Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Cambodia risks becoming a hub in the Mekong region’s thriving drug trade

Uncertainty and turmoil in the Golden Triangle, Southeast Asia's long-time narcotics hub, means syndicates are casting an eye across the Mekong for next steps. With soaring meth seizures, Cambodia is showing signs of becoming central to the region's drug trade.

Fears over long-term impact as school closures in Cambodia stretch on

Cambodian schools have been closed for more than 200 days since the onset of Covid-19. Already struggling to engage thousands of young learners pre-pandemic, this extended break has only worsened the situation, with the long-term effects on a generation of students yet to be seen.

Introducing Anakut: The podcast about Cambodia’s future

Welcome to Anakut, a podcast about Cambodia present and future!

Irving Penh: Portraits of Phnom Penh’s riverside sellers

The vendors plying their trade on Phnom Penh's streets play an invaluable but under-appreciated role supporting life in the capital. But using their makeshift riverside studio, two photographers set out to place these overlooked workers in the spotlight.

[Photos] Armed with a radio, Cambodian girl climbs tree to access education

Jumping down from the tree near her home, Srey Ka assumes her spot in the shade underneath as she adjusts the dials...

Pooling resources: Fostering solidarity among Mekong communities

With rural communities along the Mekong living at the mercy of the geopolitical whims of nations controlling the river's flow and development, attempts are being made to band these disparate people together to regain control over their fate.

Female-led councils and equity classes as Siem Reap schools target gender gap

The presence of Chbab Srey in classrooms well into the 20th century tells the uninitiated much of what they need to know about the power of gender roles in Cambodia’s education system.

As Cambodia cracks down, youth must increase their social media activism

While youth-led protests grow in neighbouring Thailand, a spate of arrests of Cambodian activists in recent months has been met with a muted response. Researcher Kimkong Heng believes it's high-time that the Kingdom's youth reengaged through social media.

Environmental fears as new Mekong island carved out in Phnom Penh

A major land reclamation in the Mekong has forged ahead in what developers say will be the second Diamond Island. But while land filling elsewhere in the city has been met with unease, this mega-project has taken shape unbothered by current or controversy

[Photos] The cyclos, street food and shophouses of 1950s Phnom Penh

This collection of archive images depicts Phnom Penh in April 1953, offering an insight into Cambodia on the brink of independence, a country yet to be touched by the heady development of the 60s or the tragedy of the 70s.

‘An all-time low’: Cambodia’s search for peace and democracy continues

Cambodia has undergone a shrinking of democratic space and human rights in recent years, with this gathering pace again with the arrest of Rong Chhun and other activists in recent months. This Democracy Day, CCHR's Chak Sopheap marks the occasion by outlining where the Kingdom is going wrong.

Playing with pride: Meet Cambodia’s oldest LGBT women’s football team

In rural Kampong Chhnang, 61-year-old Van Sovan watches as his squad are put through the paces in the midday Cambodian heat. Touch, pass, pass, shoot – practice makes perfect.

Witnessing tragedy: Journalist Jon Swain revisits 1970s Phnom Penh

With Jon Swain’s cult memoir River of Time set to be adapted for the big screen, the author returns to his time in 1970s Indochina, where he witnessed death and destruction in Vietnam, the Fall of Phnom Penh and the rise of the Khmer Rouge

Reading between the data

Wrapping up a week of delving into the four pillars of the Cambodian economy – garments, agriculture, construction and tourism – Globe editor Andrew Haffner offers reflections on the findings and process behind the series.

Holidays on hold

Tourists have clamoured to see the sights of Cambodia and, for years, business has moved to meet demand. But the sudden collapse of the global travel industry has brought an end to the party, with once-bustling towns like Siem Reap now lying dormant.

Hanging up the hard hat

With no building in Phnom Penh higher than four storeys only 20 years ago, Cambodia's capital and many provincial cities have seen explosive development. But with the hard hats hung up on many smaller projects in recent months, how sustainable is the boom?

A return to the fields

Once the largest single industry in the Kingdom, Cambodia's agricultural sector has shrunk significantly with the growth of industrialisation. Now, with few other options as the economy stalls due to the pandemic, Cambodians are once again going to ground .

Locking the factory doors

For decades the garment and footwear industry has fuelled Cambodia's economic miracle, with more than 900,000 workers employed by over 1,000 factories at its peak. But with the global economic shutdown, the factory lights are off and the doors locked.

The art of the brew: The story behind Cambodia’s first nanobrewery

Flowers Nanobrewery isn’t trying to break the Angkor monopoly on the Cambodian beer market, but the one-man, Japanese-run nanobrewery in Kampot is trying to preserve its distinct craft beer creations and identity.

Vann Molyvann’s house is up for sale – but should it be a heritage...

With the former Phnom Penh home of visionary Cambodian architect Vann Molyvann on the market, its potential sale to private investors provides few guarantees over its preservation as a Cambodian cultural artefact and heritage site.