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China squeezes Cambodia for its Covid app data

China seeks access to Cambodia's contact tracing data for reasons that are more likely about spying than disease control.

Cambodia begins evicting floating homes amid protests

Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh on Saturday began overseeing the dismantling of “floating home” communities on the banks of the Tonle Sap River over the objections of longtime residents who say they have nowhere else to go.

U.S. says denied full access to Cambodia naval base during visit

The U.S. embassy in Phnom Penh said on Friday its defence attaché had been refused full access to Cambodia's largest naval base during an invited visit, just days after Washington expressed concern about China's military activities at the base.

Cambodia unclear on oil plans after partner heads towards liquidation

Cambodia's government said on Thursday it had no immediate plan for maintaining oil production in the country, after its partner KrisEnergy announced it was headed to liquidation, just five months after extracting the country's first drop of oil.

Bankruptcy Casts Shadow Over Cambodian Oil Extraction Ceremony

Last week, the Singaporean company operating the country’s only offshore oil block filed for liquidation.

Satellite photos show rapid construction at military base where US has ‘serious concerns’ about...

In just a few weeks this spring, Cambodia appears to have built two buildings at its Ream naval base. The work has fed rumors of a looming Chinese military presence in an important part of Southeast Asia.

Does the Chinese Navy Want a Base in Cambodia?

The presence of a base in Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand would provide the PLAN with a new southern flank in the South China Sea.

‘Hero rat’ Magawa retires after five years spent sniffing out landmines in Cambodia

Magawa the "hero rat," whose work sniffing out landmines in Cambodia won him a medal for life-saving bravery, is retiring after a distinguished five-year career.

No justice: A year on, Thai dissident still missing in Cambodia

Wanchalearm Satsaksit, a critic of the Thai prime minister and the military coup he led, was abducted on broad daylight in Phnom Penh in June 2020.

China defends Cambodia relations after US expresses concern

China said Thursday its relationship with Cambodia has made positive contributions to regional peace and stability, after the U.S. expressed concerns about the presence of the Chinese military in the Southeast Asian nation.

US Official Warns Cambodia Over China Ties, Human Rights

Can Washington promote human rights and draw Cambodia out of Beijing’s orbit – at the same time?

US flags ‘serious concerns’ over Cambodia’s China-backed navy base

U.S. senior diplomat Wendy Sherman says Washington has "serious concerns" about China's "military presence" at a naval base undergoing Beijing-backed expansion on Cambodia's coast.

Cambodians displaced by dam struggle to retain their identity

Villagers who had to leave homes flooded in 2017 by the Lower Sesan 2 dam have seen their culture and livelihoods eroded.

Southeast Asia Had COVID-19 Under Control. What Went Wrong?

Mutant viruses, rich Chinese tourists, and a military government no one trusts are among the reasons cases are surging.

Cambodian curfew lifted but Covid-19 cases continue to climb

Cambodian authorities further eased restrictions over the weekend but a Covid outbreak at the country’s most overcrowded prison provided cause for concern.

Cambodia ends curfew amid easing of pandemic restrictions

Although Covid-19 cases have been falling, outbreaks in prisons remain a major concern.

Coronavirus lockdown in Cambodia leaves tens of thousands of low-paid textile workers without income

After weeks without pay, it was debt that drove Cambodian garment worker Eang Malea back to her factory when it reopened this month, eclipsing her heightened fear of falling ill amid a surge of COVID-19 cases on factory floors.

Cambodia’s outbreak stabilizes as vaccine shots surpass 2 million

Cambodia appears to be turning the tide against an aggressive Covid-19 outbreak, with daily case numbers under 400 for the fifth consecutive day.

Lidar and maps reveal population of ancient Angkor

Archaeologists report that 700,000-900,000 people lived in Cambodia’s medieval Greater Angkor region.

‘I have no food’: What it’s like to live inside Cambodia’s Covid red zone

They're called "red zones" - Covid hotspots in Cambodia's capital of Phnom Penh that have gone into lockdown. But those living inside say food - and help - is scarce, writes journalist Kiana Duncan.


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