Carbon ambitions: Inside Cambodia’s REDD+ boom

Despite ongoing controversy in its flagship Southern Cardamom REDD+ project, the Kingdom is driving forward with plans to greatly expand climate finance schemes across its officially protected areas. In partnership with the Earth Journalism Network, the Globe went deep to learn what lies within the country's credit rush.

When the Cambodian rainy season turns dirt roads into rutted mud, the villages tucked into rugged folds of the western Cardamom Mountains can feel far from just about everything. 

In the Areng Valley, a river-carved flatland in the range sparsely populated by villages of indigenous Chorng people, that includes any semblance of cellular reception. 

This means it’s usually best to meet in-person with Reem Souvsee, the deputy chief of the valley’s Chomnoab commune. Otherwise, Souvsee explained, she might get some reception near the roof of her house, or up the neighbouring mountains where local men go to harvest resin from trees to sell for a bit of income.

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