China’s 2nd Overseas Base ‘Fully Operational’; 2 PLA Navy Warships Found Docked In Ream, Cambodia

China’s only overseas military base besides Djibouti is up and running. Satellite imagery indicates that two Chinese navy ships have been docked at Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base for over four months.

A new satellite imagery analysis has shown that the two warships of the People Liberations Army-Navy have been docked for extended periods at the new pier despite repeated concerns expressed by the United States. The base in Cambodia is meant for repair, and replenishment will also have repercussions for India, as it will shorten the time taken to reach its maritime area of dominance.

The two Chinese warships were first seen at Ream on December 3 in a Facebook post by Cambodia’s Defense Minister Tea Seiha, who said that the ships were there for training engagements with the Cambodian Navy. In January 2024, Radio Free Asia reported that they had left the base before they were spotted again in March imagery of Ream in a report by Nikkei.

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