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Cambodia economy to shrink 1%-2.9% as Covid-19 hits demand — World Bank

Cambodia's economy is likely to shrink between 1% and 2.9% this year, its worst performance in a quarter of a century, with the global effects of the coronavirus taking a toll on its key growth drivers, the World Bank said on Friday.

23 critically-endangered baby turtles hatch (video)

Twenty-three critically endangered "royal turtles" have hatched in Cambodia.

Cambodian conservationists hopeful for revival of rare royal turtle

Conservationists in Cambodia are celebrating the hatching of more critically endangered turtles in recent months than the past three years combined, owing to a preservation drive and a halt on sand-dredging.

Cambodia lifts entry ban from 6 countries as coronavirus eases

Cambodia has lifted a ban on entry of visitors from Iran, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and the United States that had been put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus, the health ministry said on Wednesday.

Cambodia says all COVID-19 patients recovered, no new cases for a month

Cambodia has reported 122 cases of the virus that causes COVID-19 and no deaths from the disease since it emerged in China and started spreading around the world, infecting more than 4.5 million and killing about 300,000 since January.

Malaysia signs record rice deal with India

Import pact signals improving ties between two countries since Mahathir's exit.

Coronavirus brings curtain down on Cambodia shadow puppet theatre

In recent years, however, local interest in the art that was designated a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in 2005 has dwindled, with foreign tourists and funding becoming its main supporters.

Human rights ‘need to be put aside’ in drug war, says Cambodia

A Cambodian official on Wednesday defended an anti-drug campaign that has been decried as rife with abuses, saying human rights “need to be put aside” to fight drugs that destroy families and fuel violent crime.

Beachgoers amazed as huge waterspout swirls near Cambodian island (video)

Beachgoers were amazed when this huge waterspout appeared off the coast of Koh Rong island in Cambodia yesterday afternoon (April 25th).

Mekong river groups urge China to show transparency after dam report

Groups working to protect the Mekong River have called for greater transparency and cooperation from China after a report that Chinese dams held back water during a damaging drought in downstream countries last year.

Coronavirus: Cambodia adopts law to allow for emergency powers to tackle disease

Cambodia's Parliament passed a law on Friday (April 10) to prepare the way for a state of emergency, which Prime Minister Hun Sen has said he might have to declare to reinforce the campaign against the coronavirus.

Cambodia says 91 garment factories suspend work due to coronavirus, 61,500 workers affected

At least 91 garment factories in Cambodia have suspended work due to coronavirus, with 61,500 workers affected, a spokesman for the labour ministry said on Wednesday.

Surrogate mothers from Cambodia given suspended jail terms in landmark case

A group of 32 women who acted as surrogates for Chinese clients were found guilty of human trafficking and handed suspended jail terms with an order to raise their children “well” in Cambodia’s first trial of surrogate mothers.

In scrappy Cambodian casino town, Chinese plan future beyond coronavirus

When casino owner Kang Qiang looks out the window of his 20th floor office in this city on the remote Cambodian coast, he sees construction cranes sitting idle.

Cambodia reports one new virus case, tightens border restrictions

Cambodia reported one new case of the coronavirus on Sunday, bringing tally to 103 as the country prepares to tighten entry requirements for foreign nationals to try to curb the spread of the virus.

Cambodia uses coronavirus crisis to arrest 17 critics: Rights group

The Cambodian government has used the coronavirus outbreak to lock up opposition activists and others expressing concern about the virus and the government's response, US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Tuesday (Mar 24).

Cambodia reports three new coronavirus cases, bringing total to 87

Cambodia reported three new coronavirus cases on Monday, bringing the total to 87, the health ministry said.

Cambodia Reports Two New Coronavirus Cases, Bringing Total to 86

Cambodia reported two new coronavirus cases on Monday, bringing the total to 86, health authorities said.

Cambodia halts Mekong River dam plans ‘for 10 years’

Electricity-starved Cambodia will not develop new hydropower dams on the Mekong River for the next 10 years, a senior energy official said on Wednesday, as it reviews its policy to seek energy from coal, natural gas and solar.

French infant among four new coronavirus cases in Cambodia

Cambodia reported four new cases of coronavirus including in a four-month-old French boy and two people who had traveled to Malaysia for a religious ceremony, the Ministry of Health said late Sunday.