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On negative journalism

It would be nice if journalists didn’t have to focus on the negatives so often, but it is more important to inform than to feel good.

Hun Manet: A Cambodian dynasty?

This week, Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen confirmed what has long been suspected, that he is grooming his eldest son, Hun Manet, for leadership of the country. “As his father,” Hun Sen declared, “I have to support my son and train him so that he is capable”.

Cambodia’s Diplomacy and its Perils

At first glance, Cambodia is insignificant. Indeed, with a GDP per capita in 2019 of only $1,620 and a growth rate hovering below seven percent, Cambodia is far from an East Asian economic powerhouse.

Who actually funds the Cambodian military?

Hun Sen brags that military vehicles from China cost taxpayers nothing, but that raises troubling questions about the funds' sources .

Pandemic math not adding up in Cambodia

Prime Minister Hun Sen slashes national budget by 50% at a time the nation desperately needs Covid-19 relief spending.

Cambodia: Caught in the middle

As it navigates a post-Covid recovery, Cambodia needs to strike a balance between the US and China.

Wanchalearm Satsaksit’s abduction in Cambodia: How they covered it

Wanchalearm Satsaksit, a prominent critic of the Thai government, has been missing and presumed dead since June 4. Eyewitnesses claim he was abducted in Phnom Penh, where he had lived since fleeing his homeland in 2014.

Cambodia’s COVID-19 success and economic challenges

Unlike Europe, North America and recently Russia, Southeast Asia does not seem to have been hit as hard by the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of total deaths and confirmed cases.

Cambodians Reclaim Angkor Wat as Global Lockdowns Continue to Bite

At Cambodia’s crown jewel, there’s “not a single selfie stick in sight” as tourists evaporate amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus is crushing Cambodia’s dreams of oil wealth

It is almost as if COVID-19 were specially designed to wreck Cambodia's 2020.

What lies behind Cambodia’s surprise coronavirus success?

Government's strong hand and international aid have led to zero deaths from COVID-19.

Another pearl in China’s string?

Plans in Cambodia for a massive tourist resort on an out-of-the way island don‘t add up and may serve a different goal.

Coronavirus ‘Fake News’ Arrests Are Quieting Critics

In Southeast Asia, the coronavirus pandemic has provided a handy excuse for a clampdown on free speech.

‘Cambodia’s agricultural sector is in dire need of revitalisation’

With the stalwarts of the Cambodian economy, tourism and garments, set to be decimated by the economic downturn, Prime Minister Hun Sen has called on agriculture to step in and pick up the slack. A badly neglected sector struggling to survive with outdated methods, technology and extreme weather events, how can this be done?

COVID-19 Threatens Endangered Species in Southeast Asia

The coronavirus has created a survival crisis for rural communities and, consequently, for wildlife.

Why Are We Not Talking About Cambodia’s Duterte-Inspired Drug War?

Overcrowding in Cambodia’s prisons has long been a problem. During a pandemic, it’s a ticking time bomb.

‘Cakeism’ in Cambodia

Giving a talk at a conference in Prague in early March, when the Covid-19 pandemic was still spoken of in “it-won’t-happen-here” tones in Europe, I was asked by the moderator to give my word of the year.

The Pandemic Effect: Five Predictions For The Cambodian Economy

Understanding the full impact that the coronavirus pandemic will have on the world is a timely and complicated process.

Promoting Values In Southeast Asia Especially During COVID-19

The governments of some countries in Southeast Asia have been playing Russian roulette with their citizens’ lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amnesty International criticises Cambodia’s war on drugs: How they covered it

Amnesty International released a report condemning human rights abuses committed during Cambodia’s ongoing war on drugs. Here’s how the media covered the story.


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Cambodian casinos to reopen pending COVID-19 safety measures

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has given the green light for almost 200 casinos across the country to reopen, provided they meet certain COVID-19 safety measures as approved by the Ministry of Health.