Who is Cambodia’s singing princess Jenna Norodom? A Blackpink Lisa lookalike and TikTok influencer with millions of Facebook followers – and she’s only nine

Born to Princess Norodom Buphary and a French dad, she speaks French, Khmer, Thai, Chinese and English, and often sings in all five languages on YouTube.

Jenna Norodom, the little princess of the Kingdom of Cambodia, is known for not only her sweet and delicate looks, but also for her singing, dancing and acting talents.

At just nine years old, she has already been in the entertainment industry for three years, building her career and fame both at home and abroad. She has become one of the most sought out young talents in the country and an inspiration for the younger generation.

So, what else do we know about this pride of Cambodia?

In full: https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/celebrity/article/3165390/who-cambodias-singing-princess-jenna-norodom-blackpink

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