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For Mekong officials fighting timber traffickers, a chance to level up

The region’s forests are home to around 100 species of trees for which CITES restricts trade to protect their survival.

‘Thousands of trees’ burned and logged in Cambodia: Q&A with filmmaker Sean Gallagher

In 2020, filmmaker Sean Gallagher released a short film titled “Cambodia Burning,” which looks at the burning and logging of Cambodia’s forests to make way for agricultural development.

Why has illegal logging increased in the Greater Mekong?

In recent decades, rich tropical forests of the Greater Mekong region have been steadily depleted by the world’s growing appetite for timber.

Major clothing brands contribute to deforestation in Cambodia, report finds

A new report suggests that the garment industry is contributing to deforestation in Cambodia due to factories relying on illegal forest wood to generate electricity. While the garment industry does contribute deforestation, experts say that economic land concessions granted by the Cambodian government for agro-industrial purposes are by far the dominant driver of forest loss.

Newly released Cambodian activists honored among Front Line Defenders awardees

In early November, six young activists associated with environmental advocacy group Mother Nature Cambodia were released from prison after spending up to 14 months behind bars.

The great Koh Kong land rush: Areas stripped of protection by Cambodian gov’t being...

Politicians and companies have been snapping up the newly degazetted land, among them a firm suspected of being a front for pulpwood giant APP. Among those said to be profiting from the land grab is Ly Yong Phat, dubbed “The King of Koh Kong,” a politician and businessman with a long history of quashing the rights of those who occupy land he desires.

Snapshot of hatchlings raises hopes for Siamese crocs in northeast Cambodia

Researchers have found and photographed eight Siamese crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) hatchlings in northeastern Cambodia — the first confirmed evidence that the critically endangered species is breeding in this area.

Should tree plantations count toward reforestation goals? It’s complicated

Globally, tree-planting projects are becoming all the rage, but many are counting on old habits of planting monoculture plantations and calling them forests.

Cambodian dam a ‘disaster’ for local communities, rights group says

Rights activists allege that a Chinese-financed hydroelectric project in northeastern Cambodia has been a human rights “disaster” after it displaced nearly 5,000 Indigenous and ethnic minority people.

USAID redirects funding in Cambodia as future of Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary hangs in...

Satellite data show Prey Lang has lost nearly 9% of its forest cover over the past five years, and researchers and activists say its remaining forest is being eyed by logging companies.

Carving up the Cardamoms: Conservationists fear massive land grab in Cambodia

Conservationists have expressed concern over a recently published regulation that makes nearly 127,000 hectares (313,800 acres) of previously protected land potentially available for sale or rent to politically connected businesses.

Cambodia’s first giant muntjac sighting highlights key mountain habitat

Camera trap surveys in Virachey National Park in northeast Cambodia have recorded the country’s first sightings of a critically endangered deer, the large-antlered muntjac (Muntiacus vuquangensis).

Rights groups demand end to Cambodia’s persecution of green activists

A court in Cambodia has charged three activists from the environmental NGO Mother Nature Cambodia after they documented waste dumping in a river near the Royal Palace.

Cleaning up Cambodia’s kitchens could curb deforestation, climate change

NGOs and companies across Cambodia are taking action in response to the mass use of charcoal and forest biomass in household and restaurant kitchens countrywide. The shift away from these polluting fuel sources to cleaner energy alternatives is being sparked by health and environmental concerns.

A buffer zone for Thailand, last great hope for wildlife in Southeast Asia (commentary)

Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam form a kind of buffer zone around Thailand against the onslaught of the illegal wildlife trade that has engulfed Southeast Asia’s forests.

Outrage as Cambodian court convicts activists for inciting ‘social chaos’

On May 5, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court convicted and sentenced five activists from the environmental group Mother Nature Cambodia: Long Kunthea, Phuon Keoraksmey, Thun Ratha, Chea Kunthin and Alejandro Gonzalez-Davidson.

Casinos, condos and sugar cane: How a Cambodian national park is being sold down...

Botum Sakor National Park in southern Cambodia has lost at least 30,000 hectares of forest over the past three decades.

Deforestation ramps up in Cambodia’s Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary

The forests of Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary boast a plethora of wildlife – including several endangered and recently described species. But the habitat these animals depend on is disappearing, with 32% of Keo Seima’s primary forest cleared over past 20 years.

Cambodia puts its arduous titling process for Indigenous land up for review

Since 2009, Cambodia has had a legal process by which Indigenous communities can obtain legal title to their traditional land. Of around 455 Indigenous communities in Cambodia, 33 have been granted land titles.

‘What other country would do this to its people?’ Cambodian land grab victims seek...

As recently as June last year, the World Bank announced another $93 million would go to fund the third phase of its land tenure project in Cambodia, despite mounting allegations of abuse within the system that has led critics to accuse the World Bank of being complicit in land grabbing and the environmental damage it has caused.