Fears over long-term impact as school closures in Cambodia stretch on

Cambodian schools have been closed for more than 200 days since the onset of Covid-19. Already struggling to engage thousands of young learners pre-pandemic, this extended break has only worsened the situation, with the long-term effects on a generation of students yet to be seen.

Since April last year, school director Ros Pisey has seen her classrooms at Trapaing Trom Primary School in Siem Reap province converted into makeshift quarantine wards to house Covid-19 patients.

Before it was converted to a quarantine centre, Trapaing Trom school had instructed 434 primary students in Grades 1-4. Though the school’s students are still technically in class thanks to distance learning, Pisey said the transition away from in-person instruction is leaving many of her students behind.

“During the pandemic, the students have not been able to learn properly or adequately,” Pisey told the Globe. “While the school is closed and used for quarantining, we fear the spread of Covid-19 and we see that the children are spending more time at home doing housework or in the rice fields leaving them prone to risk.”

In full: https://southeastasiaglobe.com/cambodia-school-closures/

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