What is left of Cambodia’s political opposition?

The same family has ruled Cambodia for nearly 40 years, and has dismantled opposition to its rule piece by piece. As Hun Manet continues in his father's footsteps, exiled Cambodian activists vow continued resistance.

For nearly 40 years, the same family has led Cambodia without much threat to its rule. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet was sworn in last year, taking over from his father Hun Sen, who was in power from 1985 to 2023.

Hun Sen won another five-year term as prime minister in elections last July, but he quickly handed over the premiership to his son. However, 71-year-old Hun Sen remains a political force as the president of Cambodia’s Senate.

Supporters of Hun Sen’s long time in power contend he led Cambodia into modern times after the Cambodian genocide under the Khmer Rouge from 1975–1979, during which nearly 25% of the country’s population perished.

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