How masters of traditional Cambodian instruments are helping heal a land still recovering from the horrors of genocide

The Khmer Magic Music Bus takes traditional Cambodian instruments and songs across the country, hoping to reconnect locals with their national identity.

Honey Cocaine’s Unexpected Cambodian Canadian Life Story

The Toronto rapper embraces a patois-inflected “bad gal” image to tell a deeply personal story about historical violence.

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The MCs coming out of Cambodia’s channels right now are absolutely killing it.

Relentlessly real rhymes with Cambodia’s RuthKo

“I like to compare my life to a lotus, born out of the mud into a beautiful flower.”

The death of popular music in Cambodia

The vast majority of musicians who adopted 1960s rock and roll were later reviled by the Khmer Rouge and consigned to the Killing Fields, says Dee Payok.

Listen to VannDa’s venomous new single ‘J+O II’

The track is a sequel to 2020's ‘J+O’.

VannDa: Cambodian rap star delivers hard emotional truths on new project ‘Skull 2 (Season 1)’

One of Cambodia’s most prominent young artists, VannDa builds on the astronomical success of his statement-making single ‘Time To Rise’ with a project that he calls a “mental health university”.

Rapper VannDa Is a New Voice From Cambodia’s New Generation

“I think Khmer music is on the right path,” VannDa said. “And for me, I feel that we do not have more time to wait. We must go.”

“Those who suffered the most were the people” – composer Him Sophy on the impact of explosive violence in Cambodia, and the power of...

Commissioned by Cambodian Living Arts, Him Sophy has written a moving piece to honour those who lost their lives during the civil war and under the Khmer Rouge regime.

‘Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia,’ Symphonic Work About Khmer Rouge Genocide, Released as Album

“Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia,” a symphonic work by composer Him Sophy and the first major such piece to address the Khmer Rouge genocide in the country, recently was released on Entertain Impact label.

Cambodian rapper VannDa releases new singles ‘Parenthesis’ and ‘Life Is A Game’

He's also shared the first episode of a documentary about his upcoming project 'Skull 2: Season 1'

Bay Area mother / daughter help lead music resurgence in Cambodia

A Bay Area mother and daughter are leading the way, as an explosion of new music is coming out of Cambodia after being silenced for years.

Cambodian superstar VannDa solidifies stature as ASEAN breakthrough artist

Following the successful release of $kull the Album in 2020, which has racked up over 300 million streams across all digital streaming platforms, Baramey...

Who is Cambodia’s singing princess Jenna Norodom? A Blackpink Lisa lookalike and TikTok influencer with millions of Facebook followers – and she’s only nine

Born to Princess Norodom Buphary and a French dad, she speaks French, Khmer, Thai, Chinese and English, and often sings in all five languages on YouTube.

VannDa pays tribute to Cambodia’s resilient people with new single ‘Khmer Blood’

Shot over five days in four provinces, the music video is a love letter to the Cambodian people and their grit.

Sin Setsochhata’s Moonlight Ballads

The singer is one of a new crop of Cambodian artists fusing new beats with sounds from the country’s golden age of pop.

Overlooked No More: Sinn Sisamouth, ‘King’ of Cambodian Pop Music

He and his singing partner, Ros Serey Sothea, drew from a wide range of Western and local influences. They disappeared after the Khmer Rouge seized power in 1975.

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A new era of Cambodian artists want to bring back the country's longstanding musical heritage.