Coronavirus causes surge in dog and cat meat sales in Vietnam and Cambodia, investigators...

Sales of dog and cat meat have risen in Vietnam and Cambodia since the outbreak of the coronavirus because people believe it has “warming” properties that head off flu viruses, an investigation has found.

Coronavirus lockdown leads to a spike in poaching of critically endangered birds, tigers and...

Economic damage from loss of tourism is threatening Cambodia's national bird. Local poachers are poisoning the great ibis and illegally selling the bird's meat.

3 critically endangered Giant Ibis killed in Cambodia’s protected area: conservationists

Three critically endangered Giant Ibis, Cambodia's national bird, had been killed in a single deliberate poisoning event in a wildlife sanctuary in northern Preah Vihear province, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) said in a press statement on Thursday.

Mekong river groups urge China to show transparency after dam report

Groups working to protect the Mekong River have called for greater transparency and cooperation from China after a report that Chinese dams held back water during a damaging drought in downstream countries last year.

Covid-19 Fueling an Uptick in Poaching: Three Critically Endangered Giant Ibis – Cambodia’s National...

COVID-19 is giving poachers free reign – hurting species and hurting local economies. Less than 300 ibises now remain in the wild.

New Species of Bent-Toed Gecko Discovered in Cambodia

A new species of bent-toed gecko (Cyrtodactylus phnomchiensis) has been described from Cambodia’s Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary by Wild Earth Allies Biologist Thy Neang in collaboration with North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Herpetologist Bryan Stuart.

Bent-toed gecko species discovered in Cambodia

A new species of bent-toed gecko (Cyrtodactylus phnomchiensis) and a very rare one has been found at the Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary in Cambodia, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences said in a press release issued on Tuesday (April 14).

China Limited the Mekong’s Flow. Other Countries Suffered a Drought.

New research show that Beijing’s engineers appear to have directly caused the record low levels of water in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Scientists discover bent-toed gecko species in Cambodia

A new species of bent-toed gecko (Cyrtodactylus phnomchiensis) has been described from Cambodia's Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary by Wild Earth Allies Biologist Thy Neang in collaboration with North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences' Herpetologist Bryan Stuart. This new species is described in ZooKeys.

Trees Fall on Angkor Wat Temples During Cambodian New Year

In Cambodia a severe storm has caused havoc across the country. During the extreme weather, ancient and iconic trees fell in the Angkor Wat heritage park and buildings were destroyed.

Scientists discover ‘extremely unexpected’ gecko species and immediately warn it is at threat of...

A new species of bent-toed gecko has been discovered by biologists on an isolated mountain in northern Cambodia.

Cambodia’s grid-connected PV capacity grows to 150 MW – report

Cambodia’s installed solar power capacity has increased by 60 MW after a new photovoltaic (PV) park was tied to the national grid, the Phnom Penh Post reports, citing a government official.

Cambodia Halts Hydropower Construction on Mekong River Until 2030

Experts in Cambodia have welcomed the government's recent halt on hydropower development on the Mekong River until 2030, but called on the government to focus on renewable energies.

Two Years on, Sesan’s Ethnic Communities Attempt to Restart Their Lives

Fut Kheun has been keeping a close watch on the water levels at the Sesan II reservoir, in the remote Srekor commune of Stung Treng province.

Critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins and the world’s most productive freshwater fishery saved from destructive...

Lower Mekong river to remain free flowing as Sambor dam plans abandoned.

Goldman Prize-winning Cambodian activist arrested, released in Cambodia

Leading Cambodian forest defender Ouch Leng and three others were arrested in mid-March and questioned after a South Korean company they accuse of illegal logging filed a complaint with the police.

Why smart systems need local heroes

When you think about measuring climate change or forecasting the next big flood or drought, one might assume high-tech equipment being part of the process.

Cambodia: no new hydropower dams along Mekong River in next 10 years

The Cambodian Ministry of Mines and Energy affirmed on March 19 that the country’s newly-approved Master Plan for 2020-2030 will not include the construction of new hydropower dams along the Mekong River.

How mangroves, mud and music are helping to conserve Cambodia’s coastline

Shoes were abandoned on the sideline as people waded into the mud and shallows – the mission was much more important than worrying about dirty feet.

Cambodia scraps plans for Mekong hydropower dams

Campaigners welcome decision which allays fears for fragile biodiversity and communities dependent on river for livelihood.


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