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Japan praises Cambodian leader Hun Sen’s visit to Myanmar as bringing ‘progress’

Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi commended a recent visit by Cambodian leader Hun Sen to Myanmar, which was the first by a foreign leader since the military coup in February.

Japan extends entry ban to seven countries

The Japanese government said it will bar the entry of foreign nationals who have recently traveled to Thailand and six other countries in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Angkor Wat: A Cambodian take on ‘Japanese professionalism’

A gigantic elephant statue guards the entrance to Angkor Wat, a Cambodian restaurant hidden near Tokyo’s Yoyogi Station.

Hun Sen’s political gamble: The COVID-19 epidemic

While the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has caused troubles for many world leaders, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has used the epidemic as a political gambit to bolster his domestic and international image.

Japanese man detained in Cambodia for alleged drug possession

Cambodian police have detained a Japanese man after he was allegedly found to be in possession of more than 1 kilogram of a stimulant drug, a customs official said.

Kin of missing British woman pursuing Cambodia jungle search

The brother of a British woman who disappeared after attending a late-night beach party on a Cambodian island said Wednesday her family is planning to hire a private team of professional searchers to comb the jungle for her.

Cambodian court convicts two Japanese in murder of taxi driver

Two Japanese men in their 20s were convicted Thursday in the murder of a taxi driver in Cambodia’s northwestern province of Siem Reap earlier this year and sentenced to at least a decade in prison.

Keisuke Honda risks cheapening legacy

Even in the prime of Keisuke Honda’s career, there have been few in the Japanese soccer community who could claim to have a good understanding of what was going on in the mind of the enigmatic midfielder.

Low voter turnout in Upper House election may reflect an indifference to democracy

In May 1993, general elections were held in Cambodia. Voter turnout was 89.56 percent.

China’s ties with Cambodia pay off

It has long been rumored that the government of Cambodia would offer China a military outpost, most likely a port facility, in its territory.

Isuzu seeks edge over Japanese competitors in Cambodia with new pickup truck model

Isuzu Motors Ltd. has launched a fuel-efficient model in its mainstay D-Max pickup truck series in Cambodia, as it aims to steal a march on competitors from its homeland.

Reinvigorating Japan’s twin-track diplomacy in Cambodia

Amid the ongoing deterioration of democracy, human rights and media freedom in Cambodia and the country’s rising diplomatic tension with the European Union, Japan still maintains its low-profile diplomacy toward Cambodia.

EU plays tough with Cambodia

Concerned by ongoing human rights abuses, the European Union has threatened to suspend Cambodia’s preferential access to its market.

Japanese volunteer’s initiative allows Cambodians to see future beyond dumps where they scavenged

In Anlong Pi, a village on the outskirts of famous tourist destination Siem Reap in northwestern Cambodia, a group of women gather each day to peel bark from 3-meter-long sections of banana tree trunks.

Editorial: Justice in Cambodia

Earlier this month, two former leaders of the Khmer Rouge, a murderous group that briefly ruled Cambodia in the 1970s, were convicted of genocide.

Hun Sen views Japan’s democracy as a model for Cambodia

Prime Minister Hun Sen said he regards Japan as a model for his country with respect to strengthening democracy and national development.

The death of democracy in Cambodia

While victory by the ruling Cambodian People’s Party in Sunday’s general election was expected, the scale of the win was still shocking.