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Hun Sen’s Mistake? The Domestic Political Ramifications Of His Chinese Shelter – Analysis

China did not coerce Cambodia into joining its fold, as former US Assistant Secretary of State David Stilwell has suggested. Rather, Hun Sen chose China, which in turn found Cambodia useful.

‘Stop Covid-19’ System Raises Privacy Concerns

The Cambodian government’s “Stop Covid-19” QR Code system raises serious privacy and other human rights concerns, Human Rights Watch said today.

Can Cambodia Avoid The Resource Curse? – Analysis

After the discovery of oil in Cambodia’s water territory by Chevron, the US-based company, Cambodia could become one of the major petroleum exporting-countries as there are approximately 400 million barrels of oil reserve in Cambodia territory.

Cambodia’s Foreign Policy: Balancing China And Vietnam – Analysis

Cambodia is in a strategically challenging position. It has close relations with two rival countries – Vietnam and China.

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge Henchman Faces Death Behind Bars – OpEd

An application by the sole survivor of the Khmer Rouge leadership to disqualify the six appeal judges who sentenced him to life imprisonment twice, for genocide and crimes against humanity, has been dismissed by a special panel at the UN-backed tribunal.

Cambodia, Indonesia Enjoy A Golden Era In Their Relations

Relations between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Republic of Indonesia have been witnessing immense activity since September 2017 thanks to the efforts of one man.

The EU’s Values Based Foreign Policy: The Case Of Cambodia – OpEd

In February, the EU partially withdrew the tariff preferences for Cambodia under its ‘Everything but Arms’ (EBA) trading scheme due to systematic human rights violations.

New Book Focuses On Cambodia’s Down-To-Earth Tact And Diplomacy – Review

Adolf Hitler once said that “when diplomacy ends, war begins” and it has been a major task for diplomats from Cambodia, a small Southeast Asian country with just 16.33 million people surrounded by much bigger neighbors, to ensure that diplomacy never ends and war never returns to their country.