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Stop the fireworks: Virus puts Khmer New Year on hold around the globe

Khmer New Year is normally a time for celebration and community, but for Cambodians across the globe this year has been scuppered by the global pandemic. To get around this, some groups are moving celebrations online.

‘Covid-19 exposes the great inequality in Cambodian water access’

While Covid-19 has been labelled the 'great leveller' by many due to the diverse nature of those infected, Horn Chanvoitey of Cambodian think-tank Future Forum argues that it exposes one of the Kingdom's great inequalities: access to clean water.

Cambodian journalist’s arrest part of regional crackdown on virus coverage

This week Cambodian journalist Sovann Rithy was arrested after he posted a quote taken directly from a Prime Minister Hun Sen speech. Rights groups have warned it's part of a worrying trend across Southeast Asia, as governments tighten their grip on the press in the wake of reporting on the virus.

Cambodian healthcare will be overwhelmed by outbreak

As Covid-19 cases rise, healthcare systems in the most developed nations have struggled to cope. Horn Chanvoitey of Future Forum warns that Cambodia's chronically underfunded healthcare system will also be overwhelmed if an outbreak occurs.

Every dog has it day

April 4 marks the International Day for Mine Awareness. Around the world, there are four-legged bomb detectors who quietly risk their lives each day, gaining little fan fair. But in Cambodia, these unsung canine heroes have been given a home in which to enjoy their well-earned retirement.

On the tail of a virus

In Phnom Penh, US researchers have teamed up with the Pasteur Institute to conduct vital work tracking the spread and mutation of Covid-19. Their research has placed Cambodia at the heart of Southeast Asia's efforts to stem the spread of the disease and find a cure.

Cambodia’s COVID-19 “fake news” crackdown

The Cambodian government has undertaken a recent spate of arrests, charging people with spreading "fake news" regarding COVID-19. Rights groups have expressed concern that this is merely a pretext for a clampdown on political dissent.

Quarantine in the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital

After coming down with a fever three weeks ago, an expat was admitted to Phnom Penh's Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital. In the second of our personal essays looking at life during COVID-19, we publish their account of life inside a Cambodian government quarantine.

As COVID-19 hits global economy, Cambodian workers face layoffs

As COVID-19 brings the global economy to a grinding halt, industry insiders warn that Cambodian workers face factory closures and job suspensions as the demand for goods falls in the West.

Cambodia’s ‘diva of the rice fields’

On March 20, 2018 Cambodia lost one of it's great musicians when Cambodian Space Project frontwoman Kak Channthy was killed in a traffic accident. Two years on, her friends and family reminisce about the singer's life.

50 years on, was the 1970 coup the defining event in Cambodia’s history?

50 years ago on March 18 1970, Cambodia's Prince Norodom Sihanouk was overthrown in what is widely regarded a bloodless coup by military general Lon Nol. The tragic events that befell Cambodia in the decade after would go on to shape the Kingdom for generations, with the effects still visible to this day.

Shining on the global stage

With Cambodia set to host the high-profile Europe-Asia cooperation summit ASEM 2020 come November, Robert Hör of think tank KAS explains why he believes the meet could be crucial in setting Cambodia back on track on the global stage.

The Kep woman using education to inspire change in Cambodia

In Cambodia's Kep province, Phou Mom has shaken up the education system in recent decades. Her efforts inspired generations of the Kingdom's female students, including Vannet Neak, today a school director who is trailblasing a path of her own.

Up in arms: After EBA, who’s fighting for Cambodian workers?

Say Sokny will always remember her first day of work for Cambodia’s Free Trade Union.

Courting opposition

Amid a boom in supposed opposition parties filling the CNRP void, Cambodian democracy seems even farther out of grasp than before.

Fighting the green fight

Across Southeast Asia, there are environmental activists risking their freedom and facing violence as they fight the green fight. Here we profile four of these unsung individuals campaigning in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Bruce Robinson: Meet the man behind The Killing Fields

In 1985, Cambodian Haing S Ngor became the first Asian to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the iconic The Killing Fields. The Globe sat down with the film's screenplay writer Bruce Robinson on the 24th anniversary of Ngor's murder to hear his reflections on the man and the movie.

Life on the margins: Life inside Phnom Penh’s urban poor communities

Across rapidly developing Phnom Penh, landless urban poor communities face imminent threats of eviction, on top of a myriad of health and sanitation issues. What is life like for these communities on the margins?

The day of judgment: Cambodia’s EBA fate fast approaches, but what happens next?

On February 12, the EU will hand down its long-awaited verdict regarding Cambodia’s access to the preferential trade scheme Everything But Arms, a decision that looks set to shape the Kingdom for years to come. But what happens next?

The online threat: As child abuse moves online, Cambodian law enforcement follows

With crimes committed using technology increasingly at the forefront of efforts by law enforcement and NGOs, in Cambodia a new unit dedicated to tackling the growth of online child abuse has just been formed.