Return to Seoul director Davy Chou on ‘cultures clashing’ in his hit movie, working with non-professional actors and being inspired by Tarantino, Scorsese

Cambodian-French director Davy Chou explains why his award-winning film about a Korean-born French adoptee reunited with her parents has links to his own life.

French-Cambodian director questions identity in ‘Return to Seoul’

The Korea JoongAng Daily sat down with Davy Chou, the French-Cambodian director of “Return to Seoul,” for a conversation on the many themes of the film, the process of telling Freddie’s story and casting veteran Korean actors like Oh Kwang-rok and Kim Sun-young.

Buzzy Newcomers Punch Up in Oscar International Film Race

In what has been the widest open Oscars’ international feature category race in years, countries that previously had not been dominant in the category have emerged as strong contenders. 

‘Return to Seoul’ Review: Found in Translation

On a whim, a Frenchwoman goes to visit South Korea, the country of her birth, in Davy Chou’s drama.

Short Film Review: Further and Further Away (2022) by Polen Ly

A young indigenous Bunong woman and her brother are about to move to Phnom Penh, in order to search for a better life.

Cambodia’s Oscars 2023 entry ‘Return to Seoul’ defies stereotypes

It is Cambodia’s next Oscars entry, has a Korean-born and France-based star, a French-Cambodian director, and was shot in South Korea.

Dr. LinDa Saphan’s documentary focuses on the stories of Cambodian musicians

As the Khmer Rouge took over and citizens living in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh were forcibly evacuated by the Khmer Rouge, Sinn Sisamouth got lost in the mass of people leaving.

A Complex Character Seeks To Reconcile The Past In ‘Return To Seoul’

There are many remarkable things about director Davy Chou’s film Return To Seoul, but perhaps the most remarkable is his star, Park Ji-min, an artist without any previous acting experience.

Rithy Panh on Fact and Fiction at the Busan Film Festival

Rithy Panh, director of “Rice People” and “S21 The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine” is an icon of art-house cinema, at once political, unique, and charming.

Cambodian Sci-Fi Film ‘Karmalink’ Spotlights Displaced Communities And Country’s Tech Developments

In 2014, Jake Wachtel moved to Cambodia to teach a year-long class in filmmaking to children as part of the ‘Filmmakers Without Borders’ initiative.

Thai film poster featuring Cambodia’s lamduan flower sparks social media dispute

The poster of Thai film Love Destiny showed the stars surrounded by lamduan flowers, which Cambodians said was a misappropriation of their national flower.

Discipline, teamwork, acceptance: why football is a lifeline for queer Cambodian teens

A new documentary tells the story of the Lotus Sports Club and Pa Vann Sovann, its much-respected transgender coach.

Cambodian Teens Face Digital Augmentation in Karmalink

Karmalink is the first Cambodian sci-fi movie, which will be released in the US theatrically in major cities and on VOD on July 15, 2022.

Rithy Panh Rejoins TikTok Short Film Jury in Cannes

Cambodian auteur Rithy Panh has rejoined the jury that will decide the prizes for Cannes Film Festival’s inaugural TikTok short film competition.

Film Review: Coalesce – Queer East Film Festival

Coalesce, written and directed by Jessé Miceli, examines Phnom Penh society from the viewpoint of people at its margins

Rithy Panh Resigns From Cannes’ TikTok Short Film Jury Citing Lack of Artistic Independence (Exclusive)

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival’s sudden embrace of the TikTok era appears to have hit a rough patch.

Cannes Hidden Gem: A Visceral Search for Identity in ‘All the People I’ll Never Be’

French-Cambodian director Davy Chou's third feature, screening in the Un Certain Regard section, follows a young French woman who seeks a deeper understanding of herself in the country of her birth, South Korea.

White Building review – soulful drama captures coming of age and eviction in Cambodia

This gentle-going watch injects sensitivity and insight into the story of a family’s displacement at the hands of property developers.

Italy’s Picomedia Developing High-End Cambodia-Set Spy Thriller ‘The Supernotes Affair’

Italian producer Roberto Sessa has snapped up rights to bestselling spy thriller “Supernotes” about a CIA-trained Italian intelligence officer who winds up in a Cambodian prison.

Rithy Panh on the joy he finds in mentoring rising filmmakers

Oscar-nominated Cambodian-French director Rithy Panh has a vivid memory of how he first encountered filmmaking. As a young man, Panh had been studying carpentry in Paris and dabbling in painting.


How the Twist ignited Cambodia’s musical golden age

In the 1960s rock’n’roll came to Cambodia. Dee Peyok describes the post-colonial music scene, a sweet, brief moment of swinging liberation before the communist revolution snuffed it out.