Democratic dawn in Cambodia’s autocratic darkness

New Khmer Movement for Democracy’s aims extend beyond political change and respect for rights to the broad uplift of Cambodian society.

We left Cambodia either during the Vietnam War or after the fall of the Khmer Rouge –a regime that killed over two million citizens between 1975 and 1979. The plight of the Khmer people continues as people live in fear of attacks for expressing views that don’t align with the Cambodian administration.

This has put us, the Khmer diaspora, at a crossroads. Where there was once hope for our country’s fledgling democracy – evidenced by the performance of the Cambodia National Rescue Party in 2013 and the Candlelight Party in 2022 – now stands despondency.

A fresh crackdown on dissenting voices, both within and beyond Cambodia’s borders, is seeking to ebb the confidence of those that want a brighter, and democratic, future for our country.

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