Japan sits at the forefront of climate resilient infrastructure in Southeast Asia

Eleven-year-old In Kao brushes up against tree branches from his perch atop a 2,000-liter tank as he fills it with unfiltered water from the Mekong River.

When not in school, the young boy delivers river water to many residents of Inn Chey village, one of around seven Indigenous Kuy communities in Cambodia’s Kratie Province.

Water access — and the fraught nature of it — is a defining aspect of life in Inn Chey, explains San Vansen, a village leader. Before a new dirt road was dug last year, the village was completely inaccessible by land during the monthslong rainy season, which generally stretches from May to October.

In full: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/environment/2024/03/31/climate-change/cambodia-climate-resilience-japan-support/

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