Political Repression Hampers Hun Manet’s Plans for Cambodia’s Economy

Last summer, after an unfree election in which the main opposition party was banned, longtime Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen handed the premiership to his son, Hun Manet, in a dynastic succession. In the roughly six months since then, Hun Manet has shown some signs that he has a better understanding of the country’s need for broader economic growth—and the importance of attracting a wider range of foreign investment—than his father.

Yet on political issues, he seems as repressive as Hun Sen, who was one of the most brutal autocrats in Asia. And lacking his father’s stature and legitimacy among senior Cambodian elites, Hun Manet has in many ways had to expand the circle of elite graft, while also dealing with his still-meddling dad, who will not be content to just wash his hands of the political system he built and dominated for 38 years.

In full: https://www.worldpoliticsreview.com/cambodia-economy-hun-sen-manet/

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