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Hungry for change: Cambodian farming faces fraught future

In the third installment of our eight-week series looking at Cambodia in 2040, we examine how the next two decades will see the Kingdom's food production and farming face a mix of challenges posed by technology, drought and trade. How will a country so reliant on its agricultural sector manage to adapt and survive?

The grass is never greener: As Phnom Penh booms, green spaces are cut back

As Phnom Penh’s construction sector booms, communities suffer as public recreational areas are sacrificed for never-ending new developments. In an economic environment where money trumps all, who will preserve vital green spaces for the capital's residents?

Cambodia and the great powers

In the second installment in our eight-week partnership with Future Forum looking at Cambodia in the decades to come, we examine the Kingdom's attempts to navigate the choppy waters of great power politics that threatens to submerge its domestic affairs and jeopardise its future.

Cambodia’s symbolic shunning of Human Rights Day

This year will be the last in which Human Rights Day will be marked in Cambodia after the government's decision to remove it from its list of public holidays. Chak Sopheap, Executive Director of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, reflects on this symbolic gesture and what it means for rights in the Kingdom.

Into the future: What will Cambodia look like in two decades?

In 20 years time, Cambodia will be as unrecognisable to us as our present would have been to our parents. Over the next eight weeks, Southeast Asia Globe, in partnership with Future Forum, will be speaking to some of the Kingdom’s brightest minds about the future they envision for the next generation.

A wild Cambodian Bensley experience: Sustainable luxury tourism in Cambodia

Can luxury and eco-friendly sustainability be mutually compatible? Southeast Asia Globe sat down with serial luxury hotelier Bill Bensley at his wildest experience so far in Cambodia.

Working things out: Training up Cambodia’s out-of-work youth

Cambodia has a shortage of candidates with the necessary soft skills key to propelling them towards better jobs. We speak to the community organisations trying to expand opportunities for vulnerable youth.

The archivists: How DC-Cam helped convict the Khmer Rouge

From our print archive: Since 1995, DC-Cam has been collating information on the crimes of the Khmer Rouge, conducting forums for victims and providing invaluable help to all the tribunal lawyers.

Homegrown heroes

Cambodia has long looked to international donors to fund its social development. We speak to three local Cambodians fighting to promote education and environmental awareness among the Kingdom's young generation on their own terms.

Lost in translation: Keeping children safe in Sihanoukville

A wave of casino-driven Chinese tourism to Cambodia is creating new challenges for the community networks that child protection groups have spent years setting up.

The great disappointment: How Sam Rainsy’s long-promised return fell flat

Sam Rainsy’s long-promised return to Cambodia on November 9 seems to have fallen at the first hurdle. For the exiled opposition leader, this humiliation could mark the end of his decades-long political career.

Health, wealth and happiness: Taking back Cambodia’s healthcare system

With the help of foreign donors, Cambodia has taken steps toward universal health coverage. Those in the system say it’s still not enough.

Looking on the bright side: How solar can shore up Cambodia’s energy needs

When it comes to quick, clean and scalable solutions to Cambodia’s energy dreams, a recent surge in investment in solar power is promising a pathway to prosperity.

Drawing on the past

From our print archive: a new generation of Cambodian comic book artists are carrying on the legacy of the Golden Age forebears.

The return

On November 9, Cambodia’s opposition leaders have promised to return to the Kingdom to take the fight to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s ruling party. We spoke to senior CNRP politician Mu Sochua about her fast-approaching date with destiny.


Cambodia’s native language is under pressure from a globally dominant English that is generating more jargon than Khmer can easily absorb.

Pipe dreams

A Chinese-funded property boom in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville is casting the city’s meth addicts to the margins.

Time to rebuild

Since Prime Minister Hun Sen announced a ban on online gambling, tens of thousands of Chinese nationals have left Sihanoukville on Cambodia’s coast. But the road to rebuilding seems a long one indeed.

Building a Kingdom

Buried amid the noise of Cambodia’s real estate boom, the Kingdom’s construction workers are still struggling for access to a steady wage and basic social protections.

Too little, too late for US ‘recommitment’ to Mekong countries? China’s already there

As Beijing floods the Mekong with much-needed cash, the US finds itself pushing back against the tide to retain influence.