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Doubling Down on Tourism Today will Constrain Cambodia’s Policy Options Tomorrow

COVID-19 has given Cambodia an opportunity to rethink its reliance on tourism. Will the government take it?

Peace vs. Democracy in Cambodia

The 1991 Paris Peace Accords had two primary goals: ending civil war and setting up democracy. One of those goals was achieved; the other has never looked less likely.

Could Evergrande’s Contagion Wreck Cambodia’s Property Sector?

Over the past decade, the country’s property market has become heavily reliant on inward flows of Chinese investment.

The Election Bells are Again Ringing Early in Cambodia

Charges against a political analyst were dropped on the urging of a Zoom-bombing prime minister.

How human rights groups can help Cambodia’s COVID-19 response

According to the Asian Development Bank, Cambodia’s economy contracted by 3.1 per cent in 2020. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) predicts that Cambodia’s poverty rate will rise to 17.6 per cent, around 8 percentage points higher than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Afghanistan: Lessons From Cambodia

There have been many references to the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam as an important historical analogy for today’s Afghanistan. A better analogy is Cambodia.

Thailand should avoid Disneyfication to boost tourism

The failed attempt of a Thai king to "relocate" the Angkor Wat temple from Cambodia to Thailand in 1859 was obviously brazen. The story does not end there. Some Thais are still claiming the temple built by Cambodian King Suryavarman II in the 12th century.

The microfinance debt crisis that is crushing Cambodia

International development agencies must act to protect borrowers' human rights

What Next for U.S. Engagement on Cambodia’s Protected Forests?

Cambodia’s lush Prey Lang rainforest is abundant with animals, insects and birds, including endangered species, and diverse types of forests. It also provides resin tapping and other sources of livelihood for some 250,000 people, many of whom are Indigenous Kuy, living within or adjacent to the forest.

Are cosier China-Cambodia ties a sign Beijing’s plan to set up military bases overseas...

Experts say China has a strategic interest in having more such bases worldwide, not just to project military power but also to safeguard its global interests. But while Beijing may be exploring this route in response to US-led efforts to counter its influence, the path to a network of outposts abroad is hardly straightforward.

Why the Khmer Rouge leader’s trial is still important

The expensive tribunal has resulted in just three convictions, but it will keep the genocide in public memory.

RCEP, mega trade deal, may have short shelf-life as US moves to isolate China

The signatories of the much-hyped Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) are keenly watching the US moves towards China. Amid the raging debate over the origin of Covid-19, the US is moving fast towards building international support to isolate China.

Cambodia to chair ASEAN in choppy waters

Cambodia will be ASEAN chair next year — its third time since joining the regional group in 1999. The last time Cambodia chaired ASEAN was in 2012, when it was fiercely criticised for siding with China at the expense of other ASEAN states over territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

Cambodia’s lion distraction

Media jumped on the tale of Hun Sen's intervention in the case of a privately 'owned' lion, for all the wrong reasons.

Do Cambodia’s Human Rights Groups Ignore Ethnic Vietnamese?

After decades of depredations, both real and imagined, Vietnam remains the main bogeyman of Cambodian nationalism.

America’s misplayed debt diplomacy in Cambodia

Moralizing is all well and good but the Vietnam War era $700 million Phnom Penh owes Washington need not be a sticking point.

Will Vaccination Be Hun Sen’s Legacy?

Cambodia’s successful COVID-19 vaccine rollout has given the country’s leader a golden chance to bow out of politics. Will he take it?

Being Green Is Enough to Get You Jailed in Hun Sen’s Cambodia

he arrests and charges against three young, peaceful environmental activists in Cambodia shows that the repression of Prime Minister Hun Sen is not just directed against political opponents.

In Cambodia, the End of COVID-19 Will Heighten the Economic Contradictions

Corruption and inequality are set to rise as the country emerges from the pandemic.

Does the Chinese Navy Want a Base in Cambodia?

The presence of a base in Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand would provide the PLAN with a new southern flank in the South China Sea.


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US raises concerns over Chinese construction at Cambodian naval base

Phnom Penh spokesman denies it is a facility for China’s military after American embassy calls for transparency. It comes after a CSIS report says satellite images show three new buildings have gone up and a road is being built.