect built a masterpiece inspired by Angkor Wat.

Wanchalearm Satsaksit: The Thai satirist abducted in broad daylight

Sitanan Satsaksit was on the phone to her brother early in the evening on 4 June when he told her to hold the line. Wanchalearm, also known as Tar, was handing over a few dollars for meatballs at a stall opposite his home in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh.

Cambodian sisters, 98 and 101, reunited after 47 years

Two Cambodian sisters - aged 98 and 101 - have been reunited for the first time in 47 years after each thinking the other had died during the Khmer Rouge's 1970s reign of terror.

Coronavirus: How did Cambodia’s cruise ship welcome go wrong?

A former passenger on the cruise ship MS Westerdam who tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus in Malaysia having left the vessel has led to fears that other passengers who have also moved on might have been exposed to the virus.

Kem Sokha: Cambodian opposition leader denies US conspiracy

A Cambodian opposition leader, Kem Sokha, has denied conspiring with foreign powers, as his treason trial began in Phnom Penh.

How the scramble for sand is destroying the Mekong

A crisis is engulfing the Mekong River, its banks are collapsing and half a million people are at risk of losing their homes.

Cambodia’s bicycle firms face bumps in the road

Made in Cambodia is a common label on clothing from shirts and skirts to cycling shorts, but these days there's a good chance the bicycle itself will also have been made there.

Dance, pray, love: Being gay in Cambodia (video)

Prumsodon Ok is a choreographer and founder of Cambodia's first gay dance company.