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Locked down during Cambodia’s virus outbreak, people are running out of food

Thea is worried that he will go hungry. He hasn't left his home in Phnom Penh since April 15, when Cambodia's government imposed a citywide lockdown to curb the country's first large coronavirus outbreak.

Brett Sciaroni, American power broker in Cambodia, dies at 69

Brett Sciaroni, a Reagan administration lawyer who was embroiled in the Iran-contra scandal of the 1980s and later became a power broker for the global business community in Cambodia under Hun Sen’s authoritarian regime, died March 12 at his home in Phnom Penh. He was 69.

Opinion: Cambodia’s crackdown on the free Internet is a threat to the whole world

Cambodia has descended into dictatorship in much the same manner that Ernest Hemingway described going bankrupt: gradually, and then suddenly.

The ‘world’s loneliest elephant’ is finally cleared to find a new home

For 35 years, Kaavan has endured life in a run-down zoo in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

Cambodia is trying to take away women’s right to freely choose what to wear

If a draft law currently under consideration is enacted in Cambodia, we might have to throw away some of our favorite outfits, and our rights and freedom along with them, when we return to our home country.

Shackled and locked up, Cambodia’s mentally ill languish in limbo

The slender 15-year-old shifts restlessly from one knee to the other on the wooden floor of his family's houseboat. He has just finished a dinner of rice and fish, but he can't play with the other children: His ankle is shackled, and he can move only within a three-foot radius.

Woman stuck on cruise live tweets while ship roams at sea amid coronavirus fears

Christina Kerby was corralled aboard a massive luxury cruise ship, charting a meandering course somewhere in the South China Sea, when she began thinking about the apocalypse.

Asia’s tourist spots brace for leaner times as coronavirus keeps Chinese visitors at home

Tourists roaming around the ancient Cambodian temples at Angkor Wat are used to having to protect themselves. Usually, it's against the sun and the indefatigable hawkers.

Asia’s tourist spots brace for leaner times as coronavirus keeps Chinese visitors at home

Tourists roaming around the ancient Cambodian temples at Angkor Wat are used to having to protect themselves. Usually, it’s against the sun and the indefatigable hawkers.

How China is choking the Mekong

A river journey reveals displaced villages and a ruined ecosystem.

Why a 65-year-old grandmother is freely flying to probable imprisonment in Cambodia

In a few days, a 65-year-old grandmother will freely board a plane on a journey to probable imprisonment in a foul Cambodian jail. Mu Sochua, one of Cambodia’s most influential politicians, is the vice president of the outlawed opposition party trying to return democracy to Cambodia. She carries a U.S. passport but is under no illusion that this will protect her from the ire of Hun Sen, the strongman of Cambodia.

Cambodia’s strongman wants ‘democracy’ without competition

Hun Sen, the authoritarian prime minister of Cambodia, is worried, and is using every trick in the book to threaten Sam Rainsy of the banned opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party, who plans to return to Cambodia from exile on Nov. 9.

Alan Lightman’s ‘Three Flames’ examines the long shadow of Cambodia’s civil war

True confession: Novels with do-gooder intentions make me wary.

In Cambodia, journalism has become a crime

In Cambodia, journalism can be a crime. That is the meaning of the charges against two Cambodian journalists, Uon Chhin and Yeang Sothearin, who worked for Radio Free Asia (RFA), a private news organization that receives U.S. government funding to bring accurate news and information to people living in closed societies in Asia.

A sweeping victory for Cambodian strongman’s party puts the West in a bind

The party of Cambodian strongman Hun Sen is likely to take every available seat following Sunday’s election, a spokesman said Monday, predictably cementing one-party rule in a vote widely dismissed as illegitimate.

Cambodian vote expected to deliver a defeat for U.N.-led pro-democracy efforts

Cambodia is gearing up for national elections Sunday. But there's little doubt over the result, which will almost certainly be a win for Prime Minister Hun Sen and his ruling Cambodian People's Party. 

Cambodia cracks down on opposition boycott

Unable to stand for election, a leader of Cambodia’s now-dissolved main opposition party did the only thing he felt he could: He held up his index finger at a gathering with dozens of other opposition supporters like himself, and posted a photo of the gesture on Facebook.

Boycott Cambodia’s elections and Hun Sen’s regime

This week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the bipartisan Cambodia Democracy Act to impose sanctions on Cambodian government officials for directly undermining democracy. The House’s timing is no coincidence: On Sunday, Cambodia’s brutal prime minister, Hun Sen, will seek to further entrench his three-decade hold on power through a sham election.

As Cambodian democracy weakens, U.S. imposes sanctions on a high-ranking Cambodian official

Cambodia’s democracy has been in increasing trouble in recent months, with Prime Minister Hun Sen dissolving the main opposition party and cracking down on independent media. Now there’s a sign that the U.S. government is paying attention.

North Korea’s friends in Southeast Asia are ready to return to business as usual

Maximum pressure is technically still in effect against North Korea, despite the current frenzy of diplomacy.