Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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New Security Plan Puts Vietnam-Cambodia Defense Ties in the Headlines

The agreement spotlighted how both sides are managing the security aspect of their relationship.

The frontier economy of Cambodia

While developed countries see economies like Cambodia as new avenues for deeper economic integration, frontier economies may need to be aware of the vulnerability they share.

Cambodia: Drop Charges Against 2 Journalists

Bogus Radio Free Asia Case Drags On

How ‘new’ Chinese revived an ‘old’ ethnic dominance in Cambodia’s economy

Chinese ‘old’ and ‘new’ keep the economy of Hun Sen’s Cambodia humming. But investment by Beijing has also entrenched the patronage system and given rise to anti-Chinese sentiment.

Largest Casino Worker Strike Victory Highlights Wider Rights Issues

While the recent strike resulted in a pay rise commitment, it also spotlighted the wider rights issues and economic challenges for some workers.

Cambodia Is Criminalizing Democracy

There can be no democracy without a credible opposition, and in today’s Cambodia, there can be no credible opposition without the Cambodia National Rescue Party. It is thus vital that the international community not allow Prime Minister Hun Sen to use fabricated treason charges to suppress the CNRP.

Cambodia’s year of political limbo

Cambodian politics in 2019 was characterised by tension and uncertainty.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen has ruled for 35 years – is he looking to shore...

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen marks 35 years in office today, a landmark that divides opinion in the politically tense Southeast Asian nation.

Hun Sen has an existential corruption problem

Ineffectual anti-corruption unit has ensured Cambodia’s consistent rank among world’s most graft-ridden nations.

Just another building collapse in Cambodia?

When a single building collapses and kills several people, it’s a tragedy. But if it happens again within the span of only a few months, then it becomes a problem – one that needs to be paid serious attention to and addressed quickly.

The Bigger Problem Behind Cambodia’s Building Collapses

The recent spate of incidents raises a broader concern about safety standards in the country.

The Longest Failed Regime in the World

Hun Sen's reign was never supposed to last this long.

Vietnam-Cambodia Joint Naval Patrols in the Headlines with Review Meeting

Late last month, Vietnam and Cambodia held a review meeting to evaluate the state of joint naval patrols that they had been conducting.

EU rice tariffs hurt Cambodia’s farmers

Dealers use EU tariffs to squeeze Cambodian farmers. The episode holds warnings for 2020 as EBA protections remain under threat.

Cambodia’s three wishes for 2020

As Cambodia faces domestic and international challenges, the country is pinning its hopes on three key issues for 2020, namely its position amid geopolitical competition, a new domestic political culture, and economic resilience.

Hun Sen’s grand plan to hand power to his son

Cambodian leader expected to overcome opposition threat, restore US ties and start dynastic transition in 2020.

China to construct Dara Sakor airport and deep water seaport in Cambodia: A possible...

Since the beginning of this year media reports were indicating the Chinese aim of constructing an international airport in Dara Sakor as also a deep water seaport in the coastal area of Cambodia.

What’s in the New Vietnam-Cambodia Search and Rescue Exercise?

The new interaction highlighted some of the ongoing activity in the defense relationship amid wider challenges that ties continue to face.

2019, the year in which Cambodia’s textile production hub was at risk

During 2019, tensions increased between the European Union and the Asian country over the elimination of tariffs, after Brussels determined that Cambodia carried out practices against human rights.

Sihanoukville Re-Engineered: The Way Forward

The Cambodian government’s online gaming ban, issued on August 19, which resulted in the exodus of thousands of Chinese from the country, has left Sihanoukville with numerous sub-par construction projects suspended amid inappropriate master planning worsened by inadequate government supervision and rampant urban development from Chinese mainland investment.


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Appeal Court holds ‘inconclusive hearing’ into RFA case’s reinvestigation

The Appeal Court on Monday heard an appeal from two former Radio Free Asia journalists contesting the reinvestigation of their espionage case more than two years after they were charged.