Cambodia’s Hun Sen receives support pledges on Beijing visit

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen received multiple assurances of Chinese economic and political support during a meeting Friday in Beijing with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Opinion: A Chinese ‘secret base’

A military base in Cambodia can act as a tool of influence for Beijing.

Cambodia’s China dependence deepens as first expressway opens

After three years of Chinese-led construction work, Cambodia’s very first toll expressway has opened for business, the project symbolising the deepening economic ties between the Southeast Asian nation and Beijing.

China’s Premier Comes to Cambodia Bearing Gifts

The routine nature and broad scope of the agreements signed by Li Keqiang and Hun Sen reflects the closeness of the relationship between Beijing and Phnom Penh.

Chinese premier announces new aid for close ally Cambodia

Visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced a large development assistance package for Cambodia on Wednesday, oversaw the signing of 18 agreements on aid and cooperation, and attended the inauguration of a highway constructed with Chinese support.

Easy Highway, Troubled City: How China Wins and Loses Cambodians’ Hearts

Two China-driven projects show striking contrasts. The newly opened Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway has been well-received by Cambodians. But grand plans for Sihanoukville to be an investment hub and “multi-purpose” city have instead seen Chinese businesses crowding out locals, a boom-bust cycle in construction and illicit trades.

15 Malaysians Rescued from Cambodia’s Cyber Scam Traffickers

Malaysian authorities have brought home 15 victims of a suspected cybercrime scheme, who had been lured into Cambodia by lucrative yet phony job offers,...

Cambodia not quite yet in a China debt trap

Cambodia’s public debt is manageable for now but $50 billion spending plans and rising US rates are quickly changing the equation.

Chinese company falters in major Cambodian airport project

A major airport project funded by China in Cambodia in India's eastern neighbourhood has been stalled as the Chinese company that was given the contract has allegedly run out of funds.

Activists say China’s new Silk Road equips autocrats with spy tech

China is helping dozens of nations to roll out digital surveillance systems which can be used to target protest and dissent.

China’s Cambodian dream, a debt trap and security concerns

It is not new that China has been trying to establish control and authority over the global politics and has gone to lengths for establishing and fulfilling his hegemonic interests in south east Asia.

Growing Concern Over Potential Chinese Military Presence in Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base

There is increasing concern about China’s growing military influence over neighboring Cambodia, with potential Chinese military presence at Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base and as well as a regular stream of weapons and military equipment sent to the country from China.

Satellite images of naval base in Cambodia expose China’s lie

Damning satellite photos show an unusual jagged road being cut into a hillside in an area China insisted it wouldn’t meddle in.

‘Swallowed’ by China: Cambodia’s Ream base expansion raises alarm

Sihanoukville naval site underscores Beijing's growing military, business presence.

Cambodia Casino Turns Deadly for Two Chinese Nationals Following Gunfight

The past few years have brought an increase in foreign influence in Cambodia, often with disastrous results.

Asian Insider Podcast: How Chinese money transformed Cambodian coastal town Sihanoukville

Straits Times' foreign editor Bhagyashree Garekar discusses China’s presence in Sihanoukville, a quiet coastal town that has been transformed by Chinese investment.

Chinese found leading Cambodia job scam targeting Vietnamese: police

A job scam ring that targeted Vietnamese seekers of ‘easy jobs that pay well’ in Cambodia was found to be led by Chinese, according to the Vietnamese criminal police agency.

Chinese drug syndicates shifting meth, ketamine manufacturing networks to Cambodia

A cross-border operation between police in China’s southern Guangdong province and counterparts in Cambodia have seized 350kg (772lbs) of crystal methamphetamine in a series of raids, shown in recently released footage by Chinese state media.

China Fudges on Access to Cambodian Naval Base

On June 7, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian was asked to respond to a Washington Post report about China “secretly building a naval facility” in Cambodia.

Chinese help for Cambodian naval base does not mean PLA troops on the ground, say analysts

Ream naval base too small and lacking in military significance, Chinese observers point out.