Irving Penh: Portraits of Phnom Penh’s riverside sellers

The vendors plying their trade on Phnom Penh's streets play an invaluable but under-appreciated role supporting life in the capital. But using their makeshift riverside studio, two photographers set out to place these overlooked workers in the spotlight.

While Cambodia has remained insulated from the worst effects of the virus from a public health perspective, economically, the impact has been devastating.

In the capital, this downturn is perhaps most visible on Phnom Penh’s riverside – its low-cost hostels and hotels once the jump-off point for the Kingdom’s backpackers heading to the temples of Angkor or the beaches of Koh Rong.

While shuttered businesses and empty restaurants offer tangible and unmissable signs of the downturn, less observed is the effect on the street sellers and food vendors plying their trade on the capital’s waterfront, minus a large chunk of their clientele.

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