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Cambodia’s drug war has seen prisoner numbers skyrocket during coronavirus pandemic

In a teeming cell of Phnom Penh's women's prison, baby Tevy was injured — a fracture to her thighbone, allegedly inflicted by a female prisoner.

Australian missionary Martin Chan found not guilty of fraud in Cambodia

Australian Christian missionary Martin Chan has been found not guilty of fraud in Cambodia, bringing an end to a four-year ordeal to clear his name.

Australians stranded in Cambodia running out of time to leave

Australians stranded in Cambodia are running out of time to leave the country before a state of emergency is imposed in the South-East Asian nation, which could further hamper their efforts to get home.

Australians wanting to leave Cambodia amid coronavirus hit ‘brick wall’ in bid for government...

A group of 85 Australian expats in Cambodia fear time is fast running out to leave before a state of emergency is declared in the country, saying their pleas for help from the Australian Government have gone unheeded.

Midwife Kate Taylor is helping improve childbirth and reduce maternal mortality in Cambodia

Midwives play a vital role in bringing life into the world, but Kate Taylor is also doing her bit to stop deaths which should be preventable.

ANZ compensates Cambodian families forcibly evicted to make way for sugar plantation

ANZ has agreed to compensate hundreds of Cambodian families who were forcibly evicted from their land to make way for a controversial sugar plantation and refinery.

Chinese military officials made secret visit to Cambodia weeks before mysterious drone crashed

A high-level delegation of Chinese military mapping experts visited a Cambodian naval base in December, three weeks before a huge Chinese surveillance drone crashed in the adjoining province, according to a leaked document obtained by the ABC.

Australian missionary fights to free her husband from Cambodian prison over charity dispute

An Australian Christian missionary is being held in a Cambodian prison over a legal dispute involving a charity-run school project he volunteered for, and a local construction company.

Coronavirus claims first life in China’s capital, as spread continues across the globe

China's capital Beijing has reported its first death caused by the new coronavirus, as more cases of infection are reported around the world despite unprecedented efforts to stop its spread.

A daughter’s 40-year search for the truth behind the Khmer Rouge’s most haunting photograph

It is one of the Khmer Rouge's most striking and haunting photographs.

Adelaide man who admitted to abusing children in Cambodia identified as Geoffrey William Moyle

A South Australian man who has admitted to sexually abusing children in Cambodia over three years has lost his bid to keep his identity a secret.

Cambodia’s political exiles sit in limbo as Phnom Penh strong-arms regional neighbours

Malaysia has released three Cambodian political exiles it detained this week at the request of Phnom Penh, while the country's opposition leader has been prevented from boarding a flight to Bangkok from Paris — thwarting their attempt to go back home.

British backpacker Amelia Bambridge accidentally drowned after Cambodian beach party, official says

A 21-year-old British tourist whose body was found floating in the sea off the Cambodian coast accidentally drowned, an official says, ruling out foul play.

Ancient city uncovered in Cambodia

Researchers have uncovered an ancient city in Cambodia that was one of the first capitals in the Khmer Empire.

Women attend soccer match in Iran after decades of being kept out

They waved flags. They painted their faces with stripes of green, white and red. They celebrated with blowhorns.

Australian Story’s investigation into how Yoshe Taylor was duped into smuggling heroin

How did an ordinary mother of two from rural Queensland become the target of an international drug smuggling syndicate? Yoshe Taylor spent almost six years in a Cambodian prison for a crime she didn't commit after she was scammed online.

AFP admits role in Queensland woman Yoshe Taylor’s Cambodian prison hell

When Yoshe Taylor left Brisbane for Phnom Penh in late 2013, she had no idea that the Australian Federal Police were tracking her.

The dark side of ‘voluntourism’ causes orphanage numbers to boom in developing countries

Young Australian backpackers venturing overseas are being warned to rethink volunteering in developing countries as a booming trend of "voluntourism" exposes a darker side of the industry.

Australia called to reassess ties to Cambodian microfinance amid reports of child labour, debt...

The sleeve of Srey Pheak's pink-striped T-shirt hangs loose from where her right arm used to be.

James Ricketson on finding happiness and contentment in a Cambodian prison

More than 20 years ago, James Ricketson read an article about the plight of Cambodian street kids, and his love affair with the country began.