Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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Cambodia COVID-19 Drive Rests on Elite Charity Networks

The Cambodian government is presenting COVID-19 relief packages as a gift from the wealthy and well-connected.

Cambodia accused of using Covid to edge towards ‘totalitarian dictatorship’

New law means people could face 20 years in prison for lockdown breaches, as campaigners warn of ‘human rights disaster’.

Would Access to Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base Really Benefit China?

Gaining access to a Cambodian naval facility would give China’s navy little discernible strategic advantage.

Cambodia’s strongman is trying opposition politicians en masse

But one lucky critic seems to be getting gentler treatment.

Cambodia prioritises economic diplomacy

Since the turn of the century, ‘economic pragmatism’ — the alignment of foreign policy with economic development interests — has shaped Cambodia’s foreign engagement.

Cambodia dismayed over European Parliament’s resolution on mass trials against perpetrators

The National Assembly of Cambodia issued a statement on Wednesday (March 17) voicing its "utter dismay" over the European Parliament's recent resolution on the mass trials against perpetrators linked to the "9 November 2019 plot" in the country.

Turkey, Cambodia called on to implement UN body decision on expelled educator

The New York-based Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF) has called on the governments of Turkey and Cambodia to implement a decision against the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Republic of Turkey made by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) in the case of an expelled educator.

European Parliament Turns up the Heat on Cambodia’s Hun Sen

The strongly-worded resolution is unlikely to induce any change of heart on the part of Cambodia’s corrupt and self-focused elites.

Cambodian activist arrested for criticizing Chinese anti-Covid vaccine

Thorn Kimsan, a member of the CNRP, posted to social media that the product is "unsafe" and has reportedly caused “several victims" in the country. Plainclothes officers arrested her while she was working in a restaurant in the capital. For her daughter it is a "political" arrest. Other activists are in prison for the same reason.

EU Should Sanction Cambodia’s ‘Dirty Dozen’

Stronger Response Needed to Address Hun Sen’s Intensifying Crackdown.

Cambodia signals foreign policy shift by halting military drills with China

In February, the Cambodian government suspended a planned joint military exercise with China, citing the need to cut spending in order to allocate more resources to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

UN experts: Cambodian opposition leaders’ jail terms ‘appalling’

Heavy jail terms handed to Cambodian opposition leaders are "clear breaches” of international law, United Nations human rights experts has said recently.

Hun Sen says he will rule Cambodia ‘until I want to stop’

Prime minister rules out any transfer of power and takes a dig at opposition parties.

Cambodia postpones ASEM summit due to continued coronavirus risks

Cambodia, host of the 13th Asia-Europe Meeting scheduled for early June, has postponed the political forum's biennial summit until later this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

Cambodian Court Sentences Opposition Leader to Heavy Prison Term

Sam Rainsy and eight former CNRP officials have been accused of seeking to overthrow the Cambodian government in late 2019.

‘Mockery of justice’: Cambodia’s Rainsy gets 25-year jail term

The country’s top opposition party was banned in 2018 and many of its leaders and supporters put on trial.

Cambodian opposition figure Sam Rainsy slapped with 25-year jail sentence as Australians face ‘incitement’...

Prominent Cambodian opposition figure Sam Rainsy was sentenced in absentia to 25 years in jail over an alleged plot to overthrow Prime Minister Hun Sen's government, a court official said.

Japanese ‘Magnitsky Law’ Would Send a Strong Message to Cambodia’s Hun Sen

A Japanese Magnitsky law would allow Tokyo to develop a distinctive Asian voice on human rights and democracy.

Cambodia’s Surviving Opposition Politicians Regroup Ahead of Elections

Former Prime Minister Prince Norodom Ranariddh is back in the political arena, but his chance of success is small.

What’s Behind Cambodia’s Cancellation of Military Exercises with China?

The cancellation, purportedly due to COVID-19, could be a peace offering to the Biden administration.


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