Cambodian opposition figures take distinct resistance paths

A pair of activists offer differing visions of reform and disruption while sharing a goal to change the Kingdom’s political future.

Exiled opposition leader Mu Sochua is steadfast that the spirit of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) is still alive.

Even as its former leaders remain scattered around the globe, await trial for trumped-up charges or try to drum up support for new parties with few resources, “it’s very clear – very clear – that the CNRP remains the main opposition,” Sochua said during a recent video call. “We have not disappeared.”

Other activists disagree. Theary Seng, another of the roughly 130 dissidents facing mass trial who has emerged as a cause célèbre in recent months for attending her trial hearings in apsara clothes or shackles, has called for Cambodians to ditch traditional politics.

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