Cambodia’s internet gateway raises fears of China-style surveillance

When implemented, Cambodia’s National Internet Gateway will hit privacy and hamper the work of human rights defenders amid a crackdown on dissent, critics say.

Cambodia blocks 15 illegal online lottery websites

Cambodia’s telecommunications regulator has blocked 15 illegal online lottery websites as its crackdown on all forms of online gambling continues.

Cambodia postpones ‘national internet gateway’ plan due to COVID

Controversial plans by Cambodia's government to route all web traffic through a "national internet gateway" (NIG) have been postponed, an official told Nikkei Asia on Tuesday.

Cambodia Puts Controversial National Internet Gateway Plan on Hold

Under proposed rules, Cambodian ISPs would be required to route all of their internet traffic through a single, government-controlled chokepoint.

Cambodia delays controversial internet gateway

Cambodia is delaying an internet gateway that had raised concerns around privacy and free speech, halting its planned mid-week implementation due to Covid-19 related disruptions, a government official said Tuesday.

Fears Cambodia is rolling out China-style ‘Great Firewall’ to curb online freedom

Changes coming in this week will see all online traffic pass through a gateway to preserve ‘social order’.

Cambodia rejects calls to cancel national internet gateway

UN human rights experts say the gateway is repressive and must not be implemented.

Fifty percent of Facebook Messenger’s total voice traffic comes from Cambodia. Here’s why

Keyboards weren't designed for Khmer. So Cambodians have just decided to ignore them.

Cambodian students build manned drone to aid community

A group of Cambodian students are testing a prototype manned drone designed to ferry humans.

Real-time mobile funds transfer between Malaysia and Cambodia now a reality

Last week, the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) and Maybank jointly launched the Maybank-Bakong Cross Border Funds Transfer, a real-time funds transfer service between Malaysia and Cambodia through the NBC’s Bakong e-wallet and Maybank’s MAE app.

Cambodia defends its COVID-19 tracing app as daily infections soar

The country’s QR Code system is ripe for rights abuses because it lacks privacy protections, says Human Rights Watch.

Cambodia’s new tax on online services will hurt consumers and businesses, says expert

Contradictions within the new tax code also make compliance challenging for many businesses.

Cambodia Risks Being Left Behind by Workplace Automation

The Cambodian government has done little to prepare its population for an epochal economic shift.

MVL raises US$15m Series B funds to build electric vehicles in Cambodia

MVLLABS, the company behind South-east Asian ride-hailing service TADA, has raised US$15 million in Series B funding to build an electric vehicle (EV) model for launch in Cambodia.

‘Stop Covid-19’ System Raises Privacy Concerns

The Cambodian government’s “Stop Covid-19” QR Code system raises serious privacy and other human rights concerns, Human Rights Watch said today.

Why Cambodia’s environmentalists fear new internet firewall

Disguised as a fisherman, Bun Ly chugs up and down the Mekong River in a longtail boat, counting giant barges full of sand dredged from the bed of the struggling waterway as part of his new job with outlawed activist group Mother Nature Cambodia.

Digital currencies are the future in Asia

When digital currencies and cryptocurrencies sprang to life, bitcoin was viewed as a direct challenge to central banks’ control of currency.

Cambodia’s internet gateway could intensify surveillance and censorship

The new National Internet Gateway could also affect the operations of tech companies.

Cambodia’s Internet Clampdown: A ‘Great Firewall’, or No Worse than the West?

On February 16, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen signed a sub-decree to set up a National Internet Gateway (NIG).

Cambodia denies new law sets up China-style internet controls

Cambodia denied on Friday accusations that a new law setting up a national internet gateway would usher in Chinese-style surveillance and censorship, adding that it would soon draft a law to protect personal data.