Friday, September 25, 2020
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As Cambodia cracks down, youth must increase their social media activism

While youth-led protests grow in neighbouring Thailand, a spate of arrests of Cambodian activists in recent months has been met with a muted response. Researcher Kimkong Heng believes it's high-time that the Kingdom's youth reengaged through social media.

Online Gambling: the Trap of Cambodian Dependency on Chinese Investment in Sihanoukville

Cambodia’s number of online-gambling licensed casinos was the highest among Southeast Asian countries before this sector was banned (in 2019). This had gone from 57 to 150 casinos in just five years.

UN’s Unfinished Work in Cambodia Leaves Regional Security in Danger

The 75th anniversary of the United Nations on Sep. 21 invites a renewed commitment to one of the organisation’s great unfinished projects, the post-war reconstruction of Cambodia.

What’s Behind the Recent Arrests of Cambodian Activists?

A string of recent arrests of activists by Cambodian authorities has human rights groups and the United Nations calling for restraint and the right to free expression.

Parsing Washington’s Latest Cambodia Sanctions

Treasury’s listing of the Chinese-owned Union Development Group has reignited rumors that Beijing is eyeing a military presence on Cambodia’s coast.

‘An all-time low’: Cambodia’s search for peace and democracy continues

Cambodia has undergone a shrinking of democratic space and human rights in recent years, with this gathering pace again with the arrest of Rong Chhun and other activists in recent months. This Democracy Day, CCHR's Chak Sopheap marks the occasion by outlining where the Kingdom is going wrong.

Duch or the End of a Defeated Torturer

The last photo of Duch published before his death showed him on a hospital bed at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh, under treatment for respiratory failure from which he was suffering.

Cambodia: Free Detained Youth, Environmental Activists

End de Facto Ban on Phnom Penh Protests.

The closing of one bloody chapter in Cambodia’s history does not mark the end...

In a prison known as S-21, more than 12,000 Cambodian men, women and children were tortured and killed, some of the two million people who died under the Khmer Rouge between 1975 to 1979.

Post-EBA, Cambodia Needs to Jettison its ‘Double Standard’ Narrative

Harping on the EU’s ‘unfair’ withdrawal of trade preferences will do nothing to address the serious challenges facing the country.

Death of The Leader Of “The Killing Fields” Raises Questions

Will there be more genocides that the world will ignore until it is too late?

Southeast Asia’s Coming COVID-19 Vaccine Windfall

There are risks, but the region has a lot to gain from the international race to find an effective vaccine.

Bully or benefactor? New book explores China’s relationship with Asean states

Murray Hiebert’s Under Beijing’s Shadow: Southeast Asia’s China Challenge is a valuable compendium to understand China-Asean ties, this book reviewer writes.

Cambodia Succession Plan Hinges on Party Princelings

A handover of power from long-serving Hun Sen to his eldest son will require a broader generational transition with the ruling CPP.

The Cambodia dilemma: foreign affairs and human rights in tension

The European Union and the United States face a Cambodia dilemma. Being hard on Cambodia forces Phnom Penh to further align with China – a broader global trend Europe and the US seek to prevent amid China’s ascent as a global power.

Southeast Asia is Ground Zero in the New U.S.-China Conflict—and Beijing Is Winning

‘Under Beijing’s Shadow’ lays out in compelling detail how China is working to dominate the region.

Hun Sen uses Covid-19 to mask EU sanction hit

When the European Union withdrew part of Cambodia’s trade privileges, the punitive move aimed to cajole Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government to restore democratic politics and improve human rights.

Lancang-Mekong Cooperation brings benefits, opportunities to the region

The Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) has brought tangible benefits to the people in the region and promoted sub-regional cooperation.

Cambodia needs technocratic leaders to stay relevant in Industry 4.0

As the world is embracing automation and smart technology through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, digital literacy, technological skills and knowledge of tech trends are vital.

Chinese ‘base’ in Cambodia raises suspicions

A construction project in Cambodia being billed as a Chinese military complex has raised concerns in Southeast Asia.


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Chinese Covid-19 Quarantine Fugitives Still at Large After 2 Weeks

Phnom Penh’s police chief said on Wednesday that authorities have yet to track down two Chinese men who escaped from Covid-19 quarantine on September 9 despite authorities searching for two weeks.