Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge tribunal a proper model of justice

Political leaders responsible for crimes against humanity should be brought to justice no matter how many years have passed.

KK man survives three-month ordeal in Cambodia as job scam victim

A 28-year-old man became a victim of a job scam for three months in Cambodia after making meeting someone who later became his "friend".

15 Malaysians Rescued from Cambodia’s Cyber Scam Traffickers

Malaysian authorities have brought home 15 victims of a suspected cybercrime scheme, who had been lured into Cambodia by lucrative yet phony job offers,...

Nearly 250 people lured to Cambodia return: government

The government has so far brought back 246 Taiwanese who had been lured to Cambodia by fraud rings, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said yesterday.

Khmer Rouge trial in Cambodia comes to an end. What now?

Dr Rosemary Grey and Dr Rachel Killean from Sydney Law School explain the final verdict of the UN-backed tribunal in Cambodia that rejected the genocide appeal by Khieu Samphan, aged 91.

Cambodia: Will the final Khmer Rouge ruling close a dark chapter?

The impact of the regime's genocide is still felt today as Cambodians debate whether justice has been achieved by the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

Hundreds of foreigners held in Cambodian dragnet

Search for Chinese nationals missing at sea continues.

“I felt hopeless”: survivors of Cambodian boat accident recount harrowing rescue

Survivors recounted their traumatic experience after a vessel carrying 41 Chinese nationals and two Cambodian crew members capsized near the coastal city of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, on September 22, 2022.

The Guardian view on pursuing crimes against humanity: a laborious yet urgent challenge

From Cambodia to Ukraine, achieving justice is difficult and daunting. Its champions are not giving up.

Cambodia boat sinking: 3 Chinese nationals dead as survivors say they had no food, water on vessel

Nine more rescued in Vietnamese waters and eight still missing, Cambodian authorities say.

Chinese survivors had no food, water on sinking boat

Chinese survivors from a boat that sank near a Cambodian island, killing three people and leaving eight missing, said they embarked on what they believed would be a short-term fishing job and ended up without food and water aboard the vessel and their belongings taken away.

‘Even their remains should be in handcuffs’: Khmer Rouge vilified

Cambodians reflect on crime and punishment after the UN-backed war crimes tribunal issued its final judgement on the regime’s brutal rule.

1 dead, 22 Chinese nationals missing after boat capsizes off Cambodia

An official said the boat carrying 41 people got into difficulties off Sihanoukville, and only 19 of those on board had been rescued.

Cambodia searches for 23 missing Chinese after boat sinks

Cambodian rescue teams searched on Friday for 23 Chinese nationals missing after their boat sank near islands off a coastal town popular with tourists and gamblers.

Cambodia: Closure of Khmer Rouge trial leaves mixed legacy

The special tribunal in Cambodia set up to examine atrocities under the fanatical rule of the Khmer Rouge has held its final hearing, upholding the 2018 conviction for genocide and crimes against humanity of the regime's last surviving leader.

Former Khmer Rouge leader Khieu Samphan loses genocide appeal

Ruling marks the final decision by the court and ends 16 years of work by the UN-backed war crimes tribunal in Cambodia.

‘I lost them all’: a family’s sole survivor recalls their slow death under Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge

As a UN court upholds the conviction of the genocidal regime’s last surviving leader, Seang Seng tells how starvation and forced labour killed 23 people of his familyAs a UN court upholds the conviction of the genocidal regime’s last surviving leader, Seang Seng tells how starvation and forced labour killed 23 people of his family

16 Years, 3 Convictions: The Khmer Rouge Trials Come to an End

The last surviving leader of the regime that killed 1.7 million Cambodians lost his appeal on Thursday. Some victims think the long, expensive tribunal was a hollow exercise.

Malaysia brings home 15 victims of Cambodian cybercrime racket

Malaysian authorities have rescued 15 victims of suspected cybercrime rackets in Cambodia, its foreign ministry said, as the government steps up efforts to help hundreds of its citizens trapped by similar operations across South-east Asia.

Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge Court To Give Final Verdict

Cambodia's UN-backed court for the Khmer Rouge will give its final verdict on Thursday, ending 16 years of work with a ruling on the last surviving regime leader's appeal against his conviction for genocide.