‘Too realistic’: why Cambodian filmmaker Kavich Neang’s movies, such as White Building, win more fans and accolades overseas than at home

Award-winning Cambodian director Kavich Neang talks about why his films are too realistic for audiences at home, but are loved overseas.

Eskape review – moving tale of a refugee’s dangerous journey out of Cambodia

Film-maker Neary Adeline Hay retraces her mother’s escape from her homeland in this poignant family history and memory piece.

Review: ‘White Building’ bids beautifully sad farewell to a vanishing Phnom Penh

Demolition is a state of mind in “White Building,” Cambodian filmmaker Kavich Neang’s sad, beautiful feature debut, an urban elegy about what’s thick in the air when the home one has always known is not long for the world.

An Intimate, Lived-In Début Feature from Cambodia

Kavich Neang’s “White Building” dramatizes private lives and public conflicts in contemporary Phnom Penh.

‘White Building’ Review: Coming of Age in Cambodia

Kavich Neang’s lush feature tells a largely autobiographical tale of growing up in a building whose often painful history is a microcosm of his country’s.

Davy Chou: ‘This exquisite character helped me to create something more faithful to the truth’

The writer/director of the magical Return to Seoul explains how he drew inspiration from a close friend to create his striking protagonist.

The Separate Lives Of A Cambodian Tuk-tuk Driver And His Wife

Cambodian filmmaker Kavich Neang’s short film 'Three Wheels' explores the trauma of forced marriages during the Khmer Rouge.

Remembering Haing Ngor, The First Asian To Win Best Supporting Actor — For ‘The Killing Fields’ In 1985

Ke Huy Quan, the Vietnamese American actor widely expected to win Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards this weekend for his role in Everything Everywhere All At Once, is part of increased Asian representation seen at the Oscars in recent years. If he wins, he’ll be the second Asian actor to win the prize.

Exclusive: Director Davy Chou Gets Personal About His Newest Feature Return to Seoul

We interviewed filmmaker Davy Chou about his latest — and most personal — film, Return to Seoul.

‘Return to Seoul’: Portrait of a young woman, untethered

In Cambodia’s official Oscar submission, Park Ji-min makes a surprisingly assured debut as a French Korean adoptee.

Interview With Davy Chou: Everything Still Needs to Be Built

When we last spoke with Davy Chou, we caught him at the debut of his sophomore film, “Return to Seoul” in Cannes. This time, we speak with him again at a different point of the movie: during its awards tour.

Return to Seoul director Davy Chou on ‘cultures clashing’ in his hit movie, working with non-professional actors and being inspired by Tarantino, Scorsese

Cambodian-French director Davy Chou explains why his award-winning film about a Korean-born French adoptee reunited with her parents has links to his own life.

French-Cambodian director questions identity in ‘Return to Seoul’

The Korea JoongAng Daily sat down with Davy Chou, the French-Cambodian director of “Return to Seoul,” for a conversation on the many themes of the film, the process of telling Freddie’s story and casting veteran Korean actors like Oh Kwang-rok and Kim Sun-young.

Buzzy Newcomers Punch Up in Oscar International Film Race

In what has been the widest open Oscars’ international feature category race in years, countries that previously had not been dominant in the category have emerged as strong contenders. 

‘Return to Seoul’ Review: Found in Translation

On a whim, a Frenchwoman goes to visit South Korea, the country of her birth, in Davy Chou’s drama.

Short Film Review: Further and Further Away (2022) by Polen Ly

A young indigenous Bunong woman and her brother are about to move to Phnom Penh, in order to search for a better life.

Cambodia’s Oscars 2023 entry ‘Return to Seoul’ defies stereotypes

It is Cambodia’s next Oscars entry, has a Korean-born and France-based star, a French-Cambodian director, and was shot in South Korea.

Dr. LinDa Saphan’s documentary focuses on the stories of Cambodian musicians

As the Khmer Rouge took over and citizens living in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh were forcibly evacuated by the Khmer Rouge, Sinn Sisamouth got lost in the mass of people leaving.

A Complex Character Seeks To Reconcile The Past In ‘Return To Seoul’

There are many remarkable things about director Davy Chou’s film Return To Seoul, but perhaps the most remarkable is his star, Park Ji-min, an artist without any previous acting experience.

Rithy Panh on Fact and Fiction at the Busan Film Festival

Rithy Panh, director of “Rice People” and “S21 The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine” is an icon of art-house cinema, at once political, unique, and charming.