Manhattan Prosecutors Return 7th-Century Cambodian Statue Sold by Dealer Doris Wiener

Another piece that passed through a disgraced dealer’s New York gallery has gone back to Southeast Asia.

Cambodia ‘highly suspicious’ about statues in British museums in hunt for looted art

Cambodian artworks held by Oxford University's Ashmolean Museum and the British Museum have been labelled "highly suspicious" by government delegates looking for "stolen" items in British collections.

Cambodia’s missing artefacts: Team to call on Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore

The delegation is eyeing museums in Asia as part of a quest to inspect more than 2,000 lost treasures they say belong to Cambodia.

Cambodian team hunting looted treasures visits UK museums

Two major British museums are opening up their collections to archaeologists and officials from Cambodia, in response to allegations that valuable items are sitting illegally in the UK.

The Met’s Cambodia Problem

The museum’s prized collection of Khmer artifacts may have dubious origins.

Cambodia Says It’s Found Its Lost Artifacts: in Gallery 249 at the Met

Cambodia suspects many items were looted and has concerns about a former curator’s business relationship with a Met donor later accused of antiquities trafficking. The museum is seeking evidence of the claims.

Cambodia Asks U.K. Cultural Institutions to Return Looted Statues

British museums contain hundreds of allegedly stolen temple treasures.

Cambodia urges UK museums to investigate and return looted treasures allegedly handled by dealer Douglas Latchford

British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum now under scrutiny of Cambodian government as it campaigns to recover the country's stolen artefacts that were sold in the West

The long struggle to return Cambodia’s looted treasures

Cambodia is calling on the UK government to help it recover antiquities it says were stolen from its temples.

Pink donut boxes are canvas for artist portraying kids of Cambodian-American refugees

Los Angeles is a city dotted with donut shops, many of them mom-and-pop operations run by immigrants from Cambodia and tucked away in strip malls across Southern California.

Netscape Founder Gives Up $35 Million in Art Said to Be Stolen

“Why would you want to own something that was stolen?” said James H. Clark, who investigators said had been persuaded to buy dozens of looted items by a rogue dealer.

Tech titan surrenders Cambodian relics sold by indicted dealer amid broader repatriation push

Netscape co-founder Jim Clark paid millions for antiquities bought from alleged trafficker Douglas Latchford, whose secret offshore dealings were exposed in the Pandora Papers.

Pivoting Our View of a Sculpture

Research and collaboration have reconfigured a work from around the year 600, transforming its presence.

He Sold Away His People’s Heritage. He’s in the Jungle to Get It Back.

A Cambodian temple looter, who says more than 100 artifacts he stole are in museums around the world, is working to help reclaim them.

The legend of the Indian prince who is the forefather of all Cambodians

The love story of prince Preah Thong and Naga princess Neang Neak is intrinsic to Cambodian culture, passed on to every child at a young age.

A Botched Restoration Left These Ancient Cambodian Statues With Swapped Limbs

Now properly pieced together, the sculptures of Hindu deity Krishna are on view at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Ancient Krishnas are reunited with their body parts

A collaboration between the Cleveland Museum of Art and the National Museum of Cambodia revealed that each boy god had been given the other’s limbs during earlier conservation work.

Denver museum to return looted relics to Cambodia after US moves to seize them

The repatriation of the ancient statues comes weeks after Pandora Papers reporting identified dozens of Khmer antiquities linked to an accused trafficker in the collections of major art institutions.

Denver museum to return looted relics to Cambodia after U.S. moves to seize them

The repatriation comes weeks after Pandora Papers reporting identified dozens of antiquities linked to an accused trafficker in the collections of major art institutions.

Feds intervene to help Cambodia recover looted artifacts from Denver museum

The pieces had been sold to the Denver Art Museum by a renowned art collector who was later revealed to be a major trafficker in looted goods.