Cambodian artist turns tyres into giant King Kong (video)

A giant, snarling gorilla rears from the peaceful paddy fields on the outskirts of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, made entirely from old tyres by a Cambodian artist keen to encourage others to reuse materials in their work.

A Long Beach-born painter captures the surrealism of the Cambodian American experience

In Tidawhitney Lek’s paintings, rich colors catch the eye: sunsets in shades of Los Angeles toxic and lots of sparkling sampot — the traditional Cambodian wrap worn around the lower body.

Officials from three countries have called on Denver Art Museum to return eight artefacts in its collection

Six of the eight allegedly looted objects were donated to the museum by Emma C. Bunker, an associate of smuggler Douglas Latchford.

Australia Returns Three Looted Statues to Cambodia

The rare artifacts will remain on display at the National Gallery of Australia for up to three years as the Cambodian government prepares a place for them.

Australian Museums May Hold More Than 100 Looted Cambodian Antiquities

The National Gallery of Australia announced the return of three 9th-century Buddhist statues it had displayed after a fact-finding mission found that Australian museums are holding within their collection more than 100 antiquities looted from Cambodia.

Over 100 ‘stolen’ Cambodian artefacts sitting in prestigious Australian museums, experts say

More than 100 Khmer statues "stolen" from temples and sacred sites in Cambodia are believed to be sitting in three of Australia's most prestigious galleries.

Australia Will Return Looted Sculptures to Cambodia

A centuries-old Buddhist sculpture was taken from a rural area in Cambodia nearly 30 years ago. It was later sold with two other statues to the National Gallery of Australia.

How statues looted from a Cambodian field wound up in the National Gallery of Australia

"The Falcon" set a cracking pace across a dusty field in Tboung Khmum, in the east of Cambodia, before stopping and pointing to the dirt at his feet.

Memories remain

Artist Marisa Srijunpleang pays tribute to the stories of war survivors from the Thailand-Cambodia border region.

Accused Art Trafficker’s Estate Forfeits $12 Million to End Case

The payment will settle a civil suit brought by U.S. officials who accused Douglas A.J. Latchford of being a major dealer of looted antiquities.

How a statue looted from a Cambodian temple revealed a vast smuggling network dealing in stolen cultural artefacts

The tracing of how a statue of a Hindu warrior ended up in a Sotheby’s auction uncovered a highly lucrative network that had been in operation for decades.

Dynamite Doug podcast is a pioneer in ‘looted heritage’ genre—but not its peak

The programme offers a compelling narrative for art crime beginners but more depth is needed when it comes to colonial repatriation.

True-Crime Podcast Dynamite Doug Takes on the Art World

Focusing on an alleged looter of Cambodian cultural heritage, this six-part series is yet another reminder that too many stolen artefacts still reside in Western museums.

A New Report Has Linked More Than 1,000 Antiquities in the Met Museum’s Collection to Traffickers

An investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists calls into question the origin of the museum's antiquities holdings.

Met Museum Kicked Me Out for Praying to My Ancestral Gods

My danced prayer to looted Cambodian antiquities was too much for the New York museum.

Denver Art Museum returns donations from associate of antiquities smuggler Douglas Latchford

The museum has issued a statement further distancing itself from the late Emma Bunker, who allegedly falsified provenance for items looted from Cambodia.

Cambodia Says It Has Recovered Looted Gold Jewelry Once Worn by Royals

The 77 items had been in the collection of Douglas A.J. Latchford, accused of trafficking in looted antiquities, and were returned under an agreement with his estate.

Summer Season | Kidnapping the Gods | 01

Many ancient Cambodian artifacts arrived in Australia during the 1960s and 1970s, when the south east Asian country was in turmoil.

Cambodian princess helps Anthony Albanese launch First Nations art exhibit in Phnom Penh

The Walking Through a Songline pop-up exhibition reimagines artworks from the deserts of the Martu, the Ngaanyatjarra and the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara peoples of Australia.

Manhattan Prosecutors Return 7th-Century Cambodian Statue Sold by Dealer Doris Wiener

Another piece that passed through a disgraced dealer’s New York gallery has gone back to Southeast Asia.