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Prospects for Cambodia’s chairing of ASEAN in 2022

In October 2021, Sultan Bolkiah of Brunei handed over the chairmanship of ASEAN to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Cambodia’s chair: trust and tasks ahead

Cambodia's reputation in regional and international affairs has long preceded Prime Minister Hun Sen's recent trip to Myanmar. Indeed, to be fair, the two-day visit was an ice breaker to create much-needed space for all the Asean 10 to get together once again.

Gang rape in Cambodia: A means of male bonding

Too many men in Cambodia feel entitled to shame, reject, harass and even rape women, writes Johanna Higgs.

Cambodian Prime Minister’s Visit to Myanmar: Weakening Role of the ASEAN?

undermines ASEAN and legitimizes Myanmar’s deadly regime.

Has the ASEAN Chair Become Too Powerful?

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s visit to Myanmar has highlighted deep flaws in the bloc’s modus operandi.

Opinion: Southeast Asia’s autocrats have created an alliance against democracy

On Jan. 7, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen arrived in Myanmar for a two-day visit, making him the first Southeast Asian leader to travel there since the February 2021 military coup that overthrew the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Can Cambodia’s ‘win-win policy’ work for crisis-hit Myanmar?

As Cambodian PM Hun Sen flies in to Naypyitaw it would be wise to ask whether Cambodia’s “win-win policy” will work in post-coup crisis-hit Myanmar.

Cambodia: Asean’s spoiler or saviour?

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen will be the Tatmadaw's first guest of honour in Nay Pyi Taw this weekend.

Hun Sen’s all-encompassing rule of Cambodia

The strongman has anointed his son as successor – after an election, of course.

US can criticise Cambodia all it wants, but don’t expect Phnom Penh’s help

One minute Washington is imposing an arms embargo, the next it wants Phnom Penh’s help on Myanmar – but the US cannot have it both ways. With China’s backing, Cambodia has little incentive to moderate its behaviour and any leverage the US has will inevitably decline as time goes by.

US arms embargo symbolic shot across Cambodia’s bow

US hasn’t sent munitions to Cambodia since 1973 but removal of GSP trade privileges would torpedo its export-led economy

Cambodia is China’s leverage point on ASEAN

fully into authoritarianism.

(Dis)Incentivizing Democracy; the Role of Global Corporations in Cambodia

Last week, the U.S. Summit for Democracy came with new cross-government investments and substantial recognition of trade unions’ role in strengthening democracy, but there was too little discussion of how U.S. corporations abroad may incentivize or, if unchecked, disincentivize democracy.

Can Hun Manet deliver in the top job?

It has taken Prime Minister Hun Sen almost a decade to announce his political successor, which he did on Dec 2.

Biden’s failed Cambodia policy a ghost from the past

With new sanctions, America’s up-and-down relationship with Cambodia has taken another backward step.

Cambodia’s Leadership Succession: One Small Step Further

Prime Minister Hun Sen proposed his eldest son Hun Manet as his successor. But he did not name a date – and many further questions remain unanswered.

NST Leader: Cambodia’s way

ASEAN is just 54 years old, but cracks in the regional bloc are beginning to come into public view. The biggest of the fissures is caused by Cambodia, the last Southeast Asian country to embrace the regional bloc.

Cambodia’s Political Succession Could Get Messy

Hun Sen made it official: he is positioning his eldest son as his successor. Is the CPP ready for a generational change?

Cambodia’s opposition split descends to bickering

The divide between leading opposition figures Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha grows wider as the war of words heats up.

Cambodia, ASEAN and Myanmar

Has Cambodia’s autocratic ruler Hun Sen suddenly become an advocate for democratic rules and accountability?


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