Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Environmental Activists in Cambodia Are Resorting to Disguises to Avoid Arrests

The group has gone to extraordinary lengths to try and protect their identities amid a crackdown.

These People Were Arrested by the Khmer Rouge and Never Seen Again

Cambodian authorities photographed many of their 2 million victims. These portraits, recently colourised, humanise that tragedy.

Did Cambodia’s Most Famous River Stop Changing Course?

To fill up the Tonle Sap lake, its river reverses course twice a year. But droughts and dams appear to have stilled the unique phenomenon.

This ‘Hero Rat’ Is Saving Cambodia, One Landmine at a Time

Rats are often associated with disease, sewage and trash, but the viral story of a brave rodent in Cambodia has changed mindsets overnight.

Cambodia’s Beautiful Gibbons Could Be Vulnerable to COVID-19, Study Warns

New research found that gibbons alter their behavior in the presence of tourists, which could lead to weakened immune systems that make them susceptible to infection.

In Cambodia, People Are Scaring Away COVID With Scarecrows

The “Ting Mong” scarecrows are not just for birds, but spirits and ghosts too.

Australian Diplomat Apologises for Eating Turtle Delicacy in Cambodia

Different species of turtle are under threat or endangered across Southeast Asia.

Cambodian Women Are Posting Photos Wearing ‘Sexy’ Clothing to Protest Proposed Law That Would...

Women in Cambodia have taken to social media to protest a proposed law that would police women’s clothing in the name of keeping “public order.”

Cambodia’s PM Earns $2,500 a Month. Where Did He Get So Many Million-Dollar Watches?

Prime Minister Hun Sen promotes a carefully curated everyman image, but his wrist tells a different story.

Cambodia Made a 14-Year-Old Apologize to Her Class for Texting About Coronavirus

Besides public intimidation, the authoritarian regime has also arrested at least 39 people for spreading “fake news” about the coronavirus.

A Thai Dissident Was ‘Kidnapped’ in Cambodia. Protesters and the UN Want Answers.

On June 3, self-exiled Thai activist Wanchalearm Satsaksit posted a scathing video on Facebook lambasting Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha.

Why Are We Not Talking About Cambodia’s Duterte-Inspired Drug War?

Overcrowding in Cambodia’s prisons has long been a problem. During a pandemic, it’s a ticking time bomb.

There’s a Dark Reason Why Cambodia Reenacts its Brutal Genocide Every Year

The ruling party uses the memory of the Khmer Rouge for political gain – by constantly reminding Cambodians to pay homage to the politicians who helped end the killings.

The Struggle to Save Teen ‘Love Huts’ in Cambodia

For the Kreung ethnic minority living in Cambodia, the practice of building “maiden huts" allowed young women to experience courtship on their own terms—and sometimes led to true love and lasting marriages.

Talking about politics on Facebook can get you sent to prison in Cambodia

On July 17, Choung Choungy posted a video to Facebook ahead of Cambodia’s elections this Sunday. A lawyer who has represented many of Cambodia’s opposition officials, Choungy wanted to make clear to his followers that the country’s constitution enshrines a right to free speech, and that those using social media to boycott the election were not breaking any laws.

Judge Forces Facebook to Reveal its Ties to Cambodian Strongman

A California court ruled Monday that Facebook must turn over information about how it works with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, the popular strongman accused of using his Facebook popularity to push state propaganda and silence opposition voices.