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Cambodia hotel collapse search ends, 36 dead

The rescue effort lasted almost two days, mobilizing hundreds of workers to pull people from the rubble. Experts say low safety standards in Cambodia raise the risk of accidents at construction sites.

Cambodia cracks down on activists as opposition leader plans return

At least 30 opposition activists have been arrested this year and accused of plotting to overthrow the Cambodian government before the planned return from self-exile of Sam Rainsy, the main opposition leader.

EU mulls end to Cambodia deal

For almost two decades Cambodia has enjoyed duty-free access to the European Union single market through the so-called "Everything but Arms" agreements. But now the EU is considering scrapping the deal.

Tortoise protection in Cambodia

Some 60 percent of all turtles worldwide are threatened, endangered or critically endangered. At the ACCB in Cambodia - where turtles are eaten and also used in traditional medicine - conservationists are working to protect endangered tortoise species and boost their populations.

Cambodia designer beats odds to bring Khmer fashion to Europe

Sor San, a disabled designer from Phnom Penh is introducing ethnic fashion from her country in Berlin this year. She is one of five female designers to showcase her work at a fashion event.

WorldLink: Cambodia’s crowded prisons

Cambodia's prison system is considered one of the world's most crowded. In some cases, say human rights groups and former prisoners, more than 100 people share the same cell, with only 1 square meter allowed per person.

Beauty with health – Cambodia’s new preference

Beauty products with chemical ingredients irked one Cambodian woman so much that she decided to create her own organic skin care material. More Cambodians like her are switching to organic personal care products.

Concerned business owners move their businesses from China to Cambodia

The trade war is raging. Now some Chinese businesses are moving to Cambodia to avoid US tariffs.

ASEAN summit – Southeast Asian nations wary of US-China trade row

The US-China trade dispute is high on the ASEAN summit agenda. The bloc's leaders are set to sign an economic partnership deal at their annual meeting in Bangkok, but not all countries want Beijing's economic hegemony.

Cambodian journalists gain new insights into business topics

Cambodia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. How can journalists find the stories behind this development? Nine young Cambodian journalists find out how as part of the project "Markets and Movers".

Cambodia electricity shortage cripples small businesses

Large parts of Cambodia have had to endure hours of daily power outages after the country's main provider said it was unable to meet demand due to dry weather. Small businesses are suffering the most.

Cambodia demands Amazon end Angkor Wat toilet seat covers

The online retail giant Amazon has come under fire from Cambodia for selling toilet seat covers decorated with images of its flag and Angkor Temples.

Asia faces tough contradictions in dealing with climate change

As the UN climate conference wraps up, Asia’s emission-producing economic powerhouses have said that their growing wealth doesn’t guarantee that they can fully comply with the Paris Agreement without assistance.

Cambodia NGO encourages citizens to reclaim legal rights

Development work can be politically effective even in an autocratic country.

EU to Cambodia: Fix human rights or face economic hardship

Both Cambodia and Myanmar heavily depend on the European Union's duty and quota free trade agreement. But the European bloc believes it is time that these countries address human rights abuses. Ate Hoekstra reports.

Are Cambodian political prisoners being released to placate the West?

Many Cambodian political prisoners have been released recently as the EU considers a resolution condemning the country's slide into authoritarianism. DW spoke with an opposition politician about his incarceration.

Clearing Cambodia’s leftover landmines: A dangerous job

Decades after war and conflict ravaged Cambodia, it is still reeling from millions of landmines. They continue to kill civilians and even de-miners. Nic Dunlop reports from one of the world's largest minefields.

Tarantulas: Cambodia’s disappearing delicacy

Eating a fried tarantula has become a popular photo opportunity for tourists in Cambodia. However, this delicacy is in danger of disappearing, thanks to deforestation and over-harvesting of the spiders.

Cambodian girls defy gender barriers to excel in technology

The Cambodian government has begun an initiative aimed at encouraging young women to study science and technology. The goal is for more women to become future leaders in the country's growing IT sector.

Cambodia considers new law targeting ‘fake news’

The proposal has stoked fears of censorship in Cambodia, where curbs to press freedom have increased in recent years. Many believe the new law could target those critical of the government. Ate Hoekstra reports.