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Cambodian Opposition Says Time Is Right for Democracy

Self-exiled Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy says the European Union’s proposal to limit trade with Cambodia could support democracy there.

New Mexico educator heading to Cambodia to help teachers

Before he joined Santa Fe Public Schools, Gary Bass taught English in China, Syria and Vietnam. His students at El Camino Real Academy are aware of his world travels and prone to inquiring about motorbike traffic in Asia or the sounds of a foreign language.

Cambodia 10 Years Ago

While much has changed, much remains the same.

Where’s the News

Mech Dara has the news.

Ranking the World’s Democracies

The Economist Intelligence Unit labels Cambodia an "Authoritarian regime".

Vietnam Remembers January 7, Too

Vietnam says it invaded Cambodia to save the country from the Khmer Rouge. That's not quite true.

Regrets the error

In which a business reporter understands market capitalization.

Oh, Sihanoukville

The New York Times reconsiders Sihanoukville, which the paper placed 13th in a story titled "52 Places to Go in 2018".

Holidays in Cambodia

It's official. Cambodia leads the region in number of public holidays.

Life After Hun Sen

Would the Cambodian people support Hun Manet for prime minister?

Phnom Penh Street Art

Street art by Stinkfish.

A Bad Year for Journalism

The Committee to Protect Journalists says 2018 has been a hard year for journalism.

Boston Creams in Battambang

Not only is there a Tous les Jours in Battambang, there is a Tous les Jours in Battambang with a Christmas tree!

Life After the Khmer Rouge

Agence Kampuchea Presse yesterday posted what is believed to be a short series of previously unpublished photos of life after the Khmer Rouge.

Old Tears, New Parties, and a Few Laughs

An emotional new video from Licadho and other highlights from today's twitterverse.

Truth under fire

On Human Rights Day, writers, journalists, and other defenders of the truth took center stage.

Changes in Immigration Rules Ripple Through Asian-American Communities

Even though the newly proposed expansion of the "public charge" rule would affect any non-citizen resident in United States -- legal, temporary or permanent...

Super Ships

Carbon-neutral super ships are coming.

ICE is Getting Colder

It's not just the Cambodian community in the US who has been impacted by ramped-up ICE deportations.

The Transfer of Trust

Last week saw the end of an era, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepping down from her party leadership position.


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National Assembly approves gov’t cabinet reshuffle

The National Assembly approved Prime Minister Hun Sen’s cabinet reshuffle on Monday, replacing four ministers who were in turn appointed as “senior ministers” without portfolio.