Settlement in Japanese court ends embarrassing episode for the Atlantic

Out of nowhere came an email: “Would you like an Exclusive Scoop about The Atlantic’s Legal Settlement in Japan that Resulted in Numerous Corrections to a Story?

”Yeah, okay.

The offer came from Deborah Krisher-Steele, a 60-year-old Tokyo resident whose father, Bernard Krisher, had been at the center of a December 2017 story by Molly Ball in the Atlantic. “When the Presses Stop” discussed Krisher’s life as a journalist and philanthropist, though it focused on his founding of the small but influential newspaper Cambodia Daily, which had been shut down that fall by the autocratic regime of then-Prime Minister Hun Sen. Over the next six years, Krisher-Steele would fight the magazine for corrections in an effort to preserve her father’s legacy, an effort that included a lawsuit in a Japanese court that settled in January.

In full:

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