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The fight outside the ring

The career of a Kun Khmer fighter is marred by physical and mental obstacles. What motivates these men to put their bodies on the line?

Sihanoukville picks up pieces after gambling chaos

Foreign investors rode a hot streak in Sihanoukville until the gambling game collapsed last summer. Now, with the boomtown at risk of going bust and the city decaying around them, long-term residents, local businesses and construction workers are picking up the pieces.

Boom or bust: Will Cambodia fulfill its potential?

In the eighth and final instalment of Southeast Asia Globe's collaboration with Future Forum on the Cambodia 2040 project, we sit down with the think-tank's founder Ou Virak to hear his reflections on the series. In the decades to come, does he believe that the Kingdom will successfully address the pressing issues raised?

It came, it conquered: How the humble tuk-tuk conquered Southeast Asia

From India to Southeast Asia, Africa to South America, the humble tuk-tuk has shown that three wheels are plenty as its conquered vast swathes of the globe in recent decades.

Making the grade: Can Cambodia’s education system learn to prosper?

For the seventh installment of our eight-week series with Future Forum looking at the Kingdom in 2040, we examine the future of learning in Cambodia. With the need for high-quality schooling only going to rise in the coming decades, will the Kingdom’s education system make the grade?

Trick or treason? Kem Sokha – The man behind the politics

After more than two years facing charges of treason, Cambodia's embattled former opposition leader Kem Sokha is set to finally receive his day in court on Wednesday. Southeast Asia Globe spoke with his daughter Monovithya, as well as those who have worked closely with him over the years, to learn about the man behind the politics.

How do US sanctions impact Cambodian officials?

Oknha Try Pheap and General Kun Kim were the latest high-profile Cambodians to face the wrath of US sanctions in December. But what does this really mean in practice for the two men, and are targeted sanctions more ethical and effective than punitive trade measures like withdrawing the EU's EBA?

High water mark

13 years ago, we asked the question – what might the weather bring us fifty years from now? Back in 2007, Cambodia was witnessing super cyclones one year, drought the next. Today, with extreme weather become a yearly reality and the clock ticking before the region reaches an environmental tipping point, the situation is showing few signs of improvement

Under the gavel: Reforming law and governance in Cambodia

In the sixth installment of our eight-week collaboration with Future Forum looking at life in the Kingdom in 2040, we delve into law and governance. With poor public service provision, entrenched patronage networks and rampant corruption, does Cambodia have the capacity to reform in order to truly prosper?

Fast forward for sex: Pornography and Cambodian society

Back in 2007, the presence of pornography in Cambodian society was far more overt than today.

Get with it: Will Cambodia adapt to automation?

In the fifth installment of our eight-week series with Future Forum looking at the Kingdom in 2040, we turn to the future of work. In the coming decades, the region's economies will change faster than we’ve ever seen before. Will Cambodia ride that energy or fall behind?

Award-winning farming: Cambodian farmer wins award for community work

In late November, Battambang rice farmer Roeum Socheat received international acclaim for his work empowering Raingkesei agricultural community since 2017. Can his model provide hope for farmers across the Kingdom?

Finding refuge in breakdancing

In a working class neighbourhood on the outskirts of town, breakbeat and hip-hop reverberate around a high-ceilinged hall in what was once a garment factory­, now a mural-strewn art gallery and creative hub.

Cambodia’s green revolution?

Because Cambodia needs to reverse its reliance on deforestation and fossil fuels for the benefit of future generations

Is ecotourism the future of Cambodian travel?

With the number of visitors to Angkor Wat severely dropping this year, Cambodia’s tourism industry, so vital to the economy, is in danger of becoming reliant on Chinese gambling dollars in Sihanoukville. In search of alternatives, we return to a piece from 2009 looking at Cambodia's then budding ecotourism industry. Could green be the answer to the Kingdom's tourism woes?

Hungry for change: Cambodian farming faces fraught future

In the third installment of our eight-week series looking at Cambodia in 2040, we examine how the next two decades will see the Kingdom's food production and farming face a mix of challenges posed by technology, drought and trade. How will a country so reliant on its agricultural sector manage to adapt and survive?

The grass is never greener: As Phnom Penh booms, green spaces are cut back

As Phnom Penh’s construction sector booms, communities suffer as public recreational areas are sacrificed for never-ending new developments. In an economic environment where money trumps all, who will preserve vital green spaces for the capital's residents?

Cambodia and the great powers

In the second installment in our eight-week partnership with Future Forum looking at Cambodia in the decades to come, we examine the Kingdom's attempts to navigate the choppy waters of great power politics that threatens to submerge its domestic affairs and jeopardise its future.

Cambodia’s symbolic shunning of Human Rights Day

This year will be the last in which Human Rights Day will be marked in Cambodia after the government's decision to remove it from its list of public holidays. Chak Sopheap, Executive Director of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, reflects on this symbolic gesture and what it means for rights in the Kingdom.

Into the future: What will Cambodia look like in two decades?

In 20 years time, Cambodia will be as unrecognisable to us as our present would have been to our parents. Over the next eight weeks, Southeast Asia Globe, in partnership with Future Forum, will be speaking to some of the Kingdom’s brightest minds about the future they envision for the next generation.