USIP calls Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos a growing global threat

World-wide, scam compounds steal almost US$64 billion a year.

Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos have been named in the latest report by the United States Institute for Peace (USIP) as the epicenter of human trafficking and organized crime “that is rapidly evolving into the most powerful criminal network of the modern era.”

The report, released late May 13, was scathing of all three countries which are synonymous with human trafficking, slave labor, scam compounds and illegal gambling as Southeast Asian countries stole almost US$64 billion a year from around the world.

“The scamming operations are powered by hundreds of thousands of people, many duped by fraudulent online ads for lucrative high-tech jobs and trafficked illegally into scam compounds, where they are held by armed gangs in prison like conditions and forced to run online scams.

In full:

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