Cambodia: No foreign military base allowed

Cambodia's Defence Minister Tea Banh reassured Wednesday that no foreign military base would be allowed in the country as it goes against its Constitution.

A Chinese Naval Base in Cambodia Signals a New Era of Competition in the Asia-Pacific Region

In October 2020, satellite photos showed that the Cambodian government had demolished two American-built facilities at the Southeast Asian nation’s Ream Naval Base—despite Washington offering to renovate them.

Cambodia breaks ground on China-funded Ream Naval Base expansion

Officials again deny site will be used by People's Liberation Army.

China, Cambodia break ground on port, dismiss US concerns

Chinese and Cambodian officials broke ground Wednesday on a contentious naval port expansion project, dismissing American concerns it could provide Beijing with a strategically important military outpost on the Gulf of Thailand.

China hails ‘ironclad partnership’ with Cambodia as work begins on naval base, raising US concern

Cambodian defence minister dismisses fears that his country would let China build a military base on its soil, saying any country could use the facilities.

Cambodia, China deny naval base reports as Australia voices concern

Cambodia and Beijing on Tuesday denied a report that they are building a secret naval facility for the Chinese fleet, as Australia's new prime minister voiced concern and called for transparency.

China accuses US of fabricating false information on military base in Cambodia

China claims that the US government is fabricating false information on their construction of a military base in Cambodia in an attempt to pressurise the country’s authorities.

China and Cambodia deny U.S. report of Chinese military presence at joint port project

A new report from the Washington Post states that China is secretly building a PLA military base in a joint port project in Cambodia, claims which both nations’ officials have denied.

China, Cambodia Breaking Ground on Joint Port Project

A Cambodian government spokesman described the expansion of the Ream Naval Base as “cooperation between China and Cambodia” but rejected reports of a Chinese base.

Cambodia boosts artillery firepower with Chinese help

Rocket launchers and truck-mounted howitzers are brand new equipment rolling into the hands of the Royal Cambodian Army.

Seize the ‘Asian moment’, China tells Cambodia ahead of US-Asean summit

Asian countries should be cautious and resist any attempts to provoke confrontation in the region, China's foreign minister told his Cambodian counterpart in the countdown to a Southeast Asian leaders summit in Washington this week.

China Signs Deal With Cambodia Army, Rebuffing U.S. Warnings

Beijing also in talks with Solomon Islands on basing warships. U.S. told Cambodia that China’s military threatened security.

Chinese man who claimed he was abducted by Cambodian crime gang and used as a ‘blood slave’ fabricated his story, say police

Beijing’s embassy in Ukraine has told Chinese residents to stock up on food and water and stay connected in case they need help.

China, Cambodia urged to tackle rising number of vicious crimes

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia has urged the Chinese and Cambodian governments to tackle the rising number of vicious crimes involving Chinese citizens in Cambodia.

Trafficking Victim Says Captors Harvested His Blood for Months

The man is the latest to come forward alleging disturbing abuse in the Cambodian city of Sihanoukville, which has grown into a haven for Chinese scammers.

Cambodia human trafficking job scam backlash for China’s

Man responded to an advert on for work as a nightclub bouncer but was smuggled to Cambodia where his captors extracted dangerous amounts of blood.

Chinese ‘Blood Slave’ Rescued in Cambodia

When a man, trafficked abroad and forced to join a cybercrime operation, refused to cooperate, kidnappers sold his blood instead.

Chinese Expats A Growing Presence in Cambodia (video)

In Cambodia alone, China has invested 10 billion dollars over the past five years.

As US criticises, Cambodia veers closer to ‘ironclad brother’ China

Sanctions against Cambodian officials and warnings not to invest in the country are more likely to be met with intransigence than policy changes, observers say.

China backs Cambodia’s bid to produce Covid vaccines

Joint study underway with the makers of Sinopharm after Cambodia reaches herd immunity.