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TikTok-famous pet lion in Cambodia was returned to its owner after country’s prime minister...

A pet lion was confiscated by Cambodian authorities last week after it was spotted in several TikTok videos.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen intervenes to return pet lion to owner

Prime minister trumps Trump in use of social media to announce policy.

Groups call for the release of Mother Nature environmental activists in Cambodia

Human rights groups in and outside of Cambodia are calling for the immediate release of Mother Nature activists who were detained for filming a sewage flow near the Royal Palace.

Cambodian PM orders return of defanged lion to Chinese owner

A defanged and declawed lion trafficked to an upscale neighbourhood of the Cambodian capital was on Monday returned to its owner following the unlikely intervention of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Declawed lion returned to Chinese owner after Cambodia’s prime minister intervenes (video)

A defanged and declawed lion trafficked to an upscale neighbourhood of the Cambodian capital was returned to its owner on July 5, 2021, after Prime Minister Hun Sen intervened.

Cambodia cut from US military scholarship programme due to China ties

US deputy secretary of state raised ‘serious concerns’ over Chinese military presence and facilities at the Ream Naval Base at the Gulf of Thailand.

America’s misplayed debt diplomacy in Cambodia

Moralizing is all well and good but the Vietnam War era $700 million Phnom Penh owes Washington need not be a sticking point.

U.S. ends military academy progamme for Cambodia amid strained ties

The United States has ended its programme with Cambodia to send students to top American military academies, a U.S. embassy official said on Thursday, marking the latest sign of strains in the relations between the two countries.

Will Vaccination Be Hun Sen’s Legacy?

Cambodia’s successful COVID-19 vaccine rollout has given the country’s leader a golden chance to bow out of politics. Will he take it?

West urges Cambodia to rethink Mother Nature arrests

Environmentalists also charged with insulting the king as well as plotting to overthrow the government.

Britain’s FM meets with Cambodian officials for trade talks

Britain’s top diplomat met Wednesday with his Cambodian counterpart as he pushed for closer economic relations to Southeast Asia, part of the U.K.’s new emphasis on the region.

Being Green Is Enough to Get You Jailed in Hun Sen’s Cambodia

he arrests and charges against three young, peaceful environmental activists in Cambodia shows that the repression of Prime Minister Hun Sen is not just directed against political opponents.

UK foreign secretary urged to raise arrest of activists during Cambodia visit

Dominic Raab due to hold talks with Prak Sokhonn as part of efforts to expand diplomatic and trade ties in south-east Asia.

Hun Sen in quarantine, 20 Covid deaths in Cambodia

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen went into 14-day quarantine on Saturday, as the country reported a one-day record of 20 deaths from Covid-19.

Cambodian PM in quarantine after contact with Covid-19 case, cancels meeting with UK foreign...

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Saturday he has cancelled talks next week with British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab after the South-east Asian leader came into contact with someone infected with coronavirus.

Cambodian Rapper Gets 18 Months For Dissing Government

While American rappers such as YG and Nipsey Hussle have the freedom to call out future presidents in the case of “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump),” Cambodian artists don’t have the same luxury to attack the government without time behind bars.

Cambodian officials accuse Washington of interference after denying US attaché full access to Ream...

The defence ministry says American Colonel Marcus Ferrara asked to inspect parts of Ream that were not named in proposals. Two US-built structures there were razed last year, sparking concerns that China will benefit from upgrades to the base.

China squeezes Cambodia for its Covid app data

China seeks access to Cambodia's contact tracing data for reasons that are more likely about spying than disease control.

US halts tour of China-linked Cambodian base over access dispute

The U.S. defense attache to Cambodia abruptly ended a tour of Ream Naval Base on Friday after being denied "full access" to the site, which is undergoing Beijing-backed expansion.

In Cambodia, the End of COVID-19 Will Heighten the Economic Contradictions

Corruption and inequality are set to rise as the country emerges from the pandemic.


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